Atticus Cosimo Fitzroy De Laurentis
Atticus Cosimo Fitzroy De Laurentis
Portrayed By: River Viiperi
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Status: Active
Age: 18
Codename: None
Team: None
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Atticus Cosimo Fitzroy De Laurentis (known as Atti to nearly everyone) was born in Florence, Italy but spent much of his childhood on the move. He has lived at various times in Geneva, Paris and London, to name a few. His father is Cosimo De Laurentis and his mother is Elizabeth Fitzroy, both from powerful, old money European familes. Atticus is an only child and was brought up in idyllic settings with the absolute best of everything.

Atticus’ abilities come from his mother’s side of the family, who are famed in England for being slightly “odd” for want of a better word. Atticus’ abilities emerged in his early teenage years following a long bout of sickness and depression. Luckily his mother recognised the signs and was able to work with him to bring his abilities under control and to understand himself, though even she noticed that they were particularly pronounced in Atticus.

Growing up in the shadow of his family and name Atti has a strong desire to be recognised for something in his own right and this has led him to become an especially driven and conscientious young man with something of a competitive streak. Aside from that however, his general disposition is calm and those who know him would describe him as being warm and loving, if a little quiet at times.

Atti has been well educated and has been open about his sexuality from an early age. He has been raised to have a genuine appreciation of the arts and will often spend his free time at the theatre, galleries, libraries or just listening to music in his room. He also takes pride in his appearance and will spend time at the gym or in the pool on a daily basis. His abilities mean he is quite susceptible to strong emotions in those around him and can easily be overwhelmed in emotionally charged situations. As such, he prefers to spend a good amount of time alone, or with close and trusted friends and family.



PLAY — To have fun, to enjoy life
RECOGNITION — To gain approval, social status, or fame

OUTLOOK— Optimistic – Idealistic, Trusting, Hopeful
INTEGRITY – Conscientious – Honest, Responsible, Pragmatic
IMPULSIVENESS – Controlled — Focused, Steady, Thoughtful
BOLDNESS – Cautious – Wary, Paranoid, Vigilant
FLEXIBILITY – Flexible – Tolerant, Forgiving, Open-Minded
AFFINITY – Warm – Altruistic, Empathic, Supportive
COMPORTMENT – Agreeable – Cultured, Charming, Humourous.
INTERACTIVITY – Reserved – Shy, Quiet, Aloof
DISCLOSURE – Secretive – Mysterious, Evasive, Cryptic
CONFORMITY – Heterodox – Arty, Freethinking, Exotic



QUIRKS, HABITS & ODDITIES — Talking in sleep, Insomnia, Substance Use (Non addicted, Sleeping Pills), Constant Grooming
HOBBIES & ENJOYMENTS – Gym, Swimming, Listening to Music, Theatre, Art, Reading
FAVOURITE TOPICS OF CONVERSATION – Arts, Entertainment, Fashion, Pop Culture


Sometimes naive and emotionally delicate, Tends towards anxiety and easily overwhelmed in emotionally charged situations.


Currently recruiting to fill these positions! Enquire within!

Events Thus Far

Brand spanking new character!


Empathy, Empathic Healing, Telepathy, Clairvoyance, Precognition, Illusion.


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