Owen Moore: Cyan
Owen Moore
The goo-boy wonder.
Portrayed By: Adapted from Tykudo
World: Lasombra
Status: Active, Lasombra.
Age: Late teens
Codename: Cyan
Team: Amell Academy student
Relationship(s): Gavin Moore, AKA Dynaboy (Brother)
Nemesis: None


Orphaned at a young age, Owen didn't have anyone but his older brother. Where his brother got cosmic power, Owen got goo and was a little jealous for many years. Good at heart, Owen didn't take as much of a shine to heroes as his brother. He spent more time having fun and goofing off but still occasionally helped his brother and whatever hero he was sidekicking for at the time out. Now he still enjoys having fun more than heroics but he's still one of the good guys and helps out when he's needed or feels like it.




Goo Form granting enhanced strength, shapeshifting, no longer needing to breathe, stickiness, regeneration, and much higher durability.


Trust fund, Superhero contacts


Superhero stuff, (His brother's) Hideout


General smarts, typical teenage skills, plays guitar, sings rather well, skilled with advanced tech, general superhero skills


Vulnerable to extreme heat (melting!) and cold (freezing solid). Vulnerable to electric attacks. Needs more water than most people. Clothes don't change with him.

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