Caelan of the Emerald Wood
Portrayed By: Mitch Hewer
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Status: Active.
Age: 20.
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Team: Altur Guild of Heroes.
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Caelan is a mage dedicated to help those in needing, defeating evil, protecting the innocent, and healing the hurt. He tends to follow a certain Paladin a lot too.


From a very young age, Caelan and the former residents of the village he was born in were kept as slaves by a group of bandits known as the Crimson Wolves. When his natural magic talent awakened, Caelan wiped out the majority of the bandits in a rage. Fleeing into the forest, he spent time among more friendly residents of the forest until they led him to a respectable magical academy. He recieved training for years until officially graduating on his 18th birthday. A mishap while healing a horse led him to join the Altur Guild of Heroes. He's been hapily following the path of the hero ever since. And while he may not be as eager to leap into adventure as others, Caelan will go along to help friends and fellow guildmates. He's happy to spend time with his friends and enjoy life when there isn't work to be done.




Very skilled in Magics especially those involving healing, creating and undoing barriers, breaking and dispelling curses, seeing through and dispelling illusion, and manipulating plant life. He can cast other elemental magics as well as enhance comrades with carious charms as well. He's got a special empathic magic with various creatures of the forest, typically more friendly creatures and can communicate with and influence them. He tends to be more durable than the average young man thanks to the magic in him. His abilities to cast spells quickly are enhanced by the tattoos on his wrists. He's got a more stamina/mana than most mages his age as well. Caelan is naturally resistant to unwelcome mental influence as well barring the very powerful.


Staff Proficiency, Athleticism, Empathy, Dagger Use, Healing, Lore: Ceatures of Arcadia, Lore: Arcadia Knowledge, Meditation, Perception, Survivalism, Craft: Potions and Herbalism, Craft: Charms and Talismins, Lore: Plant Life of Arcadia, Lore: Magical Studies, Sneaking


Enemies: As a hero, he's hated by a great many villains and rogues that might wish him harm. Surviving members of the Crimson Wolves would like nothing more than to kill him, especially their leader who Caelan horribly scarred. Timid, Unable to swim, fear of wolves, clumsy.


Caelan weilds a staff carved from an enchanted tree bearing sigils and runes to help focus his magic. His clothes are woven with protection spells into them and he often carries supplies the typical adventurer would have. He's got a mage's bag that's larger on the inside than on the outside containing various potions and supplies for spells (and usually some snacks too). He also has a horse, one a bit smaller than the average horse, that is often stabled at the Altur Guild of Heroes.


Caelan has all the resources available to a member in good standing of the Altur Guild of Heroes. He can typically call on the aid of small forest creatures for simple tasks (or en masse if the situation warrants). Caelan has cultivated contacts and good relations with various magical schools, orders, and suppliers and they'll act generally friendly towards him. He's got a good reputation among various common peoples, shopkeepers, and healers as well and it often opens doors for him.

Events Thus Far

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