Jean Grey - Marvel Man
Jean Grey
Portrayed By: Bartec Borowiec
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Status: Active
Age: 22
Codename: Marvel Man
Team: X-Men
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Jean was born to a fairly large family. While the family raised him well, they're not really the focus of everything. Jean, himself, was an early awakened mutant. Most mutants wait until puberty for their powers to kick in, Jean's kicked in at age 8.

While playing outside with his best friend, everything went bad. As his friend ran into the road, while a car was heading his way, Jean's mutant powers awoke, allowing him to experience everything that happened. It also sent his powers out of control. But that is where Jean's life took a drastic turn for the better.

Jean's family called in a specialist. The specialist happened to be one Charles Xavier. Charles shared some of the gifts that Jean had and was able to help him learn control of his gifts. Jean was enrolled into Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters and became one of the earliest X-Men under the name Marvel Man.

After a while, Jean felt that he had enough time away from the real world and chose, for a few years, to take his college courses at an outside school. While life on the outside was nice, Jean really and truly missed the life at Xavier's.

Because of this, Jean returned to Xavier's to work in the capacities of education and assist with some of the counselor needs while working towards his doctorate. At present, he is just returning to the fold.


Jean is the caring side of the X-Men. He tends to be the 'mother hen' often, trying to give each person what they need at the time. For example, knowing that when Hank is in one of his moods, he'll forget to eat… Jean will likely be the one to bring food down to him. Jean is fairly afraid of his own powers at times, as well.


Events Thus Far


Telepathy, Telekinesis, Psionic Weaponry

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