Portrayed By Connor Jessup
Gender Male
Species Nobody
Date of Birth Early 1200s
Age 815
Apparent Age 16
Zodiac Sign ??
Aliases Alexander Hawke
Place of Birth England
Current Location Lasombra
Occupation None
Known Relatives ???
Significant Other ???
Identity Secret
Known Abilities ???
First Appearance ???

Cast page for the teenage Nobody Alyx.


Alexander Hawke was born the bastard son of a Knight in the beginnings of the thirteen century, with his mother dying in childbirth Alexander was taken in and raised by the maids of his father's house with the intention of him training to be a Knight, this being the best option for a bastard child of a Knight. Up until the age of eight he spent his time growing up looked after by the maids with his father having little interest in the bastard boy and the shame of such a thing, however rarely for the situation the Lady of the estate often treated the young boy with kindness whereas many boys in that situation would be treated with contempt.

At the age of seven Alexander took on the role of Page which lead to him taking on certain working roles in the castle, in yet another act of kindness the Lady chose him as her personal Page boy when he wasn't chosen as his father's. As well as his duties about the estate he was educated in religion, manners, riding, hunting, hawking and various strategic games, then he would be expected to begin to acquire the skills required of a Knight by watching the visiting Knights and older Squires in training, learning the skills of 'tilting' a lance and combining this with the skills of horsemanship while also learning sword play with wooden swords and shields, playing on piggyback also taught the boys balance and skill with mounted combat.

The first time Alexander ever really got more than a passing glance at his father was at the age of thirteen when he became a Squire and his duties switched to working under the Knight of the house himself. While not treated with anymore familiarity than the other Squires his father wasn't as cold as it seemed, as rarely he'd be spotted watching Alexander's training seemingly taking a slight interest at the man his son was becoming. The duties of a Squire were to learn about Chivalry, the rules of Heraldry, horsemanship and practise the use of weapons and the skills required of a Knight. It was also their duty to enter into the social life of the castle and learn courtly etiquette, jousting, music and dancing.

The path laid out for Alexander took a major de-tour when he turned sixteen and he came across the Lady of the estate being attacked by a visiting Knight. Grabbing his wooden training sword Alexander ran to her defence, the boy managed to hold his own for a few minutes before the Knight's greater skill and his lack of a real weapon lead to Alexander becoming mortally wounded. At this moment something of a miracle occurred and Alexander's wooden sword turned into a Keyblade as a response to the strength of the boy's heart, using the sudden burst in power Alexander was able to disarm the Knight and send him running just as his father came into view. Collapsing back on the ground from his injuries his father begins calling for help as he helps his wife up. Finally looking his son in the eyes he did his best to stem the blood flow as help came, however summoning a Keyblade has consequences… A group of small black creatures appeared from nowhere and immediately turned their attention to the new Keyblade wielder, Alexander only has a moment to push his father to one side before the Heartless made their attack and the boy was gone, his heart lost to the darkness.

In order to wield a Keyblade you have to have a strong heart and when a strong heart is lost to the darkness the body and soul left behind can form a Nobody that keeps it's human form. However rather than waking up shortly in his new life Alexander's body had to heal and due to the limited magic of his home world it took some time for the process to complete, which had its benefits, such as keeping him off Organisation XIII's radar. Almost eight hundred years later the being now known as Alyx awakes in the realm between light and darkness with no memory of who he is or who he was, his only thought to follow the open Corridor of Darkness ahead of him with his Lost Squire Keyblade in hand and see where it takes him.


Enhanced Strength
Enhanced Speed
Enhanced Agility
Keyblade Wielder
Corridors of Darkness
Control over lesser Nobodies (in theory)



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