Rufus Arden
Rufus Arden
Portrayed By: Willy Cartier
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Status: Active
Age: Ancient
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The being currently calling itself Rufus is old. It was old when the first humans arrived in this part of the world at the end of the last ice age. It has been running with the wolves and deer in the primeval forests of what is now New England since time before memory.

One of the class of spirits known as the Incarnae, Rufus is the embodiment of the region that manifested it. The flora and fauna of the region seem to bend to his will with no effort on his part, with trees growing and bearing fruit at his direction and the beasts of the forest treating him with near reverence. Rufus wouldn't say that he has command over them, necessarily, but certainly a powerful influence.


Strictly speaking, it has no set physical form, though it represents itself in the male form nearly exclusively. On those occasions when Rufus does walk the forests of his realm it is normally either in the form of a bobcat or, in more recent times, a tall, dark man with flowing hair. When neither of these suits his mood he may be seen in the form of a massive great grey owl, gliding silently through the night.


The native people of the area knew of Rufus, though they called him by other names, long before the coming of the first Europeans and he has a place in the legend and folklore of the region. Generally seen as a benevolent spirit, his role was as a protector for the most part, especially of those lost in the woods and he would often be the subject of rituals and offerings before a journey through his realm was undertaken.

Legends tell of the strange spirit of the woods, who led travellers to food and water and away from danger, who healed the injuries of weary hunters and returns lost children to their homes. Over the centuries Rufus came to accept the strange newcomers into his land and took those who wandered it into his care. However, though he may take a human form at times, he has never truly been one and in many ways finds them strange and unknowable.

A manifestation of the spirit of a particular region as it is, Rufus is extremely powerful while inside that region, though this is also something of a curse as in all its millennia of life it has never travelled beyond the bounds of the area it holds sway. The heart of its power lies within an ancient grove of trees originally deep in the forest, though now closer to men than it would ideally like.

Theoretically, it may be able to travel the wider world, but it would be at the cost of enormous effort and the sacrifice of much of its power. In addition to this it also suffers a decline in its powers when away from the natural environment, such as in large towns and cities.

Additionally, as a spirit it also bears the risk, as many spirits do, that those humans who know the correct words and rituals may have certain influence or control over it, just as it does over the realm it presides over. In the manner of many benevolent spirits it is compelled to honour ancient traditions and laws and those who know and take advantage of this may have power over this ancient being.





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Rufus is a spirit, and an ancient and powerful one at that. He is immortal and without a set physical form, able to either take shape or exist in an incorporeal state at will. When he does choose to materialise he can take near any shape he chooses, though there are a selection which he prefers and tends to default to in nearly all situations.

When taking physical form Rufus benefits from enhanced strength, agility and durability.

Rufus has considerable influence over natural forces such as the weather and climate in his realm of influence as well as over the flora and fauna of the region.

A benevolent spirit, Rufus also has powerful magical abilities, though for the most part he restricts his use of this to Life and Healing magic.

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