Banze Ixa


In the modern world, demons are often misunderstood. But the truth is, they're primal beings and not maleficent servants of some evil power. Typically, demons spend their first years in the realm known as the Abyss, a glorious and beautiful place filled with all kinds of people and different styles and dreams, different imaginations and creations. Inevitably, however, most demons feel the need to wander, and Banze was no different. As a result, he decided to roam around the dimensions.

After having some fantastic experiences, he made the choice to find a place and open a club with the theme being "every night is Halloween", as he was so enchanted with the concept and all that humans do to celebrate the occasion. He found such a place in a town called Queens Cove, and thanks to his demonic abilities and natural charisma, he's found nothing but success.



Banze's name is pronounced bahnz ik-sa.

Banze Ixa
Portrayed By Andrew Levitas
Gender Male
Date of Birth Unknown
Age Around 200
Zodiac Sign Unknown
Place of Birth The Abyss
Current Location Sangria
Occupation Club owner
Known Relatives All Demons
Significant Other ???
Species Demon
Affiliation Trick or Treat


Empathy, Sensation enhancement, Immortality, Enhanced sturdiness, Enhanced strength, agility, stamina, systems and senses, Magical awareness and knowhow, Shapeshifting (rarely used), Superhuman comprehension

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