Edwin Aldritch
Portrayed By: Daniel Radcliffe
World: {$world}
Status: Rich Playboy Artist & Student
Age: 17
Codename: The Painter
Team: None
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Nemesis: {$nemesis}


The Aldritch family is an old one in the US. Living in a sprawling mansion outside the city of New York the family wants for nothing. Edwin was born in to this life of privledge. The first born son to a politician who is known for his controversial opinions and an actress known for her love of drama. Edwin grew up rarely seeing his father but his mother loved the little boy and took him to art and acting schools as soon as he was old enough to understand what draw meant. Edwin liked drama as much as his mother but his talent lie in art. His painting skills developed so quickly it was startling and if Edwin's mother ever saw his paintings moving out of thier frames and travel around the room she said nothing about it.

As he grew his father sent him off to private schools and Edwin started learning more about how to manipulate people. He was social and rather friendly perhaps too friendly. By the time he was sixteen he has broken half the hearts in his old school and the other half were wrapped around his fingers. He loved taming people, figuring out what it would take to make them do what he wanted. However he tended to lose interest in everyone after a while. The teachers at his school thought he was trouble and when one of the teachers confronted him he seduced the man and trapped him in a painting. The next day Edwin dropped out of school leaving the painting with the teacher still trapped in the principals office. Now Edwin's father is trying to find a new school for his son and Edwin is looking forward to being in a new place with new faces…new subjects for his art and new victims for his games.


Outgoing and charming on the outside yet selfish and a bit sadistic on the inside Edwin is a bit of a rich bad boy. With an extreme talent for art and a power set that compliments this talent Edwin is able to capture just about anything with paint on canvas. He can give life to his art, enter and leave his paintings at will and trap other people inside of artwork. He is careless with other's feelings doing whatever he pleases with little regard to what people want or think.


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Events Thus Far

To Come


  • Oil Painting Prodigy
  • Paint Manipulation
  • Picture Imprisonment
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