Bruce Wayne: Batman
Caped Crusader
Portrayed By: None
World: Effusia
Status: Active
Age: Old enough!
Codename: Batman
Team: Bat-family, Justice League
Relationship(s): Dick Grayson, AKA Robin I, Adopted Son
Tim Drake, AKA Robin III, Adopted Son
Hale Wayne, AKA Hunter, Son
Damian Wayne (Effusia), Son
Nemesis: Rogues' Gallery


Batman was born with a pair of gunshots and a shattering of glass. A creature of the night from the very start, he was quick to become a physical entity, and then began his crusade to rid his city of crime.

Bruce Wayne was born to Thomas and Martha Wayne, in Gotham City. He had something of the perfect childhood: all his needs met, a loving family, a luxurious home, and even a butler to look after him. Young "Brucie," as his parents called him, was a very happy boy. Then one night, his parents took him to see The Mark of Zorro, which was a favorite of Thomas's, as a birthday treat. With his head still full of dashing, black-caped figures, swords, guns, and horses, young Bruce was tired and happy, his hand in his mother's, walking to where they'd parked the car.

Then, abruptly, Bruce's mother had stopped, tightening her grip on his hand. A man stepped out of a nearby alley. A shot rang out, and Thomas went down. The strange man grabbed at Martha's pearls, and a second shot pierced the night, Bruce's mother falling now. The man ran off, and the police were soon on their way. But Bruce's final memory of that night would be that of standing over his parents, listening to a child screaming.

Years later, Bruce pursued various universities, apprenticeships, and so many cities. Gotham society was abuzz with gossip when he left, garnering the reputation of a shiftless playboy. "Not the man his father was," many would say. And not so. Bruce wandered the globe, seeking anything he could use, not even then knowing what he would ever use it for. He didn't yet know his own secret.

Upon his return home, Bruce found his path. He was sitting in the library of his family mansion, staring out the window at the gathering twilight, when the window in front of him shattered, and a large bat flapped into the room. In that instant, Bruce understood. He said aloud, "Criminals are a superstitious and cowardly lot. I must become a creature of the night. I shall become a bat." Silly yet profound, the dual nature of his life was established from then on.

As he first donned the cloak of the Bat, even his unflappable butler, Alfred, was startled enough to utter, "My God!" at the transformation. That night, Batman's war on crime began. It wasn't long before he achieved an understanding with the police commissioner, receiving official GCPD support for his activities. As Batman battled criminals, Bruce Wayne established a reputation as a socialite and philanthropist. By day and by night, he worked to save his city.

In time he would gain allies, join forces with other heroes, and become one of the most iconic figures of the modern age.




Batman is trained extensively in most general areas of study. He is an expert athlete, survivalist, and strategist, capable of charisma and subterfuge, and he is a master of stealth, martial arts, and armed combat, as well as a linguist, actor, and very skilled user of specialized technology. Most notably, he is often considered the world's greatest detective.


Dedicated to Justice, Rogues' Gallery, Loyalty to the Bat-Family, Secret Identity, Driven


Connections (Bat-family, Gotham City PD), Affiliations (The Justice League), Wealthy, Headquarters (The Batcave)


Costumes, Utility Belts and Equipment, Weapons (Batarangs, etc.), Vehicles (Batmobile, etc.)

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