Damian Wayne: Robin V

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Damian Wayne (Effusia)
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Status: Active, Effusia
Age: Teens
Codename: Robin V
Team: The Bat-Family
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Damian is the son of Bruce Wayne, at least in all the ways that one can be: developed by the al Ghul family, he was initially sent to take out the Caped Crusader, but found himself persuaded to join the Bat-family instead. Taking the role of Robin, he works both solo and with Batman in order to keep peace in Gotham City.


  • Bruce Wayne of Effusia his father and mentor.
  • Dick Grayson of Effusia is his adopted brother whom he may or may not love to torment.
  • Tim Drake of Effusia is his other adopted brother whom he definitely loves to torment.

Events Thus Far

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Genius-level intellect


Hand-to-hand combat, martial arts, weapons, investigation, detective work, vehicle skills, piloting, engineering, tremendous willpower and resolve


Antisocial, arrogant, commanding, prone to violence


Wayne fortune, Bat-family


Bat-tech, utility belt

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