Portrayed By: Zayroen
World: {$world}
Status: active
Age: Looks early twenties
Codename: Coatl
Team: none
Relationship(s): {$relationships}
Nemesis: {$nemesis}


In the deserts, princedoms are still thriving. Especially when they are steeped in history and magic.
It was that magic that brought Jazirian into being. Born from a woman that was not supposed to be
able to carry anymore children, it was doubly a surprise to find she had birthed twins. Mirror
images of each other, they were raised as royals. It was not until they were older that their gifts
woke, magic. Spells of lore and old lost tongues were their forte as well as alchemy. Of course,
with their magics also came something else, rebellion. Neither wanted to remain in the desert and
after much arguments it was decided that some exposure with the world would be good for them. In
other words, they snuck away in the dead of night and rather than cause a scene, they were let go
though no one thinks they were just left to their own devices. If nothing else, whenever one is seen,
there is always a Coatl on his shoulders.


Jazirian is a spoiled princeling and makes no apologies for it. While he does tend to assume things of other people, based on how he would be treated in his Princedom, he does so with a charm that tends to make it hard to dislike him for it.


Events Thus Far

Jazirian made a, failed, attempt to claim Dhiar for his harem and intends to keep trying.


Jazirian has much skill with spells and alchemy though he is still learning.

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