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Kon-El / Conner Kent
The Teen of Steel
Portrayed By: N/A
World: Effusia
Status: Active, Effusia
Age: Late teens
Codename: Superboy
Team: Young Justice
Relationship(s): Tim Drake (Friend)
Bart Allen (Friend)
Nemesis: ?

The Metropolis Kid

Superboy is known as the unofficial state hero of Hawaii, one of the patron heroes of Metropolis, a member in good standing of the Titans, a member of Team Superman, and of course as the sole offspring (via cloning) of Superman and heir apparent to his mantle.


So once upon a time the Man of Steel died. Four impostors showed up, and the coolest of them was the Kid who would be Superboy. Superboy was the result of experimentation by the Cadmus Project splicing the DNA of Superman with that of Lex Luthor. Superboy was rapidly aged to a teenager, but his development was ended prematurely when a gang of Cadmus clones busted him out.

Superboy quickly made a debut in the media, a cocky new super-hero on the block and celebrity in the making, going so far as to call himself Superman until the original Big Blue came back from the dead. At this point the Kid relinquished the trademark to the big guy and proudly took on the mantle of Superboy, embarking on a life of adventure.

Following this, Superman welcomed Superboy into his family as both Kon-El and Conner Kent.


Kon is extremely close to Tim Drake and Bart Allen of Effusia.

Events Thus Far

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Super strength, invulnerability, flight, heat vision, x-ray vision, telescopic vision, super breath, super speed, tactile telekinesis. Processes information and learns quickly thanks to the potent intellect granted by his Kryptonian genetics.


Combat training, both Earth and Kryptonian. Power usage, from tons of practice and being trained by Superman. Extensive education, beginning with imprinted knowledge from Cadmus and augmented by instruction from school and the Fortress of Solitude's computers. Specialized knowledge of the super-hero community and Krypton. Naturally charismatic and unshakably virtuous at heart. Knows his way around a farm. Knows how to be famous—media/celebrity savvy.


Vulnerable to Kryptonite. Powered by yellow sun. De-powered by red sun. Occasionally must deal with issues stemming from the "being a clone made up of Superman and Lex Luthor" dilemma. Strives to live up to Kal-El's legacy.


Heroic community. Superman's extended family. Kryptonian tech. Media contacts. Kent family farm. Friends in the 31st century. Krypto the Superdog!


Access to various technology from the Fortress of Solitude, the JLA Watchtower, and the Young Justice HQ.

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