Ethan Emrys
Portrayed By: Jared Leto
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Status: Active
Age: 19
Codename: Merlin
Team: None
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Whether Ethan Emrys is the reincarnation of the arch-magus Merlin or simply his scion remains a matter of heated debate among the Earth's arcanists. At the age of 16 Ethan became the youngest magician to ever hold the title of the Merlin and subsequently, instantly became a figure of great controversy. As far as those peers were concerned, the youth had a lot to prove before they would be convinced about his worthiness.

To be fair, Ethan had never even aspired to hold the title. He was special, yes, for his family's fae blood and their distant connection to the old wizard. They were part of the magical community, treated like distant and all-but-forgotten royals. He only became important after the Dark Prince Mordred's return to the world to hunt down and kill off Merlin line.

The duel against Mordred pushed Ethan's magic and ingenuity far past what anyone thought was his limit and in the end earned him the respect of many. Many, but far from all. From the scattered remnants of the family line it was Ethan who was chosen by the legendary sword Excalibur to don the title of the Merlin.

Years have passed since then and young Ethan has grown in both experience and the Arts. Tasked with the responsibility of guarding the veil that separates the realms and the delicate balance between the powers of Light and Darkness, he has made a few allies and many enemies; and openly embraces his role as a Champion of Earth.

Ethan Emrys is the Merlin, Emissary of Excalibur, Guardian of the Veil, Keeper of the Balance.


Very few are brave or strong or imaginative enough to look past mundane thought in search of something more. Society treats such people with both respect and contempt, and it is The Merlin's role to challenge society as much as he guides it.

He is a spiritualist, a shaman, New Ager, mystic, philosopher, and he is always looking for something more - mysteries, lore, knowledge, adventure. Merlin looks beyond the bounds of conventional imagination to create new possibilities. Though he might always have his head n the clouds and is often of an impractical bent, he is filled with new ideas and possibilities.

Inner Truth is Merlin's quest and his imagination his greatest strength. With this vision, he may guide others who desperately need his guidance.

Merlin's greatest weakness is his pride; pride in his ability to see and understand what others cannot. He must one day learn humility if he is to be a true hero of the people.


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