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The Queen's Cove pack has been living on the land for longer than anyone can remember. They were there in the time of the Native Americans, and they welcomed the Norsemen from across the sea when they came. When other settlers came, the pack allowed them in, too. They learned, they adapted, and in time, they even acquired title deeds, water rights, and all other forms of legal ownership over the land they had always cared for. And time passed.

Eventually, the Tate family became members of the pack. In the late 20th Century, Luke Tate became the pack alpha, assuming leadership. His only daughter, Olivia, grew up among them and then left to seek her fortunes. She returns, pregnant, and gave birth on pack land to a son, whom she named Evan Lucas. Then she left again, and she was never seen again. The boy grew strong under his grandfather's care for some ten years, and then his father came for him.

His father was one of many men in history to use the name "Magnus" — perhaps a showy affectation, but it kept away questions of his identity. Magnus took young Evan and vanished with him from all knowledge. If any of the pack knew where, it was only old Luke, who said nothing about it. However, only a few years later, Evan returned. Magnus did not. No one heard from Magnus again, and Evan returned to his place in the back, eventually becoming a respected member, even a leader among them.

During his time away, Evan had traveled farther than any could guess — and for far longer. He returned looking like a man of twenty, but in truth he could not say how long he had been away. His father, a sorcerer of great power, had armed Evan with the greatest of gifts — knowledge — by allowing him to grow up in dozens upon dozens of different lives, courts, lands. Each time, Evan grew from a small boy to a man, and each time he retained the knowledge of where he had been, what he had seen.

So, when Magnus returned Evan home and vanished, having done his fatherly duty, the boy was, in many ways, now a man of twenty. He had simply lived that experience in so many different ways over so many different instances, they had all blurred together into an extremely diverse and eclectic childhood. They taught him, past even the darkest of things, that above all else he valued loved, compassion, loyalty, and peace. And it is to these things he has dedicated his life.


Evan Lucas Tate
Portrayed By Justin Zabinski
Gender Male
Date of Birth Sept 23
Age Appears 20s
Zodiac Sign Virgo/Libra
Place of Birth Queens Cove, Maine
Current Location Sangria
Occupation Naturalist, pack member
Known Relatives Luke Tate (Grandfather)
Significant Other Colt Bradford
Class Werewolf
Affiliation Luna's Cove Pack




As a lycanthrope, Evan is capable of shifting into other forms. His baseline form is human, but he can also take several other forms: 1. A somewhat larger and more powerful man-wolf, granting him heightened senses, fangs, and claws; 2. A large wolf with pale, golden fur, granting him increased speed and all of the natural abilities of a wolf; 3. An oversized direwolf with rich golden fur, as large as a mid-sized horse, with all the abilities of a wolf plus significantly increased strength and speed; 4. The full "wolf-man" form, an anthropomorphic shape roughly the size of a great grizzly bear that has the fur, claws, teeth, head, tail, and rear feet of a wolf but with humanoid frame and hands, granting him vastly increased strength, increased speed, heightened senses, and extreme resilience to damage. Using life magic, he can also assume other shapes, though these require more of an effort to maintain, allowing him to take the form of any animal or mythical non-humanoid creature so long as he can maintain his concentration.

Spirit Magic

Using spiritual magic, Evan can understand, speak, read, and write any human language; he can cast "wards" over areas to prevent spirits (including psychic beings/forms and those from the Otherworlds) from crossing over; he can stare down any foe, catching the attention of the strong-willed or cause the weak-willed to flee; he can sense sources of mystic power; he can unseal nearly any barrier or lock; he can open gates, paths, or ways into Otherworlds and travel them unerringly; he can send his thoughts to others, communicating telepathically, and shield his mind from mental invasion; and his strongest ability in this area is to mimic any power he sees another using, though only for a short time afterward, and this power cannot be reproduced again later unless he mimics them again.

Elemental Magic

Using elemental magic, Evan can (usually temporarily) reshape once-living matter into another form; he can temporarily disrupt technology, rendering it useless; he is unharmed by fire and can summon a ghostly flame around his body that protects him from harm and deflects many attacks; he can burrow underground to be healed by the earth or make any spot a peaceful place to sleep; and his strongest ability in this area is to use fire to burn away any taint from a source, including mystic stains or physical pollution, but there is a danger of consuming the target that is to be cleansed if it is too far gone, and some things may be beyond this power.

Life Magic

Using life magic, Evan can sense the health and condition of others; he can communicate with animals and command those of lesser mind; he can move with great speed through natural terrain, unhindered by natural barriers; he heals quickly from wounds, and he can lay his hands on others to extend his healing powers over them, able to dispel pain and undo damage (and with the right ritual, cure most ailments as well); his regenerative powers allow him to recover from aging, so he remains in his prime; and his strongest ability in this area is to command the natural world around him, causing even the plants and trees to rise up and give aid or defense when needed, such as awakening a whole forest to defend against invaders.

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