Jadenir "Jade"
Portrayed By: N/A
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Status: Active
Age: 20
Codename: N/A
Team: None yet
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Jadenir is an alien from another planet that crashed here and has been here since. His planet is one of lush plant growth and free roaming wildlife, it sculpted artistically by the planet's residents but in a wild and choatic way that fits their personalities. He misses it sometimes, especially all the green and the freedom that every living being there appears to have. However he is very intrigued by the variety to be found on this planet.


Jade is very naive, he still has a lot to learn about the human world. Partly due to this, he is still innocent in a lot of ways, at times coming across as a bit childish even. He's easily excited, and can be a bit shy at first. He believes in the best in everyone, trusting all. As people get to know him more, they may see he is more than he seems. Naive, but very insightful and intelligent. Truthfully shy, but very forward at times. Innocent but with ambiguous morals and an uninhibited decadence. He fits in equally with superheroes and villains. Love, caring, fun, enjoyment, these are the things that matter. He doesn't understand many of the games people play, or the distinctions they insist on, and lives outside of them the best that he can.


Jade is friendly to everyone he comes across: villain, hero, neutral, it does not matter to him. Nor do any physical characteristics. He just sees people. He doesn't understand normal human relationships as they did not occur on his world. He has no family on this world, and would not even understand what that concept means. Everyone he meets he genuinely cares for. However a few people have stuck around, and those are the ones that are his significant others, even though that concept is still very new to him as well.

Events Thus Far

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Energy manipulation, Plant manipulation, Psychic, Emotional enhancement.

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