Darian Whitt
Darian Whitt
Portrayed By: Bartek Borowiec
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Status: Active, Sangria
Age: 16
Codename: The Red Wolf
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Darian Whitt, the son of Moira Whitt who was the equivalent of a modern gypsy with power over fire and the ability to turn into a wolf. Moira was a cheerful sweet woman who felt she didn't need money or material posessions to be happy. She raised her son to be part of her lifestyle and Darian inherited her cheerful easy going nature. Moira told her son that stealing was wrong but that sometimes stealing was required if they wanted to eat. The Whitt family worked as performers traveling from show to show never staying in one place.

Darian loved it with the exception of having to steal, he couldn't help the guilt that welled up in him. He was a gentle soul even as a shifter. Darian had a rather unique wolf form, it was dark red the color of the boys hair and many packs had tried to claim the rather submissive Red Wolf as one of thier own. Darian's mother protected him and the pair always vanished from the area when a pack came sniffing around. For a while Darian was happy but now his desire to settle down as reared its head he is looking for a pack. His mother gave him her blessing and will continue her traveling while her son searches for whatever it is he wants.



To Come.

Events Thus Far

To Come


Wolf Shapeshifting: Darian can shapeshift into two different forms other than his human one. One is a moderately large wolf with fur of a deep crimson red. This form is extremely fast and fairly agile as well. Darian's senses are heightened extremely when in this form. The second form is mostly human but Darian possesses the wolf's tail, ears, and claws. That form has slightly heightened speed and senses, not as fast as the full wolf form but much faster than the average human.

Darkness Manipulation: Darian can manipulate shadows and darkness. He can make the shadows in an area so thick one can barely see or create objects from pure darkness.


Stealth: Darian is an expert at this, moving quietly and not even being sensed when he wants to disappear. His steps are also extremely quiet as well.

Stealing: Darian hates doing this but its something he feels he has to do to survive. He is poor and even he must eat. He only takes what he must and he has a talent for it even if it bothers him.

Performing: Dance and song are two of Darian's gifts. He was trained by his family and is an extremely talented dancer and his voice while softer than that of most males is still quite lovely.


Silver and Iron: As with most werewolves Darian is hurt and weakened by exposure to silver. Iron also has a similar but slightly different effect on him. While silver weakens his shapeshifting powers iron weakens his control over darkness.

Soft heart: Darian is a very kind soft hearted person by nature. He feels guilt for every person he has to steal from and he will go out of his way to help others in his situation. Sometimes this gets him into trouble.

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