Jacob Daniel Jones
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Status: Active
Age: 17
Codename: Aquarius
Team: None
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Jacob Daniel Jones is the only son of Carter Jones, a prominent congressman, and Julia Rosenberg-Jones, a brilliant scientist working on top-secret projects for the government. Jacob's upbringing was relatively normal with most of his days split between surfing and attending classes, however shortly before he turned 17, members of a terrorist cell abducted him with interests of ransoming him for a specific piece of classified technology that Jacob's mother was working on.

The only thing Jacob remembers about the incident is an odd sort of angular glyph on the shoulder of the terrorists' clothes and being shot up with this cooling liquid that makes his body convulse and his sight grow dim. When finally he came to, Jacob's body was soaked and enforcers were helping him to his feet. The terrorists' hideout looked as if it had flooded, and most of the kidnappers were struggling for air and shivering as they held onto themselves.

After that particular incident, Jacob's school life deteriorated so quickly with all of his teachers and classmates probing him about the incident that he convinced his parents to move a few towns over where he can start anew. But, little does he know of the strange things going on at his new school, and what dangerous revelations await him…


Jacob is laid-back, quiet, and thoughtful most of the time, though when he's with friends, he tends to be more outgoing and excitable. Jacob can remain calm and cool under pressure or when in a fight, but once he gets emotional or angry, all bets are off and his behavior becomes more reckless and unpredictable. Above all, Jacob is honest and loyal to his friends.


Jacob has met two friends as of his first day of school, Branden and Silos, though he doesn't yet know much about them, let alone that they have superpowers as well.

Events Thus Far

Young Heroes of Hump City


The experiment used on Jacob allows him to create, shape, and control water as he wills, though it takes more concentration and energy to control or conjure up larger amounts of water.
Jacob's body has adapted to survive to deep sea conditions, allowing him to breathe underwater, regulate pressure in his body, and survive the biting cold of the briny deep. Also, he moves through water with incredible ease and speed.
With practice, Jacob can learn to control water to the point of altering it on a molecular level. Using this ability, he can freeze or boil water, even causing it to evaporate into vapor.
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