Gavin Moore: Dynaboy
Gavin S. Moore
Dynaboy in flight!
Portrayed By: None Set
World: Lasombra
Status: Active
Age: Late teens
Codename: Dynaboy
Team: Amell Academy student
Relationship(s): Owen Moore, AKA Cyan (Brother)
Hakeem Thornton (Boyfriend)
Nemesis: Marcus "Crossfire" Crosse


Gavin Moore was born with a low-level cosmic power to become more like anyone he declares his Hero. Orphaned at a young age, he grew up to be something of a selfish child, though through it all he had a good heart. As he grew older, he came to admire superheroes greatly, and so he idolized them. Admiring a superhero, he found himself suddenly manifesting that hero's powers—strength, flight, and the works! Gavin became a hero's sidekick at the tender age of twelve, and he has been one to various heroes since then. However, none have kept him on for very long, even now that he's eighteen, because he tends to be such a handful to deal with. Even so, he's fairly well-liked because he does sincerely try to help others and, despite his sometimes selfish attitude, he does have that heart of gold.






  • Echo Empowerment: Gains abilities based off whoever he's "sidekicking" for at a given time
  • Base Powers: Mildly enhanced strength, moderately enhanced dexterity, invulnerability, keen senses
  • Hero-Sense: Ability to sense most superhumans


  • Gifted mind: Typical skills for a guy his age, plus advanced technology, piloting, and other typical skills of the trained superhero.
  • Wide-ranging knowledge; general smarts
  • Performance and drama talent.


  • Trust fund
  • Superhero contacts


  • Superhero accoutrements
  • Costume
  • Hideout


  • Must obey his current Hero as long as the instructions are ethical.
  • No base invulnerability to pain.
  • Selectively mutable physiology.
  • Sweet tooth.
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