Hakeem Thornton
Hakeem Julian Thornton
Hakeem in school uniform
Portrayed By: N\a
World: Lasombra
Status: Active
Age: 16
Codename: Overdrive
Team: Amell Academy student
Relationship(s): Gavin Moore, AKA Dynaboy (Boyfriend)
Nemesis: None


Hakeem was a young man born to an average family in a bustling urban metropolis, to a mechanic father and a biologist mother, picking up an aptitude for machines from his father, and an interest in science from both parents. He always felt as connected to machines and technology almost as much as he did people, and discovered his gift for technopathy after helping his father fix up an old antique car he now dubs 'Suzie.'

Currently a student at Amell Academy


A rather quiet, and reserved type, prefers books and burying his face in a computer screen, but enjoys the company of others from time-to-time. Is highly intelligent, but feels he needs to not show too much of it out of fear of intimidating and alienating himself from others.


  • Has recently made friends with Dynaboy

Events Thus Far

Recently enrolled in Amell Academy, after his parents noted his immense aptitude for machinery and technology.


  • Enhanced intellect, which allows him to pick up subjects rather quickly. Hakeem is currently the most interested in the subjects of Engineering, Chemistry, and Physics.
  • Technopathy, the ability to communicate with various machines and electronics.
  • Various small gadgets built with differing purposes. Currently has a ring that transforms the wearer into various anthropomorphic animals.


  • Is inexperienced with his powers, so he is unable to fully utilize them
  • Standard mortal weaknesses to sickness, poison, etc.
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