Aral Greythorne
Garrett Hedlund
Portrayed By: ?
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Status: Departed Earth (Inactive)
Age: 25
Codename: N/A
Team: Greythornes
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The Greythorne family can trace its roots back for over fifteen hundred years, to the dark ages of Britain's past. The sire of their line was Draconar Greythorne, a sorcerer who was famed for being able to change into a dragon—or, possibly, the other way around. No one ever did find out for sure. Draconar was a warlord, controlling a large span of lands in Brittany before it became a province of France. He vanished from the world, never to be seen again, when he became enamored of a lady known among mortals as Ceinwen, though she was in reality a daughter of the Faerie king. Over many generations, the Greythorne line often interbred with the Fae, keeping close family ties, and so the family line continued. Many of them never died, simply crossing over into the realm of Faerie and vanishing amongst their immortal relatives when they grew too old to remain in the human world.

Eventually, some two hundred years ago, Alastor Greythorne inherited the family's wealth. He built the family's current home and founded Greythorne's Mystic Emporium. The manor house and shop have been passed down from father to son from generation to generation, and the last to receive it was Gregoric Greythorne. Gregoric had a younger brother, Adalric, who had married a fully human woman, Raquel Derring, and had children. Adalric and Raquel raised their sons until the youngest, Seodar, was five, but then they were killed in an accident when trying to lift a very dangerous curse without a full circle of sorcerers. They were powerful, but one mistake was all it took, and they were gone forever, leaving their sons orphaned. Gregoric was only too happy to take the boys in, and while he proved a questionable role model, he loved them well.

As the boys grew up, Gregoric realized that they would be much better custodians of the family business than he. So, he transferred ownership of the shop to them, granting the eldest, Aral, primary authority over the business. Just this last year, Seodar was made the shop's junior partner instead of only being employed there as a minor. Now, the three brothers run the magic shop, which is mystically connected to Greythorne Manor, where they live with their uncle.


Aral is by no means reclusive or such. However, being in a family like his he's ended up stepping into the role of the 'responsible' one, and as a result tends to worry about the store some. As the Eldest brother, he occasionally tries to take on more than he can chew, thinking he 'has to' to prove he's mature and up to the task.

He was 12 when the tragedy claimed his parents, but tried to 'force himself' to get over it, so he could watch over his siblings. To this day he feels somewhat guilty that he spent most of his time trying to keep Aquiel and Seodar together, instead of focusing on his parents.

In addition, he has a -fiercely- protective streak when it comes to his siblings, and won't hesitate to rush to their aid- no matter the circumstances. In addition, he occasionally has to fight to contain a fierce temper.



Elemental Affinity to fire and earth, General magical skills, limited shapeshifting abilities.


Social Skills, Business Skills, Minor Enchanting Skills


Sometimes Shy, Prone to Worry, Temper


All that comes with a magic store.


Assorted magical items, cell phone.

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