Felix Kyle
Felix Kyle
Portrayed By: Francisco Lachowski
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Status: Active
Age: 17
Codename: Catboy
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Felix has no memory of his parents, being named for the stuffed plush “Felix the Cat” doll the very young child was discovered clinging to. Abandoned in an alleyway the boy was too young to tell anyone where he’d come from and no trace of his parents was ever found.


Being bounced around the system since before he can remember Felix was sent from foster home to foster home, quickly gaining a reputation as being a “difficult” child. Concepts such as “right” and “wrong” took on a more fluid nature in the young boy’s mind without any strong role model and those who knew him quickly learned not to leave anything they might want again unattended when Felix was around.

As he got older, stolen candy bars and toys eventually became bikes, cash, clothes or essentially anything else he wanted. He became known as an alley cat in more ways than one, happy to snuggle up against anyone that would take him in for the night and often disappearing for days on end before returning to the home of this year’s foster family.

Given years of free time and minimal supervision Felix was able to hone his craft to a fine art. A lack of close family and friends have given him a self-reliant, independent outlook on life, preferring not to become too deeply involved in anyone else’s business and always looking out for number one.

Despite his lack of attachment to human company, Felix has always had a strong affinity for cats, perhaps seeing something of himself in their fiercely independent nature. As soon as he was able to, he packed his meagre possessions and left, moving into his own place, and getting himself the cat he’d never been allowed by his foster parents, he never saw them again.

Felix and Mog (as he named the cat, after one he remembered from an otherwise forgotten childhood book) lived happily enough, but It wasn’t until he pulled off his first jewel caper that he got a real taste of the high life and chose to leave the days of pickpocketing and shoplifting behind him. Taking on the persona of Catboy he is now a renowned cat burglar and jewel thief, taking on only the most ludicrous of heists and a prime target of law enforcement bodies everywhere.

In addition, the local cat's rescue now receives regular, large, anonymous donations.

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ACHIEVEMENTTo overcome obstacles and succeed; to become the best
ACQUISITIONTo obtain possessions/wealth
PLAYTo have fun, to enjoy life



OUTLOOKOptimistic — Confident, Hopeful, Upbeat
INTEGRITYUnscrupulous — Lazy, Deceitful, Manipulative
IMPULSIVENESSSpontaneous — Capricious, Flighty, Rash
BOLDNESSIntrepid — Daring, Reckless, Scrappy
FLEXIBILITYFlexible — Tolerant, Forgiving, Open-minded


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