2015-07-19: Skating Lessons

Skating Lessons (rp log)


Colt Bradford, Scamp, Hawkye, and Banze

Summary: Scamp and Hawkye teach Banze how to skate.

Date: July 19, 2015

Location: Graveswood Manor, Queens Cove, Sangria

Rating: PG

Atteberry Island – Sangria

The sprawling grounds of this island are perfectly manicured, from the topiary shrubs to the trellised roses. The long, circular drive winds through this landscape from the ferry dock up to the house and back again. Oak, elm, maple, and evergreen trees line the drive, holding silent vigil over the lawn. In front of the mansion, in the center of the circular drive, is a large fountain, red, green, and blue lights within making a colorful display of the water as it spouts up. The fountain is active day and night. The mansion is a huge, rambling house built in Neo-Gothic style, with elaborate vertical framing, highly decorated corner gables, crenulations, tall spires, and leering gargoyles.

The back grounds are enormous, comprising acres of land. From the large patio, scattered with whitewashed cast iron furniture, the view of the carefully manicured back lawn and the cliffs over the ocean is spectacular, with a path of cobblestones winding through the flowerbeds and rose gardens, finally ending in at the large swimming pool. Elm, pine, oak, and willow trees, some hundreds of years old, grow throughout the grounds, offering shade to those below and homes to the many squirrels and birds of the area. High upon a pedestal in the center of a wide hedge labyrinth is a life-sized statue of a rearing horse.

A wide set of stairs lead down the cliff to a wide patch of beach. Cold, harsh waves of the Atlantic wash ashore, and at high tide the waters reach almost to the base of the stairs. Low tide however exposes the white sands of the beach, warm and inviting in the daytime, soothing and romantic at night.

The puppy ear and tailed teen was breaking in the new skate park but was also demonstrating to Colt that he didn't need protective gear when he skated. He was zooming aroun din just his boxers and collar with a grin and had wiped out on purpose three times and every time he did he shifted last second to avoid skinned knees, or elbows. He didn't know they were expecting company, and Jenny was taking some time off since he was home with Colt, plus all the body guards were used to seeing scamp in boxers or less, he was wagging his tail and trying out some of the new rail grinds when Banze drove up, and prompted crashed into the ground once again shiftinf to safety, but he was crimson when he stood up.

Colt Bradford is dressed up like a Jedi today! He's wearing an authentic reproduction of Anakin's costume from the third movie, though the hooded cloak is currently laying in a heap near the skate park, while Colt dances around with one of those expensive lightsaber toys with the hard plastic, bright-glowing blade and authentic movie sounds. "You need to be more careful," he calls to Scamp, as he spins, then does a quick flip. It's obvious he's had some training in swordfight choreography, likely for the ceremonial sword battles in the Colossus series.

It's around that time that Banze arrives. He's not late, but they probably knew he wouldn't exactly be early since his duties at the club keep him busy; as he told Scamp the other day, he has to make sure everything will be sorted if he takes a day off, or even a few hours away. But as he also told him, the staff he's chosen are all so trustworthy, he can count on them not to burn the place down if he takes some personal time. He raises an arm to wave at them. Today he's really casual, not so much a costume as some shorts and a (naturally unfastened) tropical-print shirt with big flowers all over it. And deck shoes. Black-and-white checker pattern.

Hawkye runs up to the pair outside. "INCOMING HAWKYE! What's all the commotion out here, any-" he stops short when he sees Colt mock-swordfighting and Scamp skating. "There's a skate park here? And you're playing with swords? Why did no one tell me you guys were doing two of my favorite things?!" He's about to further his protestations when Banze arrives. "Oh, hey buddy! How's tricks?"

Scamp waves to Banze sheepishly feeling underdressed then shrugging, it was his house, well his brother's and if they didn't want to see the puppy in boxers they could give him some warning, "They just got it finished!" He said from the ground picking himself up and tail wagging then trying that grind again this time with much mroe style. and a twirl at the end before blading over to Banze and giving him a hug, "I didn't think ya'd actually come!" He tail wags some more then waves over to Colt, then blinks at Hawkye who he's never actually met, just seen in passing, and he's so used to colt randomly adopting and inviting people over he doesn't really pay attention that much.

Colt Bradford shuts off his pricey toy lightsaber, panting a little from all the exertion. "Hey, guys!" he shouts cheerfully, as he jogs over to join the others. "Banze, good to see you, dude. Like the new park? They just finished it yesterday, but said we couldn't play on it until this afternoon, so all the cement and stuff sets. Hey, Hawkye! Wanna play? I got Obi-Wan's saber too. And Vader's. And Mace Windu's and Kit Fisto's and Qui-Gon Jinn's and Luke Skywalker's green one. Dunno if I have any costumes that'll fit you though. Oh! And Darth Maul's, of course, but it's being repaired. I didn't know you like to play Star Wars."

"Of course I came!" Banze hugs Scamp and ruffles his hair, brightening even more to see Hawkye and waving back at him. "Hey bud mine! Pretty good, how's life treating you?" Working his way back over to Colt and Hawkye with Scamp close to him, he has an easy gait to him, a spring in his step if it can be said. "Hi!" He answers Colt. "Yeah, it's amazing! I don't really know skating from anything else, but it's fun to watch!"

Hawkye nods at the explanations. "Cool, cool. Yeah, I can 'spar' with you sometime, it'll be fun. I've got to try out this skatepark, too. It's been a while but…" he grins mischieviously. "I've got some equipment that I could use here. Should be super-fun." He claps Banze on the back and grins. "Not bad. I've gone from cleless visitor to living in a mansion, so I've gotta be doing SOMETHING right!" He frowns a bit as something just seems to click. He does a quick double-take at the dogboy in his boxers before looking him up and down. Finally he just shrugs and offers an outstretched hand. "Hey there. Hawkye Narasumas. I'm your new housemate."

Colt Bradford throws an arm around Scamp, kissing his cheek. "Oh yeah! You two haven't even met yet. Hawkye, this is my brother, Scamp Bradford. Remember that name, so you can tell people who knew him before he was famous. He's gonna be a fashion model!" He beams with pride, kissing the top of Scamp's head this time. "Of course, he'll hafta learn how to wear more than his underwear, 'cuz there's a whole line of sports clothes to sell. Right, Scamp?"

Scamp waves at the random guy, sure he's blushing, by being seen in his boxer's by someone new, but it didn't phase him much though there was a noticeable bulge developing in his boxerbriefs. He flushes, "Yeah we just found out we're really bros. Yeah! I think theres tlak about a skating mag and a movie deal or something?" He looked at Colt who was handling all that stuff for him, or had hired him an agent or something, he was pretty sure Colt had told him, but htere had been a bunny outside. He then looks down blushing as he realizes being in a growd in his boxers is causing a 'problem' so he skated away from Colt and Banze for a second to where he'd left a pair of gym shorts and threw them on quickly. "I don't mind modeling underwear though!"

At least Banze is a little calming, a little soothing in his presence. It's sort of an aura thing. He feels a little out of place, being the odd man out who doesn't live on the island or in the mansion, but he's happy where he lives, so it's not a big problem by any means. "So what's up today? Great weather out. Cooler than it has been!"

Hawkye stifles a laugh as the dogboy goes to fetch pants instead of shake his hand. "Yeah, which is just how I like it. I don't like hot weather. 'Cause it's hot." he stretches, limbering up a bit. "So. Yeah. And stuff." He seems unsure what else to say for the time being.

Scamp skates on back once he has shorts on and takes Hawkye's hand then leads them all over to the chairs set up next to the skate part so people could watch the skaters in shade provided by huge umbrellas, "Sooo You guys wanna skate? Or um I could do get use some drinks or You could watch me skate?" He feels nervous he wants Banze to have a good time but he's not as good a host as Banze is, Who could be?"

Colt Bradford flashes his brilliant grin, as he sits beneath an umbrella. "The weather's totally awesome today! That's why we're playing outside. Hey, you guys wanna play Star Wars? Or skate with Scamp? We've got tons of skates and stuff. I'm gonna take a short break, but then go back to practicing. You know I'm up for Han Solo in the stand-alone, right? Not that he'd ever use a lightsaber, but it's fun to pretend."

"I don't really know how to skate…but uh, if you want to try and teach me! I'm a terrible student!" Banze laughs, holding up his hands as he's led over to the chairs with umbrellas. "Yeah, I'm not really crazy about hot weather either, but it gives me an opportunity to dress like I like. And of course, other people dress as I like."

Hawkye can't help but laugh at Colt. "You whispered that to me the other night, seems like less of a secret now." He thinks for a moment. "I think I'll skate while you're having a break and then I'll join you. And Banze, I bet you're a good learner! It just takes a little practice and don't try to do do tricks or anything right away. Everything takes time to learn!" Hawkye's grin widens. I'll be right back. He rushes into the mansion and comes back with a pair of two-wheel rollerblades. "Okay! Let me see if I still know how to put footwear on." He begins strapping on the inline skates.

Scamp shrugs and fidgets because he had stayed still for about 30 seconds, and he's off again without a word rail grinding, He doesn't know much about teaching people sinc emost eople have to wear pads and helets and stuff. Plus he just doesn't have the attention span for it… "Bunny!" He says suddenly and is taking off full speed towards the hills tumbling and trying to run after a spirit bunny while wearing skates….

"At least take off your skates!" Colt calls after Scamp, shaking his head. "That kid has no focus. Hard to believe we're even related." A moment later, he's grinning at Banze. "So! What size do you wear? We can get you set up in skates and pads and stuff. How's the club? Been meaning to stop in, but work's been so crazy lately. But the season's almost wrapped up, finally! Well, mostly. Still got a lot of winter exteriors to film, but we hafta wait till, ya know, winter. Hawkye, you gonna teach Banze howta skate?"

"Uh…are skate sizes the same as shoe size?" Banze grins, still a bit new to the world of skating and all of this. Of course, he's *seen* people do it, including naturally Scamp, but it's different to think about doing it himself. "10 or 11, I think? Depends on how it runs. Technically it's 10 1/2, but usually I get by with one solid or the other."

Hawkye finishes strapping on the odd-looking skates. As he stands up, you can see they have the word "NETRIUM" emblazoned on the sides. "Uh, I can try! I'm no expert instructor or anything, but I bet I can help you with the basics! Have you ever done any rollerskating before, or is this your first time?" He starts slowly skating around just a bit, not doing anything fancy.

Colt Bradford takes out his cellphone and calls someone, chattering away from a bit. Soon, his personal assistant emerges from the manor carrying a large tray with four pairs of skates, two size 10 and two size 11. While Jordan helps Banze find the right fit, Colt tips his head to one side, looking at Hawkye's skates. "Netrium? I dunno if I've ever heard of that company. Are they Canadian?"

Banze looks with some surprise to the miraculous PA. But by this point, it's not an immense amount of surprise — this is Colt, after all. He probably just had those sitting around, just in case someone needed size 10 or 11 skates. With a shrug and still smiling, he sits down and pulls his shoes off, ready to have his fitting. "Thanks! I, uh…I got nothing, bro. I've never done anything but watch. This is so not my strong suit. Like I'm good with athletics and everything! Just…not this."

Hawkye nods at Banze's answer. "That's cool. Just take it easy. No one expects you to be flying off the ramps today." He grinds to a stop and grins at Colt. "Not exactly. Netrium's a substance, not a company. I'm pretty sure the company is Japanese, though." He skates off again, building up some momentum before doing a simple jump and turning a 180 before skating backwards. "Good, I still got this…"

Scamp shows back up again and anyone who can see spirit would see the bunny spirit plopped on his shoulder and him walking bas with his roller blades on the other shoulder, he was panting and his chest was glistening with sweat, he plops down under the umbrella and smiles watches Banze skate, and HAwkye, he looks around for a drink, something fruity.

Fortunately, someone foresaw the need for fruity drinks, so the nearby table has an icy pitcher and several glasses waiting. Colt lets out a whistle as Hawkye shows off, clapping his hands. "That was awesome! You could totally be a stunt dude, you know that?" He glances at Scamp, raising a brow at the spirit bunny, then shakes his head, still grinning. Meanwhile, Jordan has found the perfect fit for Banze, and he's soon helping with pads and helmets (brought out by another servant).

Banze puts on pads and helmet, and he caaarefully, very carefully, gets to his feet. His muscles are impressively flexed and unquestionably tense. He doesn't want to move at all, because he knows that even the slightest movement may pitch his feet out from under him. "Okay," he at last speaks. "Um. What do I do now?"

Hawkye grinds to another stop and grins at Colt. "Thanks, bro. My work requires me to be able to move in certain ways, you know?" He skates up to Banze to help spot him. "First just get your bearings and find your balance. It's a bit like riding a bike, except the wheels are on your feet. You should brace yourself on a wall and walk a bit, then if you feel comfortable start pushing off and costing. Stay near a wall so you can try to catch yourself if you lose balance. If all else fails, try to land on your knee and wrist pads; they should absorb most of a fall impact."

Scamp giggles and sips his fruity drink, laying back and smiling, happy to be with family… and a bunny who is trying to drink from his glass… He just smiles, "You can do it Banze… I'd try to show you but I'd uh get distracted and end up like runnign the other direction and stuff." The pup grins he knows he has even less of an attetnion span than his brother, and that's saying something.

Colt Bradford reaches over to pat the invisible bunny, shaking his head again. "You can't keep catching these things, ya know," he says softly. "They've got jobs to do and stuff. Like hop around and…uh, hop around some more, I guess. What do bunny spirits even do?" He may be petting the rabbit, but he's watching Hawkye teaching Banze to skate, grinning.

Banze frowns slightly. "I'm not anywhere near a wall, though…!" He sort of half-waddles out a little bit, carefully keeping himself from any sweeping, broad movements. "Somebody take my arm or something! I'm gonna fall!!"

Hawkye hasn't left Banze's side and spots him before he can fall. "Relax. Use the back of one of the ramps as a wall." He decides not to leave Banze until he's more comfortable. "Just take it one step at a time." He helps Banze keep his balance until he can make his way to the makeshift wall.

Scamp surges up himself and walks over though he's barefoot having left his skates and bunny friend beside Colt. He gently takes Banze's hand and moves it to the rail he'd been grinding earlier they have a dual purpose grinding for advanced skaters and they make simple paths for the less advanced skaters, He points them out to hawkye sine he's helped desgin the park, "Its okay man. He's not gonan let you fall and I'd run out here in a secodn if you needed help!" Meanwhile the bunny was sitting in Colt's lap, "We're symbols of luck and magical power! And we can bring that to people while we play with him!" Scamp did seem to attract luck and now that he could see them he could play with the bunnies too.

Colt Bradford giggles a little, lifting the bunny to his lap for more petting. "And you're cute as a button, too!" he says gleefully, though not in English. Whatever language it is sounds very ancient. "Cuter than the vampire rabbits I ran into during my Purification. Man, that was spooky. But you're just adorable, aren't you? Wish I had some spirit carrots and stuff."

"Whew." Banze leans heavily against Hawkye's support. "Okay. Okay." He clears his throat and then, at last, he's to the wall! So he tentatively, very tentatively, reaches out for the wall and, once to it, leans heavily upon it as he had upon Hawkye just a moment before. When Scamp leads him to the rail, he's a little more comfortable, and it seems that as time passes, his comfort levels increase. "Okay. You can do this, Banze." It's not that he can't see the bunny business going on, but right now there's nothing that's really as important to him as not falling on his ass.

Hawkye smiles as Banze starts to get a little more comfortable. "See? You can do it. I'll stay with you until you're comfortable enough that you could use a little space. You also may want to try a couple of controlled falls on your pads on purpose to get a feel for how to properly fall if you need to."

Scamp smiles and after he gets Banze to the rails and shows them hwo they're designed to help and are easy to skate between them or along them, he sits on one of the rails and tail wags offering moral support. The bunny on the other hand just accepts the pets in a way a real rabbit wouldn't. It also giggles speaking the odd launguage that sounds like shattered glass. "Yeah well better go, Be back later Or One of us will!" And poof goes the bunny, seeming to simply vanish from colt's lap.

Colt Bradford giggles again, reaching for one of the glasses. "Looking good, Banze! You'll be skating like a pro in no time. Scamp, do some tricks for him, show him what he's got to look forward to. You too, Hawkye." He gives his brows a playful waggle, clearly enjoying the thought of seeing the older but still very athletic Hawkye showing off.

"The last thing I want to do is fall!" Banze protests, clearing his throat and taking a deep breath, letting it out in an uncertain sigh. He moves slowly, gripped to the rail and approaching Scamp, keeping close to Hawkye. "I um. I think I'm getting it." He does seem a little more sure on his feet, but nowhere near the others.

Hawkye nods in sympathy. "I know. But EVERYONE falls eventually. Trust me. So you're going to want to fall in a way that won't hurt much. Your pads are designed to be hard on the outside and cushy on the inside so that they take the punishment instead of you. You don't need to wipe out or anything, just practice falling to your knees; get a feel for where that point of impact that doesn't actually touch your skin - or tear your clothes - is." He grins at Colt. "I'll do some stuff once Banze is more comfortable. I don't want him feeling like I left too early."

Scamp hugs Banze making sure not to unsettle him then kisses his cheek and scampers off to his own skates where he takes his time in putting them on and getting his socks and pads just right, that's the one 'safety' think he insists on then after that he skates back over to Banze and rather than showing him tricks shows him how to lock his knees and use the rails as a stop and go back and forth slow or fast, and how to stop, which is more difficult than you'd think in blades. "Yeah he's right and I don't think you have built in padding like me… Or heal really quick."

Colt Bradford sips his drink again, grinning as he watches the three. "This reminds me of when I tried to teach Brat how to skate…which is why I'm staying way back here, so Banze doesn't wind up with his wrist in a cast. He still whines about that, ya know. Like it's my fault he tried to skate down the stairs on his first day!"

"Hawkye! Here I thought you weren't interested. Trying to get me on my knees." But it's about that moment that Scamp comes to show him more, and so he pays attention and learns as best he can. He finally does end up venturing out a little on his own, but not very far. He almost falls! But he catches himself and the rail and stays upright. For now. "Whew!" When Colt makes his comment, Banze narrows his eyes and glares in that direction. "I'm not going to skate down *stairs*! And hopefully not going to end up with anything in a cast."

Hawkye just rolls his eyes at the comment. "Well anyway, if you're anything like I was early on, you be glad to know where your hardpoints are. And if you make a 'hard points' joke, you're on your own from here on out." He smirks and puts his hands behind his head and skates lazily after the other two.

Scamp has no attention span, what so ever so by this time is just play human pinball on all the varions rails and ramps, still keeping it simple but, yeah , the pup has no attention span what soever, "Just go with the flow man, don't worry about falling it happens, and its better to just get it over with so you won't be so afraid of it. Heck I still land on my but when i try anything difficult."

"You fall on your butt when you try to do anything simple, too!" Colt calls cheerfully, shooting double finger-pistols and his winning grin. "Hawkye's right though, dude. Practice falling, so you don't end up with casts on anything. "

Banze has to laugh a little at that. "That's just cold, make a comment like that and then tell me I can't make a joke!" But then he huffs and shakes his head, throwing his hands up. Which throws him off-balance and draping right over Hawkye like a cat being escorted to a carrier: arms and legs every which way. "Buwaaaagh! Get these things off me! I want a drink and a break and maybe a swim!"

Hawkye hoists Banze over his shoulder. "Kaaaay." He skates at a decent clip over to where Colt is and drops him off. "He's all yours, Colt. Let me know if there's any problem getting the skates off."

Scamp Just sticks his tongue out at colt then Yawwns and skates over to the umbrella's and flops down closing his eyes, "I'm gonan take a break bro. I've been at it for hours and I didn't get that much sleep last night."

Colt Bradford leans over to press a kiss to Scamp's forehead, then leans the other direction to help Banze with his skates. Or at least give directions. "You'll get the hang of it, dude. Rome wasn't burnt in a day, ya know. Or maybe it was. I was never very good at history and stuff. Hawkye, was Rome burnt in a day?" Because if anyone would know, it's the resident Time Lord, which is what Colt seems to be convinced Hawkye is.

Banze grunts as he's tossed over Hawkye's shoulder. But then he's set down. "Ahh. Thank you." He hurries to get the skates off and then stretches out on the chair for a good while. "Aww Scamp. Get some rest. Maybe we can try this again later. I appreciate all the help, it's just…one of those things I've never got around to doing."

Hawkye nods. "It's cool. It takes time. And no, the "Great Fire" of Rome lasted nearly a week." Hawkye eyes the fruit drinks. "I think I'm going to have a short break myself." He flops on one of the chairs and grabs one of the things that looks like it has pineapple in it.

Colt Bradford settles back to enjoy his drink as well. "A whole week? Whoa. Do you know how many firemen would hafta be in the soundstage for something like that? For a week, at Union wages? Whoa." He shakes his head, letting out a low whistle. Then he gives Banze another grin. "Like I said, dude, you'll get the hang of it. And once you learn it, you never forget. It's like falling off a horse."

Banze is kind of draped across the chair, though he does stir a bit eventually. "I don't like falling off horses either!" But he finally does push himself up, stretching, before he walks over to get a drink. "Mm. Nice cool drinky…what is this, Colt?"

Hawkye stops himself from saying "it's green" and just kind of looks over. "Mine's pineapple," he says. He yawns openly and blinks a couple of times. "I think scamp cursed me. Now I'm getting all tired."

Colt Bradford stifles a yawn, glancing sidewise at Scamp. "Me too. He's totally contagious sometimes." He lifts his glass, giving a few sniffs, then sipping. "It's…um…fruity," he says with a nod, clearly satisified with that answer. "Also refreshing and tasty. Prolly one of Martha's secret recipes, but I bet you could get it outta her, if you really wanted."

Banze shrugs his shoulders, not seeming to care very much what it exactly is. It *is* definitely fruity, and there *is* some pineapple in it, and it *is* refreshing and tasty, so that's really all that matters! "Actually maybe I should try to ask her about it. Or maybe she could mix up a special batch for the club sometime! I know people'd love it, especially as hot as it is outside."

Hawkye nods slowly. "Yeah. What you said." he yawns again. "Ah, darn it. I think I may have to take a nap here. We totally need to hang out again soon, though!" He reaches down and unstraps his skates before kicking them off. "I'm totally gonna have to do some lightsaber stuff with you later, though, Colt."

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