Jimmy Olsen
Jimmy Olsen
Portrayed By: Aaron Ashmore
World: {$world}
Status: Reporter
Age: 18
Codename: Elastic Lad
Team: Legion of Super-Heroes
Relationship(s): {$relationships}
Nemesis: {$nemesis}


Jimmy moved to the big city for fun and adventure. He started out as a young newspaper carrier but soon advanced to being a photographer. His pictures of Metropolis's famous superheroes soon landed his work on newspapers across the country and the world. He has been involved in several adventures with his ideal Superman and other heroes. Including even going into the future and becoming a member of the Legion of Super-Heroes under the alias of Elastic Lad.


Jimmy though appearing to be very outgoing is often very shy especially around super-heroes. His quirky sense of humor and reckless disregard for danger often has him in need of rescuing more than once. He is quick to laughter and also quick to flirt with a good looking hero!


Jimmy has many friendships with the younger heroes. Since he often joins in their adventures when he can as Elastic Lad or whatever power he has accidentally received.

Events Thus Far

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Jimmy has the ability to extend or stretch his arms, legs and neck. Recently he's noticed that he can also pad certain areas but that is after a suggestion and not something he thought of on his own. He very seldom uses his super powers and they are usually not well practiced.

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