Sir Drake Wisegard
Portrayed By: Alexej Roman.
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Status: Active.
Age: 22
Codename: None.
Team: Altur Guild of Heroes.
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Nemesis: {$nemesis}


Drake was born the son of clerics of the Light, and he was raised with a strict but loving moral upbringing that produced a young man of great character and devotion to good. He entered training as a paladin from a young age, and he was named a member of the order on his eighteenth birthday. Upon graduating, he joined the Altur Guild of Heroes so that he could both support himself and uphold his mission of doing good and rendering aid to those in need. For the last four years, he has walked this path with loyalty and dedication, and he is always ready to leap forth to adventure. And when there is no evil demanding his attention, he is happy to spend time with his comrades and enjoy the pleasures of good friends and good company, also seeking to serve as best he can as an example of rightness and virtue.



Touch of Virtue, Sight of Truth, Scent of Evil, Sound of Need:

These allow Drake to sense the nature of creatures who are not hidden by very potent magic or divine protection, including perceiving virtue, seeing past illusion and deception, detecting evil, and hearing the call of those in need.

Might of the Just, Valor of the True Heart, Defense of the Guardian:

Adherence to the path of virtue grants Drake great strength, unwavering courage and resistance to unwanted mental influence, as well as great durability, defensive prowess, and resistance to illness and toxins.

Light the Darkness, Hands of Healing, Punishing Smite:

Drake's path grants him the ability to summon holy light, heal the injuries of those with good in their hearts, and to punish misdeeds. For evil creatures, this might seriously harm or obliterate them. For the mildly naughty, it only stings a bit.


Armor and Shield Proficiency, Athleticism, Craft: Repairs, Empathy, Dagger Use, Healing, Horsemanship, Lore: Arcadia Knowledge, Lore: Creatures of Darkness, Lore: Divine Studies, Meditation, Perception, Smithing, Seacraft, Survivalism, Swordsmanship, Unarmed Combat


Drake has access to all the resources available to a member in good standing of the Altur Guild of Heroes. He also has the authority of a Paladin of the Order of Cosmenia, and his good name and excellent reputation have opened many doors for him.


Drake has a divinely empowered sword, blessed armor, and all the other accoutrements of a paladin and traveling hero. He also owns a horse, which is usually kept stabled at the Altur Guild of Heroes.



As a Paladin of the Light, Drake is hated by many creatures of evil and darkness. He also has a fair reputation as a do-gooder, so many less than upstanding citizens, rogues, and villains might wish him harm.

Paladin's Code

Drake is bound by the code of the paladin. He may never lie, must always offer help to innocents in need, must oppose true evil or corruption wherever he finds it, and must be generally courteous of bearing and kind to others. Of course, in minor matters this sometimes grants a bit more leeway for fun and games than many people assume…

Divine Authority

Drake is bound to divine authority. This means that his powers will only work so long as his path remains true and his heart pure. All of his abilities affect others only in measure of their inner darkness or corruption: he cannot cause true harm to an innocent. Finally, if ever he is judged by just authority to have erred, he must submit in due course to the consequences.

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