Colt Bradford
Colt Joshua Bradford
Portrayed By Chord Overstreet
Gender Male
Date of Birth August 1
Age 22
Zodiac Sign Leo
Quote "Totally awesome!"
Place of Birth Beverly Hills, CA
Current Location Sangria
Occupation Actor and media mogul
Known Relatives Brock (dad), Scarlett Hood (mom), Brat (baby bro)
Significant Other Scamp, pet; Evan Tate, boyfriend
Class Former wolfblood, Purified Immortal


Colt is famous. Brad Pitt famous. Photos and videos of him are all over the internet, not to mention magazines, posters, lunchboxes, notebooks, backpacks, breakfast cereal, and four separate lines of action figures (Space Colossus, Masks, Graves Hollow, and The Green Knight). You may not like him. You may think he's a talentless prettyboy or an obnoxious egomaniac (or both). Maybe you blame him for ruining the ending of your favorite superhero show, or for being a second-rate Wesley Crusher. Or maybe you love him; stranger things have happened. But if you've been in the US for more than ten minutes, you've seen images of him somewhere. You HAVE seen his face! See Fame below.


Colt's father is the famous movie action hero, Brock Bradford, while his mother is the equally famous TV soap star Scarlett Hood. They divorced when Colt was very young, and Brock married his mistress, supermodel Hildie Bauer, the mother of Colt's half-brother, B Bradford Junior. At age 6, Colt starred in his first TV commercial as the Mopey Kid who could only be cheered up by a bowl of Coco-Bangs cereal. The ad proved incredibly popular, and though it spawned a long series of such ads, with different actors playing new Mopey Kids, the first version starring Colt is still aired frequently, all these years later. Shortly after the first commercial aired, Colt was hired to play the son of his real life mother on her soap opera, The Sun Also Sets. He had that role until he was twelve, but also appeared as a guest on numerous other TV shows, everything from dramas to sitcoms.

At age 12, Colt left the soap for a new role as Kirk Harrison, the half-alien son of the captain of the Colony Ship Colossus, a gigantic space craft on a seventy-year voyage from Earth to a distant planet, where a new colony would be established. The show had an ensemble cast, and Colt's role was relatively minor, but he proved to be very popular. More guest appearances followed, and as he grew into his teen years, he became a teen idol.

At age 16, he left Colossus, though he returned every season for guest appearances. His next role was a lead in a superhero-themed show called Masks, where he played the solar-powered leader of a team of teen heroes. This show was incredibly popular and spawned tons of merchandise, which Colt got a small percentage of. Added to even more guest appearances and small roles in theatrical movies, Colt was a billionaire by the time he was twenty.

On the personal side of his life, Colt learned that he was wolfblooded, related to Werewolves! His paternal uncle was such a werewolf, though his father had distanced himself from that part of the family. It was his uncle Bryce who taught Colt about werewolves and their secret society. Around age 13, Colt also found that he was more attracted to boys than girls, though for professional reasons, he had to keep this a closely guarded secret.

When Masks ended, Colt spent a year looking at various parts that were offered him, hoping to find a role that would help him make the transition from teen idol to adult actor. It came in the form of Thad Graves, a sexy vampire on a new TV show called Graves Hollow, which was set to be filmed in the small town of Queens Cove, Maine. Colt was so enthused about the project that he invested heavily in the production company, soon becoming the majority owner. He also purchased a small island estate with a palatial mansion, which he renamed Graveswood Manor, after the Graves family home in the show. The mansion is used for exterior shots of the show's mansion and is thus a tourist destination for fans of the popular and very adult program. To date, Colt is still in the closet, though that may change if he meets the right man (or wolf-man).


Are you familiar with the movie The Truman Show? Poor Truman spends his entire life, not realizing his every single moment is being broadcast live to millions of television viewers all over the world. Colt is like the mirror of Truman: he seems to believe his entire life is also a television show, beloved by millions, but he's very much aware of the fact, and he loves it. He is, of course the star — everyone else is either a secondary, supporting character, or merely an extra.

Colt is actually very friendly, though perhaps a bit naive, and often far too trusting. There isn't a malicious bone in his body, and he seems to be eternally (nauseatingly) cheerful. He believes the best of everyone until proven otherwise beyond a shadow of a doubt, and he's never entertained thoughts of revenge. His motto is "Protect the innocent, not punish the guilty." He's also perpetually horny.



  • Scamp is a possible were-dog, recently adopted by Colt as his little brother and pet doggie.
  • Evan Tate is a hot werewolf who rocks Colt's world. Could he be Colt's mate?
  • Randy McNeil is another apparent orphan Colt has taken in. Though he has wolf's blood in his lineage, he's actually a Mage.
  • Darian Whitt is, you guessed it, another wayward teen Colt has decided to shelter. He's not only a werewolf, he's Scamp's mega-crush.
  • Banze Ixa is the owner of Trick or Treat, the hottest club in Queens Cove. Colt thinks he's really hot, but so far has only admired him from afar.


  • Mother: Scarlett Hood (born Mildred Colt), longtime star on the MBC soap opera The Sun Also Sets.
  • Father: Brock Bradford, summer blockbuster movie action hero.
  • Step-Mother: Hildie Bauer, former supermodel
  • Brother: B Bradford Junior (aka the Brat), technically half-brother. TV and movie actor, as well as fashion model, musician, and artist.
  • Paternal Uncle: Bryce Bradford (deceased), Brock's elder brother. A werewolf.
  • Maternal Grandmother: Nanna Sylvia Rosenberg-Colt (deceased). A ghost!
  • Personal Assistant: Jordan Wood.



Colt's been on hundreds of TV shows, mostly as a guest star. Here are some of his more famous, long-running roles:

  • The Sun Also Sets (age 2-6months) Baby Rusty, the infant son of Victoria Chancellor, played by his real mother, Scarlett Hood, America's Sweetheart. Baby Rusty was kidnapped and apparently died in a fiery car crash.
  • ChocoBang Cheers You Up! (age 6) series of 7 commercials where he played the Mopey Kid, who can only be cheered up by a bowl of ChocoBang cereal. It became well-known that he was the son of America's Sweetheart and Action Guy.
  • The Sun Also Sets (ages 6-12) returned to the role of Rusty Essex on his mother's soap opera. Only near the end did the writers feel comfortable centering a story arc around him, which boosted ratings in the summer of 2003. Character was sent off to boarding school and returned years later, portrayed by another actor.
  • Space Colossus (age 13-16) Kirk Harrison, half-alien son of the captain of the Spaceship Colossus. Long hair, heavy brow-ridge, pointy ears. To avoid "Wesley Crusher Syndrome," the character was underutilized and eventually sent off to Space Academy, though Colt returned for guest appearances, including the series finale in 2008.
  • Masks (ages 16-21) Scott Avery aka Apollo, leader of a team of teenaged superheroes. In the series finale, he is revealed to have been a spy for the show's main villain from the beginning, stunning the audience.
  • Space Colossus: the Motion Picture (age 22) reprising his role as Kirk Harrison, now graduated from Space Academy. He played a large part in the movie's plot and had a spectacular death scene…that allowed for the possibility of returning in future films.
  • Graves Hollow (age 22-present) Thad Graves, vampire owner of a small tavern in the sleepy town of Graves Hollow, Maine. This is a late night, premium cable show, with plenty of violence, nudity, and sex. Colt's role is one of many in the large cast.



Jordan Wood is Colt's Personal Assistant. He's a few years older and wolfblooded, hired specifically because he's been educated about werewolf society and can help keep Colt in line. He's Colt's closest confidant and probably knows more about Colt than Colt does himself. He's a very efficient young man who has very little life outside serving as Colt's right hand. ||


Oscar is Colt's spirit ally. He appears as a golden raven with brilliant blue eyes. Colt met Oscar in the Shadow during his Purification process, and Oscar helped to guide and protect him until he found his body again. He agreed to remain at Colt's side, at least for the time being. Oscar is normally invisible to normal eyes, being in a state of Twilight, but he can manifest physically, should he desire. When he does so, he still has golden feathers, however, so he can't be mistaken for an ordinary raven.


Tommy Mahoney is the ghost of a 17 year old boy who was accidentally shot and killed in the Republic Theater in downtown Port-a-Feu in 1939. A movie buff, his ghost stayed to watch the end of the film after his body was hauled away by the police. He's been haunting the theater every since, insisting he can't 'move on' until he's seen every film that's ever been made. When Colt bought the theater, Tommy immediately knew Colt could see him, and he's begun tagging along after him. Tommy has three Anchors: the Republic Theater itself, the movie ticket he was holding when he died (currently kept safely locked in Colt's vault), and Colt himself.

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  • Purified Immortal!
  • Powers include: Blast, Healing, Command of Spirits, Astral Projection, Shadow Projection, Harrow
  • Communicates with spirits and ghosts
  • (non-supernatural) Eidetic Memory


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