Charles Lucas Danvers
Portrayed By: Kellan Lutz
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Status: Active
Age: 18
Codename: Warbird
Team: X-Men
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Nemesis: {$nemesis}


They say that all parent's love their children, right? You would think that being the Son of two Military Personell parents might make Danver's someone who would expect and think to be as disciplined as his parents. However, the young Danvers at a very early age, showed signs of resistance to Authority even with his paternal parents. It would seem that through their interactions the only person that could, "Tame" the beast raging within him, was his Grandmother Elle. In light of his parents both being killed in duty during the early years of his life, he was shipped off to go and live with his GrandMother on a rural farm in the Midwest.

Life on the Farm was everything one could imagine. But rougher. Times were slow and things were no longer able to be maintained with his Grandmother growing closer and closer to old age. Money was scarce, and the Government had purchased much of the farmland that they had owned. That was, until one night, on his 16th birthday that he broke down in the barn, Danvers made the decision that he was going to change how things worked. He was determined to help his Grandmother in anyway possible, and so he did. But in his efforts he found that he was not like, most other farm-hands. He was able to complete most of the work than needed to be done, in half the time, usually done by Mid-Day. This was shocking to everyone, but most of them just passed it off as him being a dedicated, hard-working Grandson who was working to save the life his Grandmother had paved.

The love and dedication was something that people marvelled at, and his Grandmother adored her son, with every inch of her heart. One night, while checking the mail at the Mailbox on a summer's evening, Grandma had gone to check the mail, and to the shock of Danvers, there was a loud crashing noise followed by a Truck Horn, rushing out as fast as he could to see what the emergency was, he came across the vision of his Grandmother on the dirt road that led to his safe haven dying. In a rage Danvers looked to the Truck before him - as the driver looked at him horrified by what had happened, and with a slam of his Fist into the grill of the truck, it was sent quite a bit backward. Even with the rage inside him, he looked down to his dying Grandmother and wept, falling to his knees pleading and screaming out for someone to help.

The rumors spread through the small town like wildfire, that Danvers was just another freak of Nature/Mutant. Soon, he had nowhere to turn with his abilities slowly manifesting. And just when he had, had enough - while at a bar, drowning away his sorrows while taking shots of the finest whiskey his broke ass could buy, even underage, he was approached by someone who seemed to understand his situation, and pointed him in the direction of the Jean Grey's School for the Gifted. That was 2 years ago, and now, he finds himself in training to be one of the best Students the academy has seen.


Charles is the Yin to a calming Yang. He is the uproar of fiery energy mixed with Genuine persona. The truth is what you get from him, no matter how many ways you wanna split that hair, things are best seen as not sugar coated when asking Charles for his opinions. However truthful, he is also caring, and passionate about certain things. He is best describes as a wildfire with a heart.


Currently Charles has come into contact with Chane Xavier also known as Legacy. Who just also happens to be his Room-mate at Xaver's School.


Super-Strength and Durability: At sufficient Augmentation Warbird can withstand the pressure from a 92-ton Weight, and strike with similar level of force, although this has not been demonstrated as his limit.

Flight: Can fly at approximately half the Speed of Sound.

Energy Absorbtion/Blasts: Can absorb different forms of energy such as electricity, and use it to magnify his own strength and energy projection up to the force of an exploding nuclear weapon.
CAVEAT: Warbird cannot absorb Magical Energy without consequence.

Kree/Human Physiology: Rendered resistant to most toxins and Poisons with the added effect of making his body virtually invulnerable and insdestructable.


Espionage: Warbird has always had a knack for being able to obtain information for the purpose of any mission assigned with relative ease.

Pilot: With his time in school he has had quite a bit of Pilot training, and been able to maintain his knowledge of Aviation as a hobby.

Hand-to-hand Combat: Warbird shows exceptional prowess in his hand-to-hand training, being able to keep up with most of his martial instructors.

Marksman: Sniper-Rank Marksman. A sniper is an agent who generally is deployed for specific objectives by themselves, whereas an SDM/DM is considered to be part of a unit whom is able to use typically an m14. Warbird prefers a more accurate slower firing BOLT action rifle such as an M24. Snipers intensive training, forward placement and surveillance duties make their role more strategic than that of squad-level marksmans. Regularly deployed to gather information and eliminate specific targets instead of with a combad squad.


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