Lead The Way Earth Child


Alyx and Kris

Summary: Alyx is read the riot act and Kris gets a whole new set of responsibilities.

Date: March 26, 2015

Log Title: Lead The Way Earth Child

Rating: PG

Amell Academy - Dean's Office Waiting Room

A nicely spacious waiting space, has all the things you would expect: comfortable chairs, a receptionist's desk, magazines, paintings and bookshelves filled with books mostly for show. Windows open to the outside, showing the beautiful grounds.

The police station had been loud and The social worker had not been pleased to be called in the middle of the night. And it had taken most of the night and the following morning to smooth everything over. And the social worker told Alyx that one toe out of line one bad report from his mentor and it would all be over. Kris for his part had been up late studying then jamming and had barely gotten to bed when he got woken up by a call from social services, and had been told that his application for emancipation was looking very good and they had a way for him to show how responsible he was. So he got tired as hell grabbed a fruit and veggie smoothie for breakfast, and headed out to the Dean's office where Alyx had been since his social worker managed to get him out of the police station.

With the long night and all Alyx is starting to get pretty damn bored, still he should've been a little more careful if he was going to break the rules, still the social worker was pretty darn uppity considering. Dressed in dark grey jeans, a white t-shirt, black jacket and black military-style boots Alyx does sort of look like trouble right now, he's been tapping on the back of a metal filing cabinet for the last twenty minutes or so while he's been waiting on some 'mentor'.

Kris was yawning as he walked in the door, see's Alyx, and almost walks back out and would have if the social worker hadn't seen him. The skinny witch boy sighs, and was really hoping a cute boy who was slight misled, would have been there not the hot guy who had threatened him, but he put on a fake smile and tried his best not to roll his eyes, because to be fair he broke about half or at least a quarter of those rules last night as well… Only he didn't get caught.

Alyx wouldn't have got caught either if he knew a little more about the modern world they live in, still he's starting to pick it up. Looking up and seeing Kris enter he chuckles and looks to the social worker, "You are joking?". Of all the people they could pick to keep him on the straight and narrow it's the witch boy with a severe lack of control, he sits back in his chair and yawns.

Kris winces and blushes a bit as they go on about his record his achievements the fact he's been in foster care since he was a 4 and still managed to get straight A's…. He finally does roll his eyes, Yeah its all true but they don't know he grow pot and other things sneaks out all the time to the local coffee shop etc. Kris does seem different though for one he's blushing and nothing is exploding for the other he's for more relaxed that he appears. Finally he's given a chance, "Look man, I don't particularly wanna do this either, but… I think i could help point you in the right direction, and from the social worker told me if i wasn't interested… that you'd be going to Juvie… If we work together we can both benefit, and ya know this place is a he… er" HE looks around at the adults and blushes again, "A lot better than any other place I've been, trust me dude you don't want to go to a group home… much less Juvie.

Alyx 's eyes flick to the social worker and chooses not to point out that to send him to juvie they'd have to be able to hold him first and when you've got someone who can open any lock, that's not easy. "So this is my option? quality lime with the earth child here or head on out?", he's pretty much resigned himself to this little mentor program but it doesn't hurt to look for other options, though staying here is the easiest, magic or no, he doesn't know much about the world.

Kris hasn't made any attempt to hide his religion or who he is, and while more than one social worker has tried to make him change or stand in his way, it usually turns out the opposite he's strong independent and open minded. The social worker starts to say something but Kris shrugs, "I was up till 3 studying and working on a project. If Alyx doesn't want help… Well then me having meetings with him and hanging out isn't going to change anything. If he doesn't want this then I'm out I'll go catch up on some sleep." He earns a glare from your social worker, but shrugs it off.

Alyx pulls a deck of cards out of his pocket and starts shuffling them, "Personally I would find much simpler to stay where I am, even if it does mean submitting to this little program, I am not a bad guy", he spreads out the deck of cards and offers one to the social worker, "I am more than happy to do whatever it takes to make this situation happier for everyone involved", he flashes the social worker a smile.

Kris rolls his eyes but makes sure he's facing a wall. Yeah it was the smart thing to do…. but was a little cheesy and late, if he'd used the ploy earlier he probably could have gotten out of some of this. He takes a deep breath as if he's considering it when he's really resigning himself and says, "Okay we'll try this… We'll work out a schedule and I'll let everyone know how things are going." He smiles and does the small talk thing until finally the adults all leave. "Dude if you're gonna break the rules… Don't get caught, and if you're gonna break the law… do it more subtly, That social worker knows everything you own probably and is probably trying really hard not to notice you're wearing stolen clothes at the moment. Fuck man…. Just look I know you don't have any memories but the best thing you could do is just stay quiet watch others and at least pretend to be trying to fit in." Of course a obviously out gay wiccan boy telling someone to fit in… is probably funny even to someone with no memory.

Alyx wiggles his fingers in goodbye as the adults leave and carries on playing with the deck of cards, "I'm just a little out of sorts with modern technology, only reason I got caught, I personally blame society", he gets up and stretches, "And really? you are telling me to blend in, I could run around on fire and blend in more that you do".

Kris grins a bit, "I fit in more than you man, I know not to wear stolen clothes. And I know how to turn on the charm when i get caught and convince people i wasn't doing anything wrong." He seems much more relaxed than their last meeting and says, "Okay look, you don't like me. And I think you're hot but psycho. But I would like to help ya if you'll let me. If not that's fine I'm not gonna snitch on you. But I won't lie either well not too much anyway."

"I did not say I did not like you, you are a nice enough guy but I see you as a liability, braking a few rules is nothing to the trouble you could cause", Alyx slips the deck of cards back into his pocket, "And I'm pretty sure it's rude to call someone psychotic when I have done nothing of the sort", finally there's a shrug, "If I did not wear the stolen clothes I would have to wear the things social services threw at me, I chose option a".

Kris rolls his eyes, "Like i said you don't know how to fit in one second, "He walks out you hear the adult chatter in the next room die out and about 5 minutes later, "How does 150 bucks for a wardrobe sound if everything else you've stolen finds its way to the Deans office tomorrow, no questions asked.. Oh and on the bad news side you're confined to the campus unless I'm with you for now… I really don't think i want to know what you did to get the Dean so pissed."

Alyx nods "Ok", he pulls the deck of cards out of his pocket and puts it one the desk, followed by a wallet and some keys, "A little of this, a little of that, really not that hard, I think the dean may have something of a short temper, I cannot think of anything I did that was that bad…", he looks lost in thought for a moment before dropping the jacket he's wearing on the desk and starting to pull off the t-shirt.

Kris is pretty sure that Alyx is an alien at this point… though with how hot he is a little show couldn't hu… No." He stops himself and stops Alyx, "Keep the shirt on I got both of us excused from classes today too… though seriously … I am sooo going to go back to the dorm and get stoned after we're done with our shopping trip." He then thinks about something looks in the wallet… and hits himself on the forehead hard. "Okay rule number one… Don't steal the dean's kids wallet." He tries to clear his head, "Okay we're going to the local good will. American thrift shop kinda thing people donate unwanted clothes etc to the store and they sell at a low price mostly just paying employees See if we can find you some new clothes, then when you have new clothes, and I'm hopefully asleep or stoned, you come back and turn whatever else you have that's stolen. Also if I'd known you'd stolen the dean's kid stuff i would have laid it on thicker… Seriously man."

Alyx grins, "Fine, just thought it would be better to give them back now", or maybe he was just messing with Kris, who knows?, he pulls the shirt back into place and picks the jacket back up, "Also I found these plastic cards with the wallet, no idea what they are for", he pulls a couple of credit cards out of his pocket with the dean's name on them, something that perhaps the dean's son wasn't supposed to have, "Was going ask them but couldn't find the right moment for it", it's a good thing that Kris explained a thrift shop as Alyx… no idea what that was.

Kris really wouldn't mind seeing Alyx…. no no no.. He shakes his head a bit and doesn't explain credit cards, at least not yet, Alyx is getting in enough trouble as is. He quickly puts them in the wallet, and walks out into the room again, there's some yelling them a silence then some more yelling but not with Alyx's name in it this time. Then Kris comes back in and says, "Okay now we sneak out go to the store get you clothes that you like if we can find any and stuff." Kris really couldn't help himself though every so often he'd find himself staring at the other teen in a rather obvious way that even Alyx had likely picked up on.

Alyx watches the door as the shouting happens again, "And that was for?", he pulls the jacket back on, "Not a piece of meat mate, eyes to yourself" is said with a smerk. Checking he's not left anything behind he nods at the door, "Want to lead the way Earth Child? or shall we find an alternate exit?", he nods towards the window.

Kris grins and nods showing Alyx he's not as much of a do gooder as the social worker thinks, he's out the window in a matter of seconds, "Let's just say… that one of those pieces of plastic… just got the dean's son in 10 times the trouble you are. "Kris does blush a lot at the comment abotu you being a piece of meat, and he grabs something from his bag as he leads the way, a Thermos which he takes a gulp out of then another, "Last thing we need right now is stupid random shit happening. Also I'm glad you're not a piece of meat… Cause I'm mostly a vegetarian."

Alyx quickly follows Kris out of the window, "Ten times the trouble, well glad I am not him right now", he frowns at the Thermos and wonders how it can stop randomness from occurring, he shakes his head at the vegetarian comment, "Oh, so the Earth Child is funny now?", he stretches again as he walks as he was stuck in that room for quite some time, "How far away is this place we're going?"


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