2015-07-12: True Identity

True Identity (rp log)


Colt Bradford and Scamp

Summary: A trip to the Spirit realm reveals a secret.

Date: July 12, 2015

Location: Queens Cove, Sangria and the Shadow

Rating: PG-13 for Suggestive Language

Scamp's Room

This is one of the larger bedrooms on the second floor, and it's dominated by what appears to be an enormous doghouse. In fact, it's actually a queen-sized bed hidden within a large wooden structure, artistically painted to resemble the exterior of Graveswood Manor. On one side is a wide, arched opening, much like the doorway to a doghouse, with a set of silken curtains which can be drawn closed for added privacy. Inside, the mattress is oval shaped, with a cushioned lip about three feet high around the edge, much like a dog's bed. A plaque above the doorway proclaims that this doghouse belongs to SCAMP.
The room's walls hold murals depicting a pleasant, sunny park, with various dogs romping about chasing tennis balls, catching Frisbees, and generally having fun. In addition, there are half a dozen posters depicting boy bands and rollerblading scenes. On one wall is a gigantic plasma screen, with a low shelving unit beneath holding a video game console and dozens of games. There are also dressers and armoires near the walk-in closet, and various toys are scattered about the room. In addition to skateboards and rollerblades, there appear to be several dog leashes and more than a few chew toys. Of course, there's an en suite bathroom with a massive tub, as well as a shower.

Scamp is hidden in his second room, which is basically what his dog house is its like he has his own little apartment with the regular room outside and inside the dog house is his little bedroom, he has the curtains drawn, and is watching some random cartoon, currently of all things a full anthro pouty courgi, which is a form you've never seen him in before, and is actually shorter and chubbier than his usualy transformations, and he's flumped on his giant dog bed watching the cartoon and trying not to be depressed.

Colt Bradford knocks lightly on the door before wandering in. He looks pretty down as well, which is a drastic change to his normally bubbly personality. When he hears the cartoon sounds coming from the dog house, he slowly makes his way over and pulls the curtains open just enough to peek in and make sure you aren't doing something personal. "Hey," he says, sounding pretty mopey.

Scamp doesn't look at all scampy either he's adorable but not in his usual sexy hyper way, more like a giant teddy bear in boxers, and his collar, he just looks at colt and opens his arms silently wanting cuddles.

Colt Bradford climbs in and pulls the curtains closed, before crawling over and laying beside you, wrapping you in his arms for a warm embrace. "What a cruddy day, huh?" he says softly, rubbing hands up and down your back. "Have you been eating too many cookies?"

Scamp blinks and doesn't know what you… he looks down and meeps and blushes shaking his head, "Haven't eaten today… Was gonna go skating but its to nasty… Its too early to go to TOT Darian and Evan aren't here and Randy wasn't in his room… Its Jenny's day off but she called me and made me promise to stay inside cause it's too nasty outside to swim or play. Too much work ta go outside" HE was adorable as a corgi though with his own platumim blonde hair with golden and white present as well in his fur, then he shivers a bit and says, "Can ya take off the wet clothes? WEt dog smell horrible even to doggies

Colt Bradford looks down at himself with a frown. "Well, I can take off my clothes, if you want me to. My shoot got cancelled 'cuz of the rain, and I've been moping around the house for the last hour. Nobody's around, except the maids, and they're no fun." He sits up and pulls off his tee, tossing it aside, then starts unbuttoning his jeans. "You look adorable as a corgi, by the way."

Scamp gives a little smile and blushes a bit, "Yeah, it just happened and I didn't feel like fighting to look like something else. I can only really change to human on my own." He blushes a bit and lick at your cheek, he would have kissed Colt, but doesn't know how to with a muzzle, and isn't sure colt wants to kiss a puppy on the muzzle. His tail does wag once Colt is down to his underwear snf clings to him, "I like it when you cuddle me… I feel safe n loved…"

Colt Bradford wraps his arms around Scamp again, falling back for a snuggle. "I like to make you feel safe and loved," he says, rolling to his side and nuzzling against your neck. "You're fun to cuddle with, all warm and fuzzy."

Scamp shifts and smiles lovingly up at the older male and his form starts to shift a little nothing really tangable he just looks less add and much happier. He leans back and cuddles colt tail starting to wag slowly very very slowly. He then thinks a moment… and edges away for a moment to press a few buttons on a remote, to switch if over to the collection of Colt Bradford movies, "I think we should do a movie marathon of the sexiest actor in the world."

Colt Bradford giggles, his eyes lighting up. "But I never made any movies with Leonardo DiCaprio or Brad Pitt," he says, as he snuggles up behind you, rubbing your tummy now. "Most of my stuff is made-for-TV movies, and they're big Hollywood A-listers." He settles in, pressing a kiss to the back of your neck.

Scamp shakes his head and just watches, and slowly as the movie and cuddles go on you feel his fur thin his body change softly and gently until you're hugging normal scamp though he still has the corgi ears and tail and still doesn't seem overly hyper, "You're the best. You take care of all your friend and gave me the best family ever. And you don't care I'm a freaky puppy teen." He just sighs and smiles most likely not even noticing he'd changed back.

Colt Bradford kisses your now-bare neck, smiling. "I love you -'cuz- you're a freaky puppy teen," he says softly. "We're all freaks, ya know. I talk to ghosts and cavort with spirits. Evan and Darian are big, bad werewolves. And Randy, he's a super-genius with a working sonic screwdriver that he built himself. That's what makes us all fit together as a family, I think."

Scamp turns around to look at you and realizes when his cheek touches yours that he's human again gives you a sweet is still slightly sad smile and leans in for a very tentive kiss, though you have noticed he's gotten much better at kissing since Darian moved in. And he sigh and giggles as the movie goes to an undear shot of colt, and while on tv the bulge doesn't look huge scamp happens to have his hand inches from the real thing , "Did they seriously make you stuff your shorts?"

Colt Bradford returns the kiss tenderly, then giggles as he looks at the screen, shaking his head. "Nope, that's not even me. It's a body double, 'cuz my agent demanded too much money to show my dick, even in underwear. I think there's a butt shot that's really me later though." He looks back into your eyes, smiling. "You're very pretty, ya know. Sometimes I almost think we really are cousins. We should totally try and find out who your parents were."

Scamp blushes and nods looking up at him and smiles laying his head on his chest, and for a few minutes forgetting he's in love with Darian and just thinking about colt… Which honestly if he had to choose… he'd probably choose Colt every time… He then bit his lip and says, "Okay… Um if I really was your cousin or your brother or something… Would it you know make you not want to kiss me and hold me naked and stuff?" his hand moved to gently hold your bulge for just a second when he mentioned stuff then moved it away not really feeling all that frisky at the moment, well alittle but that's because he was a teenager in bed with a hot guy.

Colt Bradford slides a hand down your back, cupping your cute butt. "Nope! I usedta fool around with my cousin Reese alla time, never bothered either of us. And me and Brat mighta sorta messed around a few times when we were younger too, before he got all obsessed with girls and boobs and stuff." He gives your butt a little squeeze, then tries to catch your eye again. "Would it make you not wanna kiss and be held naked and stuff?"

Scamp shakes his head and shly puts his hands both on your buns and kisses you tight, "Yeah It wouldn't. I would make out with you and kiss and be your pet anything… I'd do anything you asked me to even if you were my dad. Might even make it hotter." He says the last part as a whisper, He nestles into you, then pulls up and tilts his head, "I know finding my family wouldn't be easy…. But couldn't you just ask a ghost or a spirit you know to see if we were? You do smell really familar… atleast the human parts….

Colt Bradford giggles a bit, rubbing the end of his nose against yours a few times. "I don't think I'm your dad," he says, clearly amused. "You sure don't look like a butt-baby. Plus I woulda been, like, eight when you were born." He wiggles his butt against your hands, which also rubs his groin to yours. "And I've asked a few spirits, but none of the ones around here know much beyond their little worlds. I need to find out where you were born and see if any of the spirits in that area know anything."

Scamp shrugs and lays in your arms, "Um what about going into the uh um… spirit realm i forgot what you called it and looking around?" He looks at you still looking so cute and pouty compared to his hyper self though he turns around and pushes his back to your chest and rubs his but against you bulge before wrappign you arms around his and putting one on his thigh the other on his chest.

Colt Bradford hugs you close, spooning his semi against your round bum while rubbing both your chest and thigh warmly. "Well, we could do that, but it's way dangerous. The Shadow is no place to wander unprepared. It'd be a lot easier if you knew your mom's name or what city you were born in." He falls silent for a long moment, thinking things through as he continues to rub and caress. "We could approach the Star Hound I met when I was being Purified. If he doesn't know what's going on, he can at least point us in the right direction."

Scamp whimpers a bit when you rub him like that and the attetnion to his butt and his tail wags gently against your cock, then he gets up and walks over to the little lockable drawers he has in there to put his most personal stuff and pulls out the backpack he'd came with and then a rather battered packet of papers, "I worked as a dog walker for a rich guy once… and he managed to track down some info on me." I'm not sure what all is in it really… Some news paper articles…. and stuff? Some of it is in some funky language… Maybe its made up… dunno it any of it is useful….

Colt Bradford rolls to the edge of the bed, sitting up so he can look at the papers. He frowns a bit, brows drawing together. "Some of this seems to be in First Tongue, which is pretty hard to draw for a human. It'll take me a while to decipher it. And this, this isn't English or First Tongue. No idea what language it is. I'll have Jordan find a translator or something though." He bundles all the papers up, then looks at you. "Would you like to meet the Star Hound? You being a puppy might actually make him friendly to you. He's a primal Dog spirit, a guardian of dogs and such."

Scamp he nod nods and his skin prickles a bit for some reason talk of spirits made him uneasy, Colt didn't Colt made him feel grounded, and that guy rufus had been nice, but the spirit realm just…. He shakes his head to clear it and nods, "Sure… Wait… Does this journey require pants?"

Colt Bradford giggles a little, eyes lighting. "Well, normally I wear my gi when I cross over, 'cuz it's light and easy to move around in. Pretty sure we got you a judogi or two, you should check your closet." He climbs out of the bed, padding barefoot toward your big walk-in closet. "Unless you're more comfortable in something else. You should really wear whatever you're most comfortable in."

Scamp slowly stands up and goes outside to his read closet, looking around for it, "Um Can a non spirit cross with you? I mean I know you can go there really easy cause you're part spirit and stuff. But I'm not… or I don't think I am? " He looks around and finds it and wrinkles his brow, "Uh I'd be more comfortable in baggy shorts and a T-shirt. Or if its not cool just the shorts… And blades… but i don't think those are allowed."

Colt Bradford grins and leans in to kiss your cheek. "Shorts and a tee are fine, but leave the blades here. It's not all smooth surfacts and stuff on the other side. But I can create a portal between the worlds for us to cross over through. So you put on whatever you wanna wear, and I'll go grab my gi and stuff." He gives you another quick kiss, then scurries from the room. Less than ten minutes later, he's back, wearing his brilliant white judo-gi, along with the shoulder holster that holds his enormous revolver. On his shoulder sits Oscar, Manifested in physical form.

Scamp grumbles as he puts on shorts, he was so comfy snuggling almost naked but he got dressed though he stayed barefoot, and stretched some then he saw the bird for the first time…. and you can literally sim him resisting the urdge to pounce after the bird and chase it. Though it was a hard battle his body was tryign to change back to full anthro and his face was screwed in concentration "BIRD!"

Oscar flaps up to the top of a high armoire, squawking unhappily, and Colt just chuckles. "That's Oscar," he says, reaching out to ruffle Scamp's hair. "He's my spirit ally and way protective. He'll help guide us to the Star Hound." Like Scamp, Colt is also barefoot, and his black belt is cinched around his waist snugly. He moves to a section of the wall that doesn't have any furniture against it and begins sliding his hands over the surface, frowning a little. Then he gives a nod, steps back, and shouts in a language that sounds like a box of broken glass being dropped. Almost immediately, a door appears in the wall, looking very old and worn, large planks of unfinished wood held together by iron bands, with a drop-latch rather than a doorknob. Oscar soars back to Colt's shoulder and keeps a wary eye on Scamp.

Scamp manages to get himself under control, though taking the hyper kid any place dangerous is likely a bad idea, he tends to run off chasing random things. He does follow you though looking uneasy, he does however look at oscar and say ,"Hi bird!" then clings to your side and scratches behidn his ear as if he's got an itch eh can't reach.

Colt Bradford takes a deep breath, then pulls open the door. On the other side is…weird. I looks like the corridor of Graveswood Manor, the one right outside Scamp's room, but the colors are all off. Everything seems surreal and spooky. When Colt steps through, he immediately changes. He's glowing! There's a halo of light around him, and his skin takes on a bluish, transluscent tint, making him appear more ethereal, almost like a ghost, only not transparent. Oscar glows as well, and his blue eyes become even brighter.

Scamp steps in and for a second it doesn't look like he's changed at all other than his color looks a bit well brighter, then his ears and tail beging to change though its clear that Scamp has no idea they're doing so switching to a Husky to match his platimum blonde hair and they have a very faint but constant close about them, thast just flickers occasionally, the rest of him looks like someone covered a lightbulk with a moving veil little flickers of color and glow, and his eyes do the same sparkles, flickers and flashes, but nothign steady or stable, if it was ever clear that the pup was not a normal weredog it was now, especially as the second he cross over he looked younger, not dramatically just a tiny bit his face a touch softer his tail a bit bouncier, his whole attitude more puppy like.

Colt Bradford blinks a few times as he slowly shuts the door, looking Scamp up and down a few times. "Interesting," he mutters, head cocked to one side. "Very interesting." He gives a smile then, turning to face away and leaning forward slightly. "Okay, climb on for a piggyback, and hold on tight, 'cuz this could get bumpy." Oscar takes wing, circling overhead and watching the pair from above.

Scamp jump up instandly and indeed holds on tight which of course presses his bulge to your back. He snuggles up to you looking all around and shivering a bit, "This place feels weird." He says softly, though another change he seems to weigh a lot less that he should, almost nothing and he seems over all smaller than he should be.

Colt Bradford tips his head back to kiss your cheek. "It's about to get even weirder," he says with a grin, reaching his hands up over his head. Oscar swoops down, and Colt grabs hold of his legs, and all at once, they're in the air! Somehow, Oscar is carrying them upward, passing through the ceiling, through the third floor, up past the attics, and into the open sky. The landscape below looks much the same, but the colors are all vibrant and, somehow, just a bit off, like a computer monitor with the color balance all wonky. Oscar flies out over the sound, where a Thunderstorm Spirit is raging, sending out bolts of purple-white lighting and strong gusts of wind. No rain, oddly enough. Colt calls back, "Hang on!" as Oscar flies higher still, up past the storm, past the thin clouds in the upper atomosphere, and finally into space itself. There's no need to worry about breathing or explosive decompression or any of that, though. It's a bit chillier, but otherwise no different from being on the ground. Soon, they're zooming so fast, the stars look like long streaks of light.

Scamp almost lets go, he's so lost then they're traveling at hyperspeed by crow power. HE starts clinging vicelike to Colt. He was trembling, afraid of what would happen if he let go, and generally not liking in here everythign was so odd. He was a silly puppy not a spirit world adventurer.

And then suddenly, the streaks of light disappear, and Oscar slowly soars down to a big, open field of dark green grass, with odd wildflowers here and there. The sky above is black, but billions of pinpricks of light sparkle, like the clearest night ever. Once his feet are on the ground, Colt lets go of Oscar, who lands on the grass and begins preening himself. "Wow," Colt says softly, looking around. "Never been here before."

Scamp is clinging so tight to Colt that if they'd been in the real world he'd likely have cut off all cirulation to most of his body. And he was Shivering, his glow was that same fractured and in completely thing and he wasn't a happy puppy that was clear.

Colt Bradford reaches back to scritch behind your ear, smiling. "It's okay now, Scamp. You can open your eyes and, like, stop strangling me now." He giggles a little, petting gently. "We're safe, you can drop down off my back now."

Scampmakes a happy sound at the scritching but shakes his head and keeps his eyes closed, he's staying right where he is on Colt's back until they're back home and not…. where ever they are. his tail and ears are currently tiny and chihuahua like showing further he is not a happy puppy.

Colt Bradford sighs and keeps rubbing and petting hoping to calm Scamp down. "It's okay, really. Look, it's all green and pretty here. Peaceful, even. I bet there's bunny and squirrel spirits you could chase, if you wanna. I can't smell any, but I bet your nose is better'n mine." Oscar suddenly takes flight again, flying up to circle high above, as a new presense makes itself known. Something…big. Huge, really. A dog the size of a horse appears before the pair. It sniffs a few times, then says something in that same language Colt used earlier, broken glass spilling down a staircase. Oddly, your brain can almost make sense of it, but not quite yet.

Scamp slowly opens up an eye at the sound of bunnies, he was a street kid he'd never gotten to chase bunnies. Then he opens his eyes and sees teh giant doggy, and literally falls over on his back, once again the sound of the language makes his head itch and he starts scratching again and whining and then,,, starts chasing his tail in a deteremine attempt to distract himself, which ofcourse looks quite silly.

Colt Bradford gives the ginormous dog a respectful bow, then can't help but giggle when Scamp begins chasing his tail. He speaks again, and this time, the strange, inhuman words start to make some sense. There's still gaps, but some of the words filter through your brain. "Xhgr glad ctrp remember me, wkgz Star Hound. I jqpb vx friend aprxbg kjwpmq."

Scamp starts to understand that odd… "Squirrell!" And off he goes chasing a spirit in the spirit world just cause its a squirell, puppy definitly has no common sense. He is pouncing and leaping out of it on all fours now and transformed to an antrho, but once again only his ears and tail are really glowing.

"He is your brother, most obviously," the Hound says, his words clear and rumbly now. Colt's eyes bug wide, following Scamp across the field. "My brother? You mean, like all humans are related, or my brother-brother?" The Hound draws a deep breath, sniffing the air in the direction Scamp ran off in. "Brother, most certainly. You share the same sire, though different dams. There is more to him than that. His dam was a spirit, or partly one. He is partly spirit as well. Care for him, Luna's Purified Son. He needs guidence."

The scents of the meadow are strong, but very alien. Nothing smells normal, but it isn't unpleasant.

Scamp by this point he's 'caught' the spirit bunny, but rather than hurting it he's cuddling it, wait wasn't he chasing a squirrell a minute ago? The squirrl spirit simply sits back and watches as the bunny gets turned into a plushie for the puppy boy, who is actually making sure to be quite gentle while rolling around. Then he smiles lets the bunny down and waits about half a minute before pouncing again, himself having no clue what the spirit dog said, or rather, not really paying attention atleast part of him heard it, but….

As Scamp continues chasing the bunny, his glow becomes more steady, with less flickering. Instinctively, he begins to understand the Spirit Tongue Colt and the Star Hound are speaking, but he's too far away to hear them clearly now, and he's far too intent on chasing the bunny around, which keeps repeating, "Can'tcatchmecan'tcatchme!" over and over, playfully.

Scamp keeps chasing the bunny around for a while managing to catch it one more time before panting and walking back on all fours to colt and siting at his feet as a husky, a full feral husky, and he's glowing all the way around now, though there's still a bit of a flicker to his aura a studder and ever so often parts of him stop glowing all together for a second, it a slightly errie effect that he's clueless about. Then he lays his head in colts lap, still not even realizing he did a feral shift for the first time.

By then, Colt is sitting cross-legged in the grass, almost meditating, and the Star Hound has left. Oscar is perched on Colt's shoulder, preening his feathers, and Colt grins when he sees Scamp approaching in full canine form. "Aw, you're adorable!" he says cheerfully, reaching out to pet the pup's head as it lays in his lap. "You finally learned to shift all the way? When'd that happen?"

Scamp blink blinks as he looks down and his eyes go wide and he speaks, but its not in human speach its in spirit talk though again he doesn't know it, "I Uh… I am? I can?" He looks over at the bunny who sat down next to him and looses track of the conversation and starts nuzzling playfully at its belly and giving it a cute little licks and paws.

Colt Bradford giggles a bit, continuing to pet the puppy. "Aw, you made a friend. Too bad we can't take her home with us, but she'd miss her family here. But I bet you can find some of her cousins to play with at home. All sorts of bunnies on the island, you know. You ready to go home…little brother?"

The bunny pouts and climbs up the cute puppy boy and sits on his head like a hat for a moment, which ofcourse distracts him even from that he just giggles and paw paws, till he's back to his normal form and a human with pulls ears and tail hugging the bunny, now though even his human parts are mostly glowing, though he apparently lost his clothes somewhere in the shifts and is a naked puppy boy now. but he is definately glowing and whatever he is part, is apparently very very old because even its grandson is right at home in the spirit world, with only the vaguest help from a greater spirit.

Colt Bradford climbs to his feet and brushes off his gi, stretching a bit. "Ready to go home, Pup? We have a lot to talk about…and I need to make a phone call to Dad." Oscar begins flapping just a bit, warming up for the trip home.

Scamp hugs the bunny, and sets it down it like him is too young to make decisions like that on its own, though young to a spirit is a very different thing, to them scamp is a new born, heck he's premature. He bites his lip and nods cuddling up to Colt again, and he defiantely seems smaller here, likely a simple menfestation of that youth, though something probably does come to colt now, that if his little bro is even a tiny part spirit he might never age or die, that he might have atleast one family member who will be there forever.

Colt Bradford has been thinking that very thing, and it makes him very happy, as he wraps his little brother in a warm hug, kissing him lightly. "Okay, climb on again and hold tight. It'll be easier this time, I promise." Oscar takes off and begins circling over head again, as Colt gives your backside a quick, playful swat.

Scamp blinks at the kiss seems different some how, but he's so lost right now, that its probably a good idea to get him back to the mortal world, or he might become lost to his spirit side. He climbs on your back tail wagging and nibbles on Colt's ear, likely even lighter to oscar now, as his spirit side is much more prevealent.

The trip back is just as harrowing, but soon enough, they find themselves back in the corridor on the second floor of Graveswood Manor. Colt lets Scamp continue clinging to his back, as he opens the door and steps through to the material world. Almost at once, the door disappears again, and Colt slumps to his knees, letting out a long breath. "Man, that's exhausting," he says, shaking his arms a few times. "I really need to learn how to fly on the other side. You okay back there, Scamp?"

Scamp is passed out, in a very real since he was born again and then brought back to the other world, his connection to the spirit world had been a tenuous as any othe were, now it was much more concerete, and that was having an effect on him, for one he looked about a year younger than when he'd entered the door though that was slowly changing and he was aging back to where he had been before. He lets out a cute snoring noise though after a few seconds so you know he's just asleep nothing more serious.

Colt Bradford gathers you up in his arms, climbing to his feet again, and carries you to the big doggie bed. Instead of just laying you out though, he climbs in beside you, stifling a yawn, and curls up beside you. He pulls up the covers, then wraps you in his arms, nuzzling your hair, as he too drifts off to sleep.

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