Alan Scott - The Green Lantern
Alan Scott
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Status: Active
Age: 24
Codename: The Green Lantern
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A proposal gone awry, Alan Scott discovered his destiny on what was planned to be a romantic getaway as a train trip thru the sights of ancient China. One moment, he was simply a man in love, a graphic designer who'd gotten a decent promotion and was seeing his entire life before him, full of all he'd dreamed. The next, a fateful bridge collapse and his own powers unfolding via the starheart(not a ring), a power that channels the Lantern's prowess through his own lifeforce. While he was able to save most of the people on the train, it still remained a jarring experience for the fledgling hero, who put the proposal on indefinite hold following the shell-shock and fear.

It is months before Alan Scott accepts his identity as Green Lantern, and even longer before he meets trials that force him to put theory into practice. Still a relatively superhero, he still holds the fears of his past, still fears and protects the broken remnants of his heart. Leaving his job, he's now taken to freelancing when he can, though the work is sporadic and the pay is light. He'd work far better in a team…if he'd ever get over his own trepidation.


Perhaps occasionally arrogant, it is not unheard of for Alan Scott to let his abilities go to his head. Short-sighted as he is, he'll usually have some remorse following grandiose actions. His smile comes easily in public, even though it might be hiding something.


Yeah, who do you know? Who is important?

Events Thus Far

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The majority of his powers come from the mystical starheart. Able to conjure large green objects, though he does have some form of heightened senses and flight.

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