Ashur Crowe
Portrayed By: Will Grant
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Status: Active
Age: 18
Codename: Antipode
Team: Neutral
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A child of the union between Magneto and Rogue in an alternate universe, Ashur is collection of opposites and rather literally torn between worlds. His powers are an esoteric admixture of Magneto's electromagnetic prowess, and Rogue's absorption abilities, affording him a broader, and more potent array of elemental access, but with the additional burden and requirement of immense mental control. Thus, when it became clear that Ashur would have difficulty learning to control the elemental forces around him even at the Xavier School of that universe (he was largely raised by Rogue and Gambit), he was removed and forced to study in guided solitude, to master both his mind and body under a handful of tutors specifically chosen for that purpose.

Here, Ashur gained a reasonable amount of control, opening himself up to spiritual possibilities, and reinforcing his mind against intrusion, and his body against assault. His powers were ultimately categorized and quantified under the classical elements so he could better glean their use in his mind, for his potential was deemed so great, said powers would inevitably become self-destructive if he lost sight of the vastness of their scope. It became a rather intense existential and philosophical crisis.

In any event, that training came to an end when Magneto learned of his offspring's potential, and successfully stole him away for a time. With him, Ashur was taught a different, darker view of the world, which threw his paradigm into chaos. Eventually, however, Rogue, etc. found and attempted to retrieve Ashur from Magneto—a psychological catalyst for Ashur, who lost control of himself in attempt to determine precisely where he belonged when he was forced to choose sides. He lost control, and the clash of powers rent a hole in that universe, jolting Ashur to this one.

Since then, Ashur has shied away from the X-Men and the assembled teams of this universe, torn between conflicting philosophies. For the time being, Ashur has come to embody all of these things: an 'Antipode' as he has come to call himself, a collection of opposites, like his powers—fire and water, earth and air, light and dark, spirit and matter. He doesn't know precisely where he belongs, and perhaps that's the point, but he intends to figure it out, nonetheless. The result is that he largely keeps to himself, refining his training and powers as subtly as he can, doing what he must to stay afloat, but beleaguered by a conscience he can't escape.

Note: The surname 'Crowe' is fabricated. (Possibly related to Rogue's assumed surname of 'Raven'.)


Haunted, quiet, and intense, Ashur is a controlled, goal-driven individual who seems willing to do whatever he must, often favoring 'the end justifies the means' as a personal philosophy either for personal gain or the greater good. His demeanor is for the most part cool, calm, and patient, though he is prone to brooding and solitude. To those who receive the chance to study him more in-depth, however, he appears as an 'old soul:' intelligent, calculating, and perceptive, appreciative of knowledge and aesthetics, and afflicted with a deep-seated sense of conscience and compassion he tries his best to keep buried.

Yet, when roused or inflamed, Ashur is almost none of those things, favoring passion and violence over thoughtfulness and control, becoming prone to spontaneity and self-destruction. It is a powerful, but volatile side of his personality he keeps hidden from most, but is a well from which he draws a substantial presence and charisma. Like his father, Ashur has the potential to be a force of personality and born leader, but it is currently a quality he has not quite learned to control.


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As stated earlier, Ashur's powers are an esoteric admixture of Magneto's and Rogue's, and not yet fully realized, though they continue to grow as he comes to understand the vastness of their potential. They are already quite potent, and occasionally prone to outburst despite Ashur's best attempts to keep them in check. As his story progresses, so to may his powers.

Ashur currently categorizes them by the four classical elements (though others may choose to classify them differently), and he has not learned how to switch freely between them (except when he loses control). Instead he must absorb or attune himself to an element in order to access its potential, much as his mother must, and he may currently only do this one at a time. (This, however, he can do quickly enough, provided the element is present.)

Earth Mastery - Ashur can telekinetically manipulate the forces of the earth, be they magma, stone, or metal, in many ways like his father, though the precise manner of control is different, and the maximum quantity of earth he can move has not been tested.

Fire Mastery - Ashur can telekinetically manipulate the forces of fire and energy in most of their forms, and can spontaneously produce fire, electricity, electromagnetism, whatever. He can also 'see' the flow of energy, to determine how electromagnetic fields are moving, electrochemical reactions, data streams, and so on.

Air Mastery - Ashur can telekinetically manipulate the forces of air and wind, affording him the ability to fly, amongst other things. In many ways this is also the 'breath' of eastern philosophy, which includes access to spiritual energy and mental/psychic control, the latter of which Ashur is still investigating.

Water Mastery - Ashur can telekinetically manipulate the forces of water, wherever they may be. This includes phase-changing water to steam and ice, or manipulating water in the body to more quickly heal wounds/increase a creature's constitution, or forcibly control a creature's movements.


Martial Artist - Given this was a tool to teach Ashur mental control and focus, he has continued to practice a number of styles and methods, and is really quite good. Sometimes he even incorporates them into the use of his power.

Criminal - Larceny, stealth, hacking, you name it. A guy's gotta survive, right?


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