Type: Character Race
Status: Open for play
Location: Sangria (Primary)
Leader: Tabris (OOC Contact)

Angels are, in the most basic sense, divine messengers. Most famously, this refers to Angels of Heaven, as described below. However, it should be noted that while the term "angel" is often associated with the heavenly host, it is technically also a term for any spiritual messenger, and many specific deities have their own "angels" as well. So, while many angels do exist in the hierarchy of heaven, not all do; as Hamlet famously said, "There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, Than are dreamt of in your philosophy." This holds true, too, for angels.

Angels of Heaven

Angels of Heaven are servants, soldiers, messengers, and otherwise keepers of the divine order. They exist to protect creation, shepherd souls, and preserve and maintain Heaven. They act in direct service of The Divine, sometimes called The Creator or God, but most have never been in any kind of direct contact with this supreme being, only basked in its presence. As such, even the angels do not know the nature of "God," though many have opinions and theories about it. In truth, while some Angels may insist on a very Abrahamic, "God the Father" figure, others believe various other things, such that the Divine is an energy that suffuses all life, effectively meaning that "God" comprises all creation, or that upon the completion of Creation, the Divine divided Itself up into various other identities and powers, perhaps even becoming the first human souls or becoming the seeds that would form other deities, in order to experience the beauty It had created. In the end, no one knows, but the angels do their best to serve in their roles and maintain that which the Divine has wrought.


Archangels are the ruling class of heaven. They command the most authority over the Angelic Host, though despite common assumptions they do not always command the greatest personal power. These are Heaven's generals, diplomats, and chief counselors, entrusted with overseeing the governance of Heaven, the safekeeping of souls, and maintaining the divine order.

Known Archangels

  • None

Guardian Angels

Guardian Angels exist somewhat outside the normal hierarchy of Heaven. Instead of being a part of the Angelic Host itself, they are entrusted with guardianship over a specific person, place, or even concept. They are the closest Heaven has to free agents, and their higher calling extends beyond any other loyalties: their first duty is always their guardianship.

Known Guardian Angels

  • Tabris, Guardian of Free Will


Seraphim are the rank-and-file of angels entrusted with carrying out various tasks, whether it be acting as a soldier to defend Heaven or carrying messages for the Archangels. As such, they are a highly diverse classification of angels, also including Heaven's heralds, lorekeepers, poets, and those who tend the upkeep of Heaven itself.

Known Seraphim


Reapers, also known as Angels of Death, are not usually the terrible figures of wrath that myth might paint them as. They are rather more like shepherds, existing to protect human souls on their journey to the hereafter. While they are certainly not the only such beings who fill this role, they are in charge of seeing to Heaven's interests in this matter, ensuring that souls destined for Heaven arrive there safely.

Known Reapers

  • None


Cherubim are the angels entrusted with the least authority and responsibility, an as such they enjoy the most freedom of any variety of angel. Their jobs are innumerable and may be nearly anything at all, from simply spreading joy or creating music to guarding important holy sites. Unlike the Guardian Angels, their assignments tend to be mutable and impermanent, and they answer more directly to the angelic hierarchy.

Known Cherubim

  • None

Angels of Other Affiliations

Fallen Angels

Fallen Angels, sometimes called Demons, are former spiritual messengers, usually servants of a specific deity or of Heaven, who have been cast out that role and, usually, cut off from the divine presence that empowered them.

Known Fallen Angels

  • None

Miscellaneous Angels

These are angelic beings who do not fit any of the other categories here. They may exist within the hierarchy of heaven or not, depending on their specific nature. Man are the messengers of specific gods, while others may be different beings entirely.

Other Known Angels

  • None
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