Aelfric Dawnbright
Portrayed By: Kunhal Rhemu
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Status: Changeling Prince of Faërie
Age: Ageless
Codename: Darshan Yashpah Shetu (alias)
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Once upon a time in India, a scholar-king had a son, and the son was called Darshan Yashpah Shetu. This birth was tragic, for it claimed the life of the king's wife, the queen. Sadly, so far as the king knew, his son also died shortly after birth. The truth, however, was that his son was a changeling — spirited away by fairies to the court of the great Fairy Queen Titania, who had known the mortal queen well. The mortal king's people were blessed with plenty for many years in exchange for what was taken, and the boy grew up among the fairies, nearly becoming one of them as he was so deeply immersed in magic. He was at times a point of conflict between the passionate, tempestuous Oberon and Titania, and he passed between their care and service many times. When he came of age, the boy — known among faeries as Aelfric Dawnbright—began to travel the realms freely. He spent much time in Arcadia on grand adventures, honing his knowledge of magic and coming into his power. In recent years he has taken to wandering through all the realms, always eager and curious to see more of what the worlds might offer.


  • Immortal (Unaging, Enhanced Physical Form, Immune to Ailments)
  • Awareness (Magic, Faërie)
  • Magus (Sense/Identify Spells or Enchantments, Scrying and The Sight, Spellcasting and Counter-Spells, Curse Casting/Breaking)
  • Enchantment (Animation, Conjuration, Illusion, Locomotion, Transformation, Translocation, Vanishing)
  • Naturalism (Commune with Plants/Animals, Weatherworking, Elementalism, Healing Touch)
  • Warding (Protective Circles, Defensive Fields, Physical/Mental/Spiritual Shieldings)
  • Changeling (Due to saturation with fairy magic, it's almost impossible to enchant him, alter his form, or otherwise ensorcel him against his will, and by the blessings of Oberon and Titania he cannot be separated from his magic.)


  • Etiquette
  • Culture
  • Occultism
  • Navigating the Ways


  • Bound by Word
  • Oaths of Fealty
  • Must Respect Sacred Ground


  • Hoard (Many enchanted elements and treasures)
  • Wealth (An incalculable fortune)
  • Parents (His adoptive parents are the king and queen of the Fae)
  • Haven (A magical realm he calls home)
  • Library (A vast repository of mystic and occult knowledge)
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