Chris Kent
Christopher Kent
Portrayed By: Dean Geyer
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Status: Active
Age: 23
Codename: Nightwing
Team: None
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Nemesis: {$nemesis}



When Zod and Ursa were banished to the Phantom Zone, a mysterious anomaly allowed them to escape into a pocket realm within normal space. Trapped in this pocket dimension, the world believed they were still trapped in the Phantom Zone. While in this realm, they had a child, whom they named Lor-Zod. They found a way to send him back to Earth so they could escape back there and seek revenge on Kal-El, but when Lor-Zod (whom Clark called Chris Kent) discovered this plot, he returned to their pocket dimension to prevent them from invading Earth. Time passed differently in that realm, and Chris believed himself trapped there, but a mysterious Kryptonian spirit called "Nightwing" rescued him, granting him its special powers and returning him to Earth.



A bit about the character's personality.


  • Kryptonian: Chris is a Kryptonian with their usual physiology
  • Tactile Telekinesis: He is able to dismantle objects similarly to Conner Kent. He also displays the skill in a more traditional sense, such as moving objects without actually touching them. While this is considered base telekinesis, he seems to manifest this power through hand gestures instead of this ability emanating from pure thought. Also, while he is moderately powerful in this area, he lacks any fine skill; generally using it as a "blunt instrument" of destructive power. The use of his power is usually accompanied by a dark purple display of lighted bands emanating from his hands.
  • Resistance to Kryptonite: He does not feel the effects of Kryptonite exposure as severely as other Kryptonians and can withstand its effects for much longer periods of time, an ability he has used offensively and defensively in combat. It is not known if prolonged exposure to Kryptonite would eventually kill him or not. He is also immune to the effects of the Phantom Zone. He has a solid body within the zone and apparently ages normally while all other inhabitants are timeless and phantoms.
  • Teleportation: He is able to merge with shadows and cross distances. The exact distance he can teleport remains unknown, but he was able to teleport or absorb a faulty artificial sun into the Phantom Zone
  • Creation of Shadow Constructs: Chris displays this ability in the most rudimentary form, creating dark creatures, shadow shields, etc. His exact limitations are also unknown.
  • Shadow-Sense: The Nightwing has stated that he sees and knows everything that occurs in shadows or darkness. So far he was able to detect his sibling deity who was hiding in his own shadow.


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