Calvin Rankin: Mimic
Calvin Rankin
Portrayed By: Chord Overstreet
World: {$world}
Status: Active
Age: 17
Codename: Mimic
Team: Xavier's
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Nemesis: {$nemesis}


You wanna know about me? Fine. Nothing special, really. Dad was a scientist, Mom died during childbirth. Dad raised me and he did fine, despite the fact that he made a lot of bad investments. He really tried, but we never had money. Fortunately, his skills kept us fed, housed, and clothed. I love my dad, really, but he just doesn't get it. If he'd stop investing and just save the money he makes, we'd be so much better off.

I grew up with a different flair than my dad. While he's great at the sciences, I was much better with physical stuff. Art, Dance, and Football. I've always been good when it comes to getting in there and getting things done. Though he's the brains and I'm the brawn, Dad was never upset with it. He understood that things fell that way. Like I said, he was a good dad.

Dad's main area of expertise was genetics. He was constantly studying the mutant and metahuman phenomena, trying to figure out where they came from, what caused them, why now, etc. He even had a home lab that he used to do a little off the clock tinkering. That was fine, it left me peace and quiet to hang out with my friends, do my homework, and other things. But, I did have to make sure he ate. Sometimes, it's a good thing I check on him, too.

A few weeks ago, things went weird. I had just come back from the homecoming game. It had been announced that I was going to be the football team's captain next year. In my elation, I came home, grabbing dinner for dad, and running into the lab. It just so happened that he bumped an incomplete machine that he was building. The machine began exuding some strange kind of smoke, or gas, I don't know. All I know is that dad started to choke on it. Running in, I held my breath and grabbed him before heading out. Something changed that night, but I couldn't ever figure it out. I just felt strange around certain people. When I'd walk near some people, I'd suddenly feel… well, I'd almost feel high. As if I had done some kind of drug.

I still don't know what it means. I'm hoping to find out, but as of yet, it's all a mystery to me.


Cal is a little on the shy side when meeting new people, especially those that are open with their powers. His personality tends to shift a little as he gains other people's abilities as well.


Events Thus Far


Power Mimicry at half levels. Can store up to five.
1) Anole

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