Ashley Thornton
Portrayed By Unknown
Gender Male
Date of Birth March 15, 2001
Age 14
Zodiac Sign Pisces
Aliases none
Place of Birth Gotham City
Current Location Lasombra
Occupation Student/Pet
Known Relatives Thorn
Significant Other none
Identity Known
Known Abilities Swimming
First Appearance ???

Cast page for Ash Thornton, the bashful, submissive thief-in-training.


There's not much to tell about the young teen. His parents were total surburbanites, at least on the surface, although there is some suspicions they might both be scientists and their children might be psychological experiments. He obeyed his teachers to a fault and was a straight A kid, who was already applying to colleges on his first day of high school because his parents wanted him to. Then one day he found his big brother's email address, and started writing him and sending him pictures, telling him about life. Less than a month later Thorn rode up to school to pick him up on his motorcycle, and he's been living with him in Gotham ever since.



  • "Don't you love me anymore?"


  • Ash is desperate for his big brother's love and approval.
  • Ash is on the swim team and plays the flute.
  • Too, too innocent.
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Eternally Innocent


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