Hawkye Laar'Sha Narasumas
Gender Male
Date of Birth September 18, 1983
Age 31
Zodiac Sign Virgo
Place of Birth Denver, Colorado, United States of America, Earth Prime
Current Location Wherever he's needed
Occupation Freelance Superhero
Known Relatives Father: Codename: Mars Mother: Codename: Celeste Brother: Codename: Jaguar
Identity Known
Known Abilities Master Swordsman, Expert Marksman (Guns), Elemental Manipulation (Ether), Flight, Telekinesis, Telepathy, Telportation

Cast page for Hawkye L. Narasumas, freelance superhero and current Chief of Security at Amell Academy.


Hawkye has been fighting crime since he was a young boy. Gifted with a sword early on in his life that unlocked his potential, Hawkye has been fighting for justice ever since. Nothing will keep Hawkye from fighting for what's right, including time, space, and dimension.


  • "Ad Astra."
  • "Yatta-ze!"
  • "This is why I light things on fire."


  • Hawkye is currently Chief of Security at Amell Academy.
  • Hawkye is completely heterosexual, usually making him the odd one out.
  • Hawkye is usually pretty easy-going and fun-loving, but takes evil acts very seriously and responds accordingly.


As Hawkye is not limited by the boundaries of a single universe, he has contacts and bases of operations in many different worlds.


Base of Operations


  • Scott Avery - Hawkye has grown quite fond of this young student at Amell Academy. He finds Scott both easy to talk to and easy to place his trust in. So far, Scott is the only one Hawkye has revealed his superhumanity to (if only a small demonstration.) As such, he is Hawkye's de facto confidant in the world of Lasombra.
  • Rokudo Rin-ne - Scott's significant other, Rin-ne revealed his abilities to Hawkye when he summoned a ghost cat during a "Truth or Dare" session. Hawkye subsequently gave Rin a gift of gold coins when he learned that the procedure somehow cost money. Rin seemed very moved by the gesture and nearly refused, but Hawkye insisted, stating that "No one should ever have to lack important items for something as trivial as money."


Base of Operations


  • Banze Ixa - The club owner Banze was Hawkye's first point of contact in Sangria. The perpetually upbeat man was quick to make Hawkye feel at home and acted as both bartender and sounding board when Hawkye was trying to get his bearings. Later on, Hawkye theorized that there was more to Banze than met the eye. After Hawkye inquired where Banze was from, Banze revealed that he was from the Abyss, confirming Hawkye's suspicion that Banze is a demon. Hawkye of course took this in stride and is very pleased to have Banze as a friend.
  • Rokudo Rin-ne - Hawkye ran into Rin at the Trick or Treat and learned that Sangria is actually the young shinigami's home universe. Rin was there attempting to determine who sent him a mysterious letter. Hawkye is glad to have a contact who is able to travel between universes as he is, and thinks of Rin both as a friend an an invaluable ally. Hawkye has since learned that Rin is working at the Queens Brew Coffee Shop for the person who wrote the letter - and for some reason wears a maid's outfit while working the shop.
  • Colt J. Bradford - Hawkye first ran into the ultra-famous Colt Bradford at the Trick or Treat. At first he didn't think much of the young star - he seemed self-absorbed and shallow. However, after a while it became apparent that Colt was actually very friendly and always had a smile - and autograph - ready for his fans. Colt continued to surprise Hawkye by making time for a one-on-one "interview" during which Hawkye laid his cards on the table and told Colt why he was there. Afterwards, Colt happily allowed Hawkye to stay in one of Graveswood Manor's guest rooms and has since become a good friend and has allied himself with Hawkye.
  • Evan Tate - Hawkye first saw Evan at the Trick or Treat - coming onto Colt, hard - but did not have the chance for a conversation until they met again at the Queens Brew Coffee Shop. During a small crisis, Hawkye took charge and was pleased that Evan not only kept his head, but was willing to follow instructions for the good of others. Evan noted that he was glad Hawkye had taken charge, shattering Hawkye's doubts that Evan would be willing to accept him. Hawkye now thinks of Evan as a friend and is willing to share the same information with him that he shares with Colt.


(Will fill in as discovered in-game)
Etheric Manipulation

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