Type: Character Race
Status: Actively Recuiting
Location: Sangria (Primary)
Leader: ??? (OOC Contact)


Demons are primal beings, often revered but not worshipped as gods. Demons are especially noted for their powers of inspiration, especially creative inspiration, although it's said that too great a demonic influence can tempt madness. Demons are generally indestructible, but that is not to say they can't be defeated; they can be wounded to the point of dissipation and must then retreat to reform, which can take significant amounts of time. Demons can procreate with any number, and instead of sexual reproduction, they contribute creative essence of themselves.

The term "demon", due to misappropriation, has also come to refer to Fallen Angels and various other entities that are not technically True Demons.

Primordial Demons

Primordial Demons are also known as True Demons, and these are the type that correspond with the Fae most of all: primal beings revered and connected with the very fabric of the universe itself. There are many kinds of True Demons, though perhaps the best-known are the Incubus and Succubus, special types of True Demons who deal primarily in pleasure of all kinds.

Known Demons

Fallen Angels

Angels, as messengers and servants of various deities, have the capability of falling, which is to say being cast into disgrace for growing to oppose the deity they had agreed to serve. This may have the effect of causing significant transformation widely regarded as being demonic. However, True Demons tend to resent the conflation of Fallen Angels with True Demons, as they are not one and the same. Nonetheless, this is an extremely common misconception in the modern world of Sangria for example.

Other Varieties

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