Devon Lowell
Devon Lowell
Portrayed By: Miles Mcmillan
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Status: Active
Age: 23
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Nemesis: {$nemesis}


Devon is normally a very calm sort. He is a mixture of easy going about most things and very serious when it comes to his work and getting things just right. When it comes to photography and journalism he is a perfectionist and will not settle or rest until he has everything how he wants it. Outside of work he is a bit more relaxed though sometimes he needs a push to unwind. He is friendly and charismatic and truly enjoys watching and interacting with people of all kinds.


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Devon has had a fairly good education and has truly excelled in writing and several forms of art namely photography. He has been to college and has degrees in journalism as well as photography. He works as a very successful freelance Journalist and Photographer and his name is well known in celebrity and artistic circles. He also is known to enjoy dancing and has some considerable skill with computers, cameras and other tech.



Devon is a born werewolf with all the five forms they normally have. His wolf forms have thick and slightly shaggy black fur and in any of these forms he is much more dominant and aggressive with heightened senses. His forms include human, man-wolf, wolf-man, dire wolf and full wolf and he has complete control over which he uses at any given time.

Spirit Magic

Devon also has a unique ability to see and communicate with spirits and ghosts, he can summon them as well but this takes a great deal of effort.

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