Graveswood Manor
Graveswood Manor
Type: Mansion
Status: Private home
Location: Queens Cove, Sangria
Owner: Colt Bradford

Hunter's Green

In 1742, a wealthy merchant named Derrick Atteberry staked his claim to a small island just off the coast of the town of Queens Cove. Previously, the rugged wilderness had been a favorite hunting ground for locals, and as such, was known informally as Hunter's Green. Atteberry saw no reason to change the name, and so the estate was officially registered as Hunter's Green. He built a small mansion, five bays wide, with a mixture of Flemish bond, English bond, and "header bond" brickwork, a gable roof with an east-west ridge and wood shingles. Atteberry never married and had no close family in the area, so he lived alone in his mansion, with only a few servants.

The American Revolution was not good for Atteberry's business, which depended on imports from Merry Ol' England. Consequently, he secretly aided the British and was unfortunately caught in the act. In 1778, Atteberry was convicted of aiding the British against the American forces, and shortly before he was hanged for treason, he placed a curse on Hunter's Green, stating he would have his revenge on any who tried to live there. Whether or not the curse is real, several owners over the next few decades reported various misfortunes. Somewhere along the way, the island itself became known as Atteberry Island.

Overlook Hotel and Resort

In 1875, the estate was purchased by a consortium of New York investors who had big plans for a luxury resort. The old house was abandoned, and a new, much larger building was built on the grounds. Three stories tall, it was built to resemble a French-style chateau, with three long wings extending from a massive, octagon-shaped atrium. In addition to the 50-room 5-star hotel, the resort boasted a world class restaurant, tennis courts, topiary sculptures, and a large hedge maze. In addition, large tracts of forested area were left untouched, so that small hunting parties could roam the woods with their overpriced shotguns. Rather than demolish the old Hunter's Green, which has some historical significance, it was left empty and boarded up, though occasionally it was used for storage.
The resort, called the Overlook due to its position near the spectacular western cliffs, was a moderate success for a number of years, with wealthy visitors coming from all over New England. A new electric elevator was installed in the lobby in 1927. The stock market crash in 1929 was a major blow, however, from which the Overlook never really recovered, and the hotel finally had to shut its doors for good at the outbreak of World War II, though the restaurant remained open until the mid-Sixties. The estate sat empty for a number of years, changing ownership frequently. Eventually, the hotel was converted into a private residence, with the restaurant turned into a second ballroom, though the huge kitchen was retained. Hunter's Green was occasionally used as a guest house during this time, though strange occurrences and ghost stories continued to plague the small mansion.

Graveswood Manor

In 2000, the last owner to live in the manor, eccentric billionaire Osric Lancaster, died of a massive stroke, and the estate was passed to his son, who lived in New York and never even visited the estate. He tried to sell the manor and land, but his asking price was too high for any local to be interested. That is, until the middle of 2015, when a small television production company began setting up shop in Queens Cove, building a recording studio in the north part of town. The show they were producing needed a large, spooky mansion for exterior shots, and they contacted the Overlook's owner, but he was only interested in selling outright, not leasing the film rights. Fortunately, one of the show's stars was looking for a home away from Hollywood, and owning the mansion used by the show seemed like a good investment (not to mention good job security — hard to fire the guy who owns one of your most important exterior properties), so he bought the entire estate.

Colt Bradford was a young, rising star in Hollywood, having already made his mark on TV shows like Space Colossus and Masks, and the new show, Graves Hollow, was to be his big break away from the sort of teen roles he'd been getting in various TV movies. When he learned that Mad Moon Rising Productions was having trouble getting the rights to film on the Overlook estate, he went to have a look at it himself, and he immediately fell in love with the manor. Buying such an expensive estate so far from home, when the show hadn't even aired yet, was a big gamble, but Colt couldn't help himself. The first thing he did was re-name it for the mansion it was supposed to represent on TV: Graveswood Manor.

Current Residents

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