Dick Grayson: Robin

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Dick Grayson
The Boy Wonder
Portrayed By: Dylan O'Brien
World: Effusia
Status: Active, Effusia
Age: 16
Codename: Robin
Team: Twink Titans, Bat-family
Relationship(s): Speedy, SO
Batman (Effusia), Mentor
The other Robins
Nemesis: ?


Dick Grayson was born into The Flying Graysons, a family of circus acrobats, and worked with them in their show at a very young age. When the owner of the circus would not cede to Mob control, Dick's parents, the circus's star attraction, were murdered in front of his eyes. Batman stopped the boy from going to the corrupt police and offered him a new life as his partner. He's trained and fought beside Batman ever since. As Dick, he is Bruce Wayne's ward.


Flashy, show-off, exuberant, and an all-around good person. Robin hasn't been marred by the tragedy of his parent's deaths nearly as much as Batman was, because he achieved closure very quickly. So, the young acrobat has been able to enjoy his new life of adventure with few reservations.


Batman is his main relationship. He also maintains close contact with all the teen superheroes he can find, mainly including Speedy, Dove, and Waterboy.

Events Thus Far

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Robin doesn't have any superpowers, but instead gets by on his astonishing natural acrobatic talents, his speed and agility, and a vast array of microminiaturized weapons and gadgets in his utility belt.

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