Jareth the Goblin King
Position The Erlking, Lord of the Fae
Domain The Castle of Delights
Portrayed By David Bowie
Image Credit "Jareth" by G672

The Erlking is known from Danish and German folklore as the "king of the fairies." As king of the courtless faeries, he is a mysterious figure, most widely known for his rulership over many goblins and his annual command of the Wild Hunt, seeking hunters and choice mortals to spirit away into the faerie lands. He is known to grant favor to some mortals, though he always tests them — some say, preying upon them — but in contrast to this, he is also famed for protecting small children, even if he is spiriting them away to the lands of the fae.


The origins of the Erlking are ancient and forgotten to the mists of time. Knowledge of him has been often confused due to many tellings of his story, but what is certain is this: He is an ancient lord of the fae, master of the Wyldfae and King of Goblins. Each year, he marks Samhain by riding the Wild Hunt, and he has often come when invoked to offer challenges to various heroes to prove themselves. Those who meet the challenges are rewarded, and those who fail usually walk away with interesting stories to tell and lessons learned. He has often had dealings with the other lords of the fae, collecting changelings for them and such, but it is known amongst all fae that to endanger or threaten the safety of any child is to invite the wrath of Jareth the Erlking, Lord of the Wyldfae and Goblin King.


  • "Don't dare to quote me that rubbish by Goethe. Such base slander! I never harm the innocent, and children are not prey."


  • Jareth is a lord of the fae, king over goblins and wyldfae.


Base of Operations


Faerie Lord

Jareth is a lord of faerie, an immortal being of great power. The least of his gifts is that he exists in permanently excellent physical condition, highly athletic and exceptionally agile. He is immune to most ailments that trouble humans and is much more long-lived. Great magics are his to command, and he can assume nearly any physical form he chooses, along with whatever powers it might entail. He can traverse the ways between worlds at will, and he commands all the power and authority due a lord of the fae.


As one might expect from a lord of the fae, Jareth is an accomplished user of magic. Whether it be elementalism, transmutation, conjuring, illusionism, summoning, teleportation, warding, placing or breaking curses, performing ritual spells, creating potions or other alchemical agents, or the laying of a geas, Jareth is a sorcerer of ancient power, capable of nearly any feat of magic. He is also extremely resilient against magic, especially spells designed to bind, control, or alter him. Nearly all hostile magics are as quite harmless to him.

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