Hex Boys First Performance

Kris was sipping a herbal tea at the New Leaf Cafe, listening to music played over the speakers. His eyes were closed and he was sitting off in the corner idly twirling a finger over his cup, light green fire licking his fingers and down into the cup, whose contents were swirling in the cup, the taste of freshness of the herbs being enhanced. He stretched some wishing he had something to calm him down a bit more, but he hadn't wanted to bring anything illegal to Armell Academy, though he did have some seeds and would likely be adding that certain something to his herb garden in a few days. He took a another sip oh his tea and suddenly mid sip he felt the atmosphere change the music sounded different. He whispered, “Water wind and earth, send the spell back to its hearth, Raise the spell to shield my Flame, by the powers that I tame.” And made a simple circle in the air with his fingers leaving green flame in its place for a second.

The song had definitely changed when Kris came to himself about 5 minutes later, There was a Girl about 19 singing, “I'm a Hex Girl, and I'm gonna put a spell on you.” Kris' triskele charm burned beneath his fingers, and had been what had awakened him. He looked around the crowd and saw that everyone was staring at her with adoration in their eyes, now her thralls.
Panic rose in Kris' mind not sure what to do, he didn't sense evil, just strong magic His heart fluttered then her eyes locked on his and she seemed to realize he wasn't hers. Suddenly everything change power seemed to course through his blood.”
She sang “With this little cobweb potion, you'll fall into dark devotion. If you ever lose affection, I can change your whole direction.” These words were sung directly to Kris who just Raise one eyebrow as he walked forward his green flames now flickering over his whole body barely visible but there, and a drumming could be hear as if coming from the tables the chairs, anything made of wood.
With a confidence and power that Kris had never felt before he sang, “I'm a Hex Boy and I'm gonna put a spell on YOU.” Right back at her “You're gonna do what I want you to. Mix it up here in my little bowl, say a few words and you'll lose control.” His light green eyes burned with that flame and a challenge, a cocky grin hovered on his lips.
Her response was just as cocky and twice as Confident, “I'm a Hex Girl,
and I'm gonna put a spell on you.” And with a dramatic gesture two of the most handsome guys in the room knelt in front of her and she leaned onto their heads.
“I'm a Hex Boy.” He let it hang there for a minute then with a simple gesture the two boys were gently flung in each direction as if the wooden floor had heaved them away. “ And I'm gonna put a spell on you.”

“You'll feel the fog as I cloud your mind.” Her voice was starting to change and her form, Black hair with a red tint started to change to a Candy apple red, and those curves started to change slowly “You'll get dizzy when I make the sign. “ Her hands drew a symbol in the air There was definitely something different now that voice was huskier deeper. “You'll wake up in the dead of night,” Her image darkened Making it harder to see at all before the next words came from that darkness “missing me when I'm out of sight.”

Kris takes a deep breath and turns her own words back against her After the obligatory “I'm a Hex girl/boy” line.” His whole body was glowing with a green flame and the wooden floor had erupted into vines that were wrapped around his body framing every aspect of his body. “With this little cobweb potion,” He swirled his tea for dramatic effect, “You'll fall into dark devotion.” He then bravely if with some trepidation walks up to the swirling darkness that had been a hot chick before. “If you ever lose affection, I Will change your whole direction.” With that last line he reached into the darkness to pull her out and instead pulled out a Dude with candy-apple ready hair who was now glowing, or perhaps more accurately emitting a reddish black aura.
And they sang their last line together, “We're the Hex Boy's and we're gonna put a spell on you!” Hand in hand they took a bow to the applause of the forgotten audience.
“ I'm Kris,” The panting youth said as his green flames started to fade with the music.
“Lachrim,” His aura was the source of the music or at least the guitar.
“Now how in the hell do we clean up all this mess?” Kris asked pointing at the upturned tables and chairs, half of which were sprouting into trees the other half were being used to make out and more intimate activities for the audience.”
The Beginning

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