2015-07-13: Collared

Collared (rp log)


Colt Bradford and Darian

Summary: Darian is brought into the fold.

Date: July 13, 2015

Location: Queens Cove, Sangria

Rating: PG

Graveswood Manor

Stepping past dark oak doors into the main room is like entering a darker world. A grand atrium with vaulted ceilings, stained glass windows, arched doorways, and dark mahogany paneling give the home a somber feel. Almost palpable is the darkness, an entity one could almost reach out and touch, casting an eerie ballet of shadows from the flickering of dim electric candles held by bronze sconces at various points. The immensity of this atrium, mixed with its esoteric atmosphere, is nearly entrancing.

Through an arched doorway to the left of the main entrance and down three steps is a massive parlor. A rich, red-carpeted staircase climbs to the landing on the second floor. An antique grandfather clock, intricately carved and with a hand-painted face, ticks off the minutes, chimes off the hours. Tall, arched doors lead to other areas of the mansion. In one corner, a century old elevator hunkers in the shadows.

Colt Bradford lightly knocks on the door before opening it just a bit. He knows Scamp is working a shift at Trick or Treat tonight, but isn't sure what Darian might be up to. So here he is, checking! "Darian, you here?" he calls from the corridor.

A moment passes familiar head of red hair pokes itself out of Scamps room. Darian couldn't sleep and Scamp wasn't here so he had been laying on Scamps bed waiting for him to come back. Green eyes widen when he sees Colt and he blushes a bit at having been caught coming out into the hall and shutting the door behind him. "Colt? What is it?" The read head is in his human form. He is shirtless again and wearing only his sleep pants his long hair looks slightly messy and he brushes it back behind his ears eyeing Colt curiously.

Colt Bradford is dressed in faded jeans and a clean tee, and he has his hands behind his back and a big grin on his face. "What're you blushing for, Darian? No need to be embarrassed about waiting up for Scamp." He leans in to press a soft kiss to the boy's cheek, then bounces a bit on his toes. "I have a surprise for you!" He brings his hand around front, revealing a long, blue box marked with the Tiffany and Company logo.

Darian smiles happily at the kiss to his cheek and when he spots the box his eyes widen. He bounces a bit as well. "A gift? You didn't have to Colt…you've already given me so much…" He looks torn between excitement and guilt those green eyes look up at Colt with a sincere look. "I really need to figure out a way to pay you back." He looks back to the box his curiosity getting the better of him. "So what is it? Is it shiny?" His excitement is quickly overruling his guilt and he bounces on his heels in earnest now.

Colt Bradford giggles softly, shrugging one shoulder. "Well, I really did hafta, 'cuz I promised I would. Open it!" Inside the box is a black leather collar with platinum buckle and ring, as well as a tag which reads HI, MY NAME IS DARIAN! The collar itself is studded with tiny emeralds, which sparkle in the light. Aside from the different stones, the collar matches the one Scamp wears exactly.

Darian opens the box and his eyes light up with glee. He reaches out gently touching the collar with a bright smile which he directs at Colt. "It’s perfect! And it matches Scamp's too!" He studies the emeralds with awe filled eyes then fixes Colt with a pleading look brushing his hair over one shoulder. "Put it on me…please?"

Colt Bradford's eyes light up, and he reaches for the collar with a grin. "Well, okay, since you said 'please'." He slips around behind Darian, pulling his hair aside to place the collar around his neck, locking it in place. "There! Now you're all official and stuff, Mister Darian Rosenberg. How does it feel?"

Once the collar is locked in place Darian bounces happily and throws himself into Colt's arms hugging him tightly. A gentle kiss is placed on Colt's cheek and the red head beams a happy smile at him. "It feels wonderful. Thank you so much! I still feel like I owe you something in return though but I'm really grateful."

Colt Bradford hugs Darian, lifting him off his feet and holding him close. "Nah, you don't owe me anything, dude. Well, aside from your undying loyalty and stuff. That's what being a pet means, right?" He presses a kiss to the boy's cheek, then finally lets him back down to his feet. "So you're really happy, like, for reals?"

Darian clings to Colt and nods at the question. "Very happy yes! I mean…I know it might be kind of odd because I'm a werewolf but it really does make me happy." He looks up at Colt with shining green eyes filled with genuine happiness, his cheeks are slightly flushed and he is still hugging the other tightly.

Colt Bradford rubs his hands down Darian's back, caressing lower and lower until he's actually groping his bum. Looking into those big, green eyes, he leans in to place a soft kiss to the boy's lips. "That's all I want, to make you happy. You're family, after all. My family."

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