Damian Wayne

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Damian Wayne
Son of the Bat
Portrayed By: {$actor}
World: Lasombra
Status: Active
Age: 15
Codename: Robin V
Team: The Bat-family
Relationship(s): Bruce Wayne, AKA Batman (Father)
Nemesis: {$nemesis}


This Damian isn't from Lasombra, but from one of the many other realities. In his reality Bruce Wayne had never returned and his Batman was Dick Grayson. After several years he and Dick were infiltrating a laboratory lair. He had just finished taking out 4 henchmen when there was a huge explosion from where Batman and the villain were, and Damian was thrown into some odd device.

He woke up in a very different Gotham. One with Bruce Wayne still alive, where mutants fought next to Avengers on the streets. Ever adaptable, Damian took matters into his own hands mimicked Tim Drake's voice to get into the Bat Cave, hacked himself in as an authorized member and was busy recreating his business portfolio and room in the Manor before anyone even noticed him.

He quickly reestablished his life, and continued the fight against evil. After all he had no clue how to get back and doubted there even was a Gotham in his world after the explosion. Finally as his last act of resettling he tracked down his own trusty side-kick in this world Bat Cow, and set him up in the cave. At last everything was at it should be!


He's a complete and total brat. No, Tim Drake totally didn't hack this page and say this.


  • Bruce Wayne of Lasombra is his father, though not in this dimension.
  • Dick Grayson of Lasombra has become a stand-in for his mentor figure from the other reality.
  • Tim Drake of Lasombra is his most bitter rival for being Robin before him.

Events Thus Far

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Unarmed-Combat, Armed-Combat, Acrobatics, Business-Manament, Mimicry


Arrogance, Over Confidence, Self-Centered


Extremely High


Utility belt, Car, Bike, Sword, ETC.

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