2015-07-21: Me Fall Accidents


Colt Bradford, Banze, Hawkye, Rin-Ne, Evan, and Charlie.

Summary: That's no moon…It's a ball in the sink!

Date: July 19, 2015

Location: Queens Brew Coffee Shop, Queens Cove, Sangria

Rating: PG

Queens Brew — Queens Cove — Sangria

Like most coffee shops, Queens Brew has a bar at the front and the kitchen, with a chalkboard menu listing their products and special. There's a display case with some pastries and fresh fruits in it, and of course on the counter behind the bar rest a number of machines for making various kinds of coffee and tea drinks.
The seating area is an eclectic one, with a mixture of styles of chair, including beanbags. A few more isolated nooks lie off the main floor, which is fairly open. The tables also boast a variety to them, each hand-painted in a variety of styles. A selection of board games and books are all available for the amusement of patrons, all stored on a large shelf filled with options for any and all tastes.

A silver 1955 Porsche 550 Spyder, the same model that claimed the life of James Dean, roars up the street and screeches to a halt in front of Queens Brew, soon followed by a large Cadillac SUV. Colt Bradford, star of screens large and small, hops out of the overpriced sports car, running fingers through his wind-mussed hair as he makes his way inside. "No, I'm just stopping off for coffee," he says to the Bluetooth in his ear, flashing a brilliant grin to the barista. "Did the script get there yet? Well, lemme know when it does. Rumor is they're already talking to Overstreet's people, and no way I'm losing a role to him."

Another rather fancy car is already in the parking lot. Its a shiny black Porsche Carrera GT and its owner is currently sitting inside the coffee shop with a large cup of something that smells like a mixture of coffee and sugar with a hint of caramel in it. Devon sits at a table near the window and has his laptop out on the table in front of him. He is typing away in between sips of coffee blue eyes narrowed in concentration. His eyes are fixed on the screen as he works and finally he smiles brightly in triumph and the typing stops as he reads over whatever it is he wrote. He seems satisfied and saves his work before closing his laptop and sliding it back into the fancy leather case thats at his feet. Looking up he spots non other than Colt Bradford coming in. A black brow raises and he lifts his coffe for a drink. He isn't the type of journalist to just start taking pictures imeddiately with no regard to personal space but he does watch Colt and his entourage rather thoughtfully.

Inside the Queens Brew, Evan Tate sits with a cup of coffee and a half-eaten scone, clearly waiting for someone to arrive. As he hears Colt's car pull up, he sits up, then stands, grinning with anticipation at his boyfriend's appearance.

It had been one heck of a week as Rin-ne had been working at the coffee shop just a little bit from the trick or treat club. He had been training all week, and he was still on training, and he was wearing strange costumes and outfits to make sure people want to come back to the place. He was actually at the cash register, nodding towards Colt, who he remembered from last time, "Welcome.. may I take your order?" he asks curiously. He then watched Devon, keeping an eye upon him for a moment, but then his eyes fall back upon the current costumer, waiting patiently taking his order, he also catches a look towards Evan Tate as well, but his eyes move back towards Colt, nodding his head towards him.

Unlike the rest of the impressive appearances, Banze just walks over. He might not even have a car or anything. He's certainly never shown one. Dressed as usual, in casual clothes with the shirt wide open, he just strolls into the place with an easy familiarity. It's so close to Trick or Treat, so he gets down there fairly often. Still, not as often as he'd like. Even so close, it seems so far away at times. But then Banze takes notice of all the familiar faces, his own brightening up at once.

Colt Bradford flashes his TV star grin for Rin-ne. "Hey, Spaceman! You working here now, dude? That's awesome! I'll have a double-shot mocha with extra foam and those little chocolate shavings that're so bad for me. Thanks!" Grinning still, he slides a credit card across the counter, then turns to look at the rest of the cafe. "Evan! Dude, there you are. I was just on my way home. Were you waiting here for me?" His gaze passes over Devon…then returns, one brow quirking, as the face seems familiar somehow. But then Banze enters, and Mister Short Attention Span's eyes light. "Dude! Do you own this place too? Best coffee in Queens Cove, I swear."

Evan grins and steps over to hug Colt tightly, saying, "Of course I was waiting for you! I wanted to see you. I've had to be away aty'know, businessso much lately." He restrains the PDA a bit to smile and nod at Banze and offers Rin a wink, though the reason isn't quite clear. He glances over toward Devon, half-noticing him, though something seems to tickle at Evan's senses.

Devon's gaze drifts away from Colt now studying the others here now. Rin-ne's gaze is met for a moment and Banze is watched a second as well, Evan is regarded curiously and the black haired male subtly sniffs the air. His eyes widen a touch when he catches Evan's scent amoung the smell of coffee and he flashes the other a breif but knowing smile before turning away looking out the window and taking another sip of coffee. He isn't going to intrude on whatever is going on over there.
A spirit raven with golden feathers and brilliant blue eyes, invisible to all but those who can see spirits, passes through a window's glass and makes a few circles around the room before alighting on Colt's shoulder. Preening his feathers for a few moments, he suddenly focuses his intense gaze upon Devon.

Rin-ne looks towards Colt for a moment, quirking a brow, "Wha? Space…..man?" he asks. He lets out a bit of sigh, a breath cloud coming out, "That'll be 5.39.. " he tells him. But this is colt, of course he could pay that much money. But he then smiles towards his costumer, taking the card he swipes it into the cash register like one would do with a card. He looks up, spotting Evan wink. His cheeks suddenly fill with a reddness, and then he quickly starts to make Colts drink. When he is done, he sees that Raven being purched upon Colts shoulder. He nods towards him, remembering him from last time as well. He leans onto the counter, gazing over towards Banze, smiling to him as well, "Well hello Banze! Glad you could get away from your place to come here.." he says with a grin.

Banze has…a certain way about him. There's definitely something different about him, but it's not exactly easy to put a finger on. "Here? Oh no," he answers Colt. "One place is way enough for me, man." He's all smiles though, and his attention does go to Devon, especially as he's the only other person in the place other than Rin-ne at the moment. But soon he decides he ought to do what he came here for, so he walks to the counter and wiggles his fingers to Rin-ne. "Hey! I see you finally found what you came here for? Maybe?"

Colt Bradford returns Evan's hug warmly, adding a quick kiss to the cheek. Hollywood sorts, right? "Well, I'm glad you're back, dude. I've got soooo much to tell you. You'll never guess what we found out about Scamp. He's my—" Before he can finish that thought, however, Oscar the raven pecks at his ear, and Colt's eyes bug wide. Quickly, he looks around the cafe again, whispering, "Don't look now, but…." He nods toward Devon, then gives Evan a rather knowing look. Oscar confirms the diagnosis, squawking in Spirit Tongue: "Pretty boy is Family, yep." Colt keeps an eye on the unknown wolf, as he takes the coffee Rin-ne has prepared. "Thanks, Spaceman!"

Devon's attention is suudenly captured as the raven flies in through the window. He follows the birds path as it flies over to Colt and lands on his shoulder. A brow is raised once more and Devon's expression is one of facination as he studies Colt and the bird both his expression one of interested curiousity. He takes a sip of his coffee and finally seems to consider getting up if only to sate his curiousity but he doesn't seem to want to interupt he weighs his options a moment and finally slides out of his seat and starts over that way at a slow leisurely pace. "Hello. Please forgive me if I'm interupting but ocassionally I feel the need to be a bit nosy. Its a terrible habit of mine." He smiles warmly and tilts his head looking from Evan to Colt and then to the golden raven breifly before looking back to the two men. "I'm Devon Lowell by the way and I do believe I already know at least one of you by reputation if nothing else. But then everyone knows Colt Bradford." He smirks faintly eyeing the blond actor with a hint of amusement. His gaze goes to Evan now studying him curiously with those dark blue eyes another warm smile appearing on his lips. "But I'm afraid I haven't had the pleasure of meeting you yet."

"I thought so," Even says softly, and he gives Devon a polite nod in response to the little smile. "I'll have to meet him soon." He tilts his head a bit, though, and asks, "What were you saying about Scamp?" He notices the raven, of course but he's used to the invisible sprit-bird by this time. He's saved from any further pretense of secrecy, though, as Devon approaches and introduces himself. Evan is only too eager to offer his hand, saying, "Devon! Nice to meet you. I'm Evan Tate, and—well, obviously you know who Colt is! I was just telling Colt how you looked like someone we should get to know better."

Then suddenly Rin-ne puts out his hand towards Colt, waiting for something in return, but he looks towards the others for a moment, shaking his head, putting his hand back as he gives Colt back his cash card. He turns his head towards Banze, "Hmm oh.. yeah.. I think I finally realized what that letter wanted me to do… and I couldn't be happier.. though… I am still in training.." he says with a small blush, "Anyway, what can I getcha?" he asks. He says as he looks up towards the crazy bird named Oscar. he could see that bird as well just as plain as day.

"Good!" Banze seems very cheerful about the whole thing. Whatever's going on between the others, he doesn't make a show of paying attention to. It's possible he's just being polite and is actually picking up on all of it. "Oh, uh…lessee…what's good? I mean, everything's good, don't get me wrong, but…what do you recommend?" There's a briefest of glances over to the assembled three (four with the bird). Then his attention returns fully to Rin-ne.

"He's my brother," Colt whispers to Evan, just as Devon approaches. Then the actor is all grins again, eyes lighting up. "Hi, Devon! You're totally right, I'm Colt Bradford, and this is Evan Tate, Banze Ixa, and Rin-ne." He leans a bit closer, adding in a stage whisper, "He's from outer space." Completely straight face, tone serious, even though he must be joking. Right? "But I know I know you from somewhere. You're not an actor, are you? No, that's not it. A writer! Did you do a story arc on Masks?"

Rin-ne leans into the counter, looking towards Banze for a moment, "Uhh hmm….well I haven't actually had any… but I hear the mocha and the java chip frappachino are really good.." he says, and then he eyes Colt as he continues to call him 'spaceman'. He lets out a sigh, shaking his head, then looks back to Banze.

"You haven't had any? You should try 'em all! After all, it's even better when you know what to recommend personally." Banze gives that shining grin, wiggling his fingers at Rin-ne again. "How about java chip frappucino then? That sounds pretty great. I don't know what a java chip is, but I feel like I want it in me."

A look of understanding passes between Evan and Devon, just before Devon abruptly departs. Evan, turning to Colt, explains, "He had to go and deal with something, but I think everything's all right." He smiles, kissing Colt again, and says, "I'm really glad to see you again." Then, tuning in a bit to the others, he asks, "So, why is he 'spaceman'?"

Colt Bradford's eyes redden just a touch at the kiss, though he's still grinning as he glances at Rin-ne. "Well, he did say he's from another planet," he whispers, giving a shrug of one shoulder. "Which would be totally awesome. And there's something…off about him. Not in a bad way, just…off. Like, he can see and understand Oscar. Plus I think I mighta seen him turn invisible once. How cool would that be? I'd love to be invisible sometimes." Though that would make it rather difficult for fans to gush over him in public.

Rin-ne looks towards Banze, "Ahh I guess thats what you do over at the club? You give it a taste test?" he asks and then he starts making the frappucino for Banze, mixing all the ingrediants in, and lots of Java chips as well.. He tops it which whipped cream, and he slide it over towards Banze, "On the house.." he says with a smirk, winking towards Banze and then he tries to hear the conversation going on about him, suddenly he sneezes. Yep.. people were talking about him.

Banze nods, leaning his side against the counter. "Yeah! Gotta know what we serve. I definitely wouldn't wanna give someone something they're not gonna like. Of course, it helps to get to know a person's likes and dislikes too…it's all pretty involved, but…" He shrugs his shoulders and watches Rin-ne craft the delicious-sounding drink. When he's told it's on the house, he holds up his hands. "No way, big guy! Here, here." He takes some money and puts it in the tip jar. "At least I can do that, right?" Then he picks up the drink and lifts it happily. "Cheers!"

"Rin sounds like an interesting guy," Evan remarks, smiling over at the barista, and then he asks, "So, what's going on tonight? Pack business is nice and quiet, so I don't have any real responsibilities right now. Except, of course, keeping you happy and trying to be a good influence on the boys." He offers a little grin. <re-pose>

Colt Bradford slides an arm around Evan's waist, as his other hand brings the cup to his lips for a sip of his froo-froo drink. "Way interesting," he agrees, nodding as he watches Rin-ne and Banze at the counter. "Well, I've got a script to read, if it ever gets here. Who knew shipping to Maine was such a hassle? But ya know, screenplays can't be sent electronically, for security reasons. Oh! And my LEGO Death Star is s'posed to get here today, too! That's gonna be fun to build. Think the boys would wanna help with that?"

Charlie pushes open the door to the coffee shop, here for the all important purpose of loading up on copious amounts of caffeine to stay awake the remainder of the day and possibly the night in the noble tradition of all students, most especially those in the realm of higher education. He has a bounce in his step though, seeming fairly pleased with himself.

Rin-ne nods towards Banze, taking pointers from Banze, he owns the club anyway, so why not listen to him. He then watches Banze placing some money into the tip jar, "I umm.. s-sure…" he says towards Banze. He looks over towards the others, kind of overhearing them speak. He continued to sneeze a bit as he was being gossiped about. His hand raises up, "Welcome to queens cove!" he says towards Charlie as he saunters into the building.
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"Tasty! Great choice." Banze drinks down his first real mouthful of the drink Rin-ne made for him. Near the counter are Evan and Colt, and just next to it stands Banze, with a drink in his hand. He's looking right at the door as Charlie enters, and there's a sort of light in his eyes as his brows lift. "Don't believe I've seen you around here before. Hey uh…Rin, he can jump on my tab." Which is intended to be about as naughty as it sounds.

Charlie turns to stare at Rin.. and breaks into a grin. "Do you work here, then? Well, what a surprise! And here I was concerned you were in danger of starvation after earlier!"

Charlie 's delighted look turns to one of surprise at Banze's comment. "Well, I won't say no to that; Charlie Alexander, by the way, and I don't believe I've seen you before either!" he offers Banze his hand.

Rin-ne sweatdrops slightly looking at Charlie. He placed his hand behind his head, "heh.. r-really?" he asks with a blush upon his cheeks. Yes he was dirt poor, but now at least he was getting tips. His other plans for how to make money wasn't making it right now. He was good with his hands at least after years of making fake flowers, of course he has had practice. He then blinks, blushing at Banze comment, "Uhh heh sure.." he says as he soon eyes Charlie, ".. and what would Charlie want to drink?" he asks, "The names Rokudou Rin-ne… " he says his last name first and his first name last. Thats how the Japanese do it.

"The… Death Star? Out of Lego bricks?" Evan asks, sounding surprised. "I… think the boys might like it. I'm not any good with things like that, though. Maybe I can make you guys snacks and cheer you on while you put it together?" He slips an arm around Colt's waist, too, and steers him as best he can toward the bar. "Hi, guys," he says to the others, flashing a smile. "It's kind of strange seeing everyone somewhere other than the club… or Colt's pool."

Colt Bradford's grin brightens as he leans against Evan, sipping his coffee some more. "Nope, you're totally helping us. It's fun! There's instructions and everything. It can be a family project!" He looks Charlie over curiously, raising one brow, but the invisible raven on his shoulder barely glances at the man before going back to preening his golden feathers. Meanwhile, Colt continues to prattle on. "Who doesn't like building stuff with LEGOs?"

"Banze Ixa!" The man introduces himself, laughing with a warm, good-natured laugh and taking the hand for a single pump. His grip is firm but not excessive. He's got nothing to prove. Good strong hands though, and a way about him that tends to put one at ease…like a kind of aura of soothing presence, someone easy to be around and easy to relate to. Once the introduction is through, he takes another sip of his java chip frappucino happily. "Mmm." He licks his lips. "Tasty stuff. Want a sip?" This to Charlie, of course. "I promise, I don't have any cooties."

Hawkye walks in the door to the shop, laptop under his arm and sunglasses on his face. He walks directly to a table in the corner of the building and opens the portable computer. He powers it on and sits nearly motionless while he waits for it to boot. He doesn't seem to have noticed anyone else in the shop yet, thought it's somewhat difficult to read his facial expression through his shades.

Charlie shakes hands with a warm energy, and answers glibly, "I'm a great fan of trying new things, so I believe I'd brave it in any case, thank you!" he tries a sip of the offered drink, and hmms consideringly! "And not at all bad either— though I think for myself I'd like a cinnamon mocha, extra shot, if you could?" this last addressed to Rin, to whom he adds, "It's quite nice to be meeting you face to face by the way, Rin! Rin is alright, I hope?"

Charlie doesn't seem the least tripped up by the reversed names.

Rin-ne looks towards Charlie, "Face… to face?" he asks curiously, "What… do you mean face to face?" he asks quirking a brow towards Charlie, and then he starts makeing his rounds, gathering up all ingrediants and putting them together in a cup. He comes back, placing the cup in front of Charlie, "Here you are.." he says. He was glad that no one really noticed what he was wearing behind the counter. He looked towards the other two, especially colt, "That Death star thing reminds me of my… boyfriend.." he says with a blush, "He has one or some up in his room.." he chuckles a bit.

Evan looks uncertain. "I don't know. I guess… people who grew up without even playing with Lego toys?" He looks a bit sheepish, his tone apologetic. "I just… never did that kind of thing. I usually played with sticks when I was small. Or chased butterflies." He leans in to nuzzle lightly against Colt's temple. "I don't think I'd be any good at it!" Then, Rin's comment makes him blink a little. "Your boyfriend does? Wow. That must be a popular item, then."

Taking his drink back happily, Banze sips from it. It might be noticed that he seems to sip from where Charlie did. Ooh! Indirect kiss! But Rin-ne might be the only person to take any notice. When Hawkye enters, the club owner raises his free hand to wave, though he lowers it again soon enough when the new arrival seems to be of singular purpose and taking no notice of others for the moment. "The Trick or Treat's mine, just a little ways down from here," he offers to Charlie. "You should come by. It's a lot of fun."

Colt Bradford pouts a bit, pulling out his smartphone and tapping the screen a few times until he brings up an Amazon listing. "You can't tell me this doesn't look fun to build," he says, showing the screen to Evan ( http://www.amazon.com/Lego-Star-Wars-Death-II/dp/B000FTXNRI/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1437535121&sr=8-2&keywords=lego+death+star&pebp=1437535138243&perid=07ETAYQBMZGW2JYW1C1R ). His eyes light when he sees Hawkye enter, and he's about to say something cheerful, but the man seems to be on a mission, which causes the actor to quirk a brow curiously. "Wonder what that's about?" he whispers.

Hawkye eventually types something on the keyboard and stands up and stretches. As he walks over to the line to the counter, he finally notices all the people he knows gathered there. "Oh, hey guys! How's tricks?" He grins and puts his left hand in his pocket, while removing his sunglasses with his right hand, losing all trace of stoicism. "Weird how I keep bumping into you guys, huh?" He glances at Colt.
Charlieraises his eyebrows, shooting Rin a stern knowing expressionthough he can't quite hold it, chuckling. "The way you ghosted by before, it hardly felt like meeting you at all oh! Thank you!" he says, accepting his own cup and blowing into the liquid in the optimistic hope of being able to consume it the more quickly. He blinks at Banze and laughs, "You own a club? And I was just about to ask as well, you must have read my mind!" he jokes.

Rin-ne blushes looking at Even, "Y-yeah… he does.. hes into that kind of stuff.. " he says with a shrug, "I don't mind it at all.." he says, he just barely sees that 'indirect' kiss that Banze pulls off. He snickers a bit, moving up close towards Banze as much as he could, whispering towards him, "Here.." he then slides two cake pops towards Banze, one chocolate and one vanallia, "you two can share these. they are really good… " he tells them. Yes hes trying to make at least another sale. He sweatdrops towards Charlie, "I… did? I don't remember that…haha you must be mistaking.." he says. He waves towards hawkye as he comes over towards the line, "Oh.. wow.. Hawkye.. your hear as well.. not that i mind of course.. " yes indeed he was wearing that maids outfit….

Evan loses track of the conversation, just staring at the price. "Two… TWO THOUSAND DOLLARS?!" he sputters, jaw dropping open. "For… for some little plastic bits?" He's far too stunned to even discuss the idea of fun. Then Hawkye is there, and Evan musters a polite smile. "Oh, hi. Sorry, my boyfriend just showed me something shocking on the Internet."

Banze waves a hand at Charlie's little joke, laughing along with it. He's about to speak again, then Rin-ne offers the cake pops. Smoothly, Banze slips Rin-ne a ten. That should be enough! And he grins a bit devilishly as he leans closer to Charlie, holding out the cake pops. "Are you more chocolate or vanilla…?" When Hawkye comes up, he gives a nod of greeting, not wanting to interrupt what the others have going on. And also in part not wanting to break what he's trying to do.

The barista Rin-ne's eyes suddenly bug out as he over hears Evens outcry about the price of those things.. and suddenly Rin-nes eyes bring tears up blood as he has never had that much money before that it tears him apart. Yes he had converted some Yin to other money.

Colt Bradford blinks a few times, head cocking to one side. "Is that a lot?" he asks, then suddenly blushes when he realizes just how many people there are in the coffee shop right now. Fortunately, none of them are reporters or photographers, so his big secret is still relatively safe. He gives Hawkye his brilliant grin and turns the tiny screen his direction. "Hawk, tell Evan how much fun it'll be to put this together. It didn't cost too much, did it? I didn't even notice the price when I ordered it this morning. I suppose fifty bucks for same-day delivery is a lot, too?"

Charlie snorts, and reaches into the messenger bag he's got over one shoulder to toss Rin a paper bag. "Oh, well, possible, but if not then perhaps this will jog your memory." he says cheekily. In the bag is a somewhat crushed peach pastry. He blinks to Banze though, as Rin seems to be taking advantage of his behavior to sell cake pops, and laughs. "Well I must say, Banze, you're doing an excellent job of bolstering my ego after the" he stumbles over his words, his gaze jerked to Rin at the sudden burst of sadness and "Good heavens, what happened?!"

Hawkye laughs at Evan's reaction. "I bet." he then looks at the screen Colt holds toward him and quirks an eyebrow. "Over two grand for LEGOs? Just…why? Why, though? I mean, you probably don't have to care, but yeah. That's a lot of money for some building blocks. It probably would be fun, I'm just not convinced it's two grand worth of fun," he says, grinning and shaking his head. He then looks up at Rin, processing his greeting and outcry. "Oh, hey Rin. I'm just here for…you know…" he trails off as he notices his blood tears. He looks directly at Rin pointing at his own eyes to try to convey the message silently - too late. Charlie's outburst would clearly draw attention.

Evan's reply is lost to the hubbub over Rin's sudden astigmatatism. "Oh, wow," he says, clearly concerned. "Are… are you okay?" He starts to move closer, concerned but uncertain.

Banze turns so casually, still holding out the cake pops towards Charlie. And his face goes ashen as he sees that, expression drained of all the lively energy that it had a moment ago. He hurriedly puts his drink down before he spills it, shoving the cake pops both into Charlie's hands. He gives a sort of halfway smile. And then he collapses like a sack of potatoes.

Colt Bradford looks at the screen again, brows drawn together. "It's been off the market since 2009," he says with a pout. "It's…." His voice trails off when he spots Banze collapsing, and he looks around at the others with wide eyes. "What happened? Rin-ne, are you bleeding, dude? Should someone call 911?"

Rin-ne closes his eyes, "No, don't mind me… " he says. He was just fearful at the amount that he had heard. He turns to look at Banze after takeing the money from him, "Banze?" he asks moving over towards him, getting upon his knees next to him, "To much money… " he says. By now Rin-ne had stopped crying blood, "J-just..its alright.." he says as he helps Banze up, picking him up into his arms.

Hawkye reflexively catches Banze before he hits the floor. "Great." He looks around and decides to take charge before people freak out. "Colt, give me a hand with Banze, please. See him to a chair so he can recover. Rin, I appreciate your disappointment with your financial situation, but please go get cleaned up for hygiene's sake and so we don't have a riot. You -" he nods at Charlie, "- please make sure Banze has whatever hydration he needs to recover."

Charlie stammers, stepping forward towards Rin as well with a, "Look, it's going to be alright" that he doesn't know how to back up, or what could possibly cause that only to have Banze apparently choosing then to pass him some cake pops and grin? "Wait, just a moment, we've got to" and then Banze collapses right there on the floor(or nearly, thanks to Hawkye) leaving Charlie holding cake pops in front of a ghost boy crying blood. …This has been an especially odd afternoon for Charlie.

Colt Bradford quickly moves forward to help Hawkye guide Banze to a chair, biting at his lower lip. "This is a very dramatic cafe," he comments to no one in particular, as he pockets his phone again. "Banze, can you hear me? How many fingers am I holding up? Who's the President of the United States? What's the maiden name of the wife of the mayor of the small Romanian village my great grandmother came from?"

Banze only barely stirs as he's moved around. Poor Banze. He really wasn't ready for something like that, and apparently he'd never seen anything like that before. He's fairly light, though, considering how well he's built. Maybe he has a special diet or something. Easily enough, he's arranged in a chair. Or, more accurately, draped on a chair like a decorative, hunky throw.

Charlie comes to attention when Hawkye addresses him and nods. "Of course." he agrees, and ducks behind the bar to fetch a glass of water for when Banze is awake enough not to drown on it. He crouches down on one knee, peering at Banze, though he spares a quick glance to Hawkye, "Does..that happen to Rin often?" he wonders, since Hawkye didn't seem nearly as alarmed as everyone else.

Hawkye is relatively satisfied with how people are reacting. Forutnately no one seemed to panic and Banze was being taken care of as well as possible considering the situation. He leans against the counter and says, "When you've taken care of yourself and have a moment, I'd like an orange juice for Banze, please." He shrugs at Charlie's question. "More than anyone else I know, anyway. Don't worry too much, he'll be fine."

Evan kneels beside Banze, tentatively reaching out to lay hands on him, and begins to cast about with his senses to determine what ails the man. If it seems safe, he will also engage his healing powers to bolster Banze's recovery process and attempt to strengthen him as much as possible.

Rin-ne looks about as he had alarmed everyone in the room.. he then takes off towards the back, nodding towards Hawkye. Its one of Rin-ne's flaws dealing with money.. even if its not his own money..

Things do seem to be calming down.. or at least they were until Charlie jolts with a yelp as if someone had just screamed right in his ear. He stumbles backwards only to fall on the floor and join Banze in unconsciousness, the glass spilling over most of them. Well, at least it wasn't the orange juice.

Colt Bradford glances between Banze and Rin-ne several times, still biting at his lower lip, until Rin vanishes in the back. "I don't understand," he mutters. "Did he get something in his eye? Why was he bleeding like that? That's not…." And then suddenly, Charlie is unconscious on floor, and Colt's eyes bug wide. "Oh Em Gee! It's a biological attack! Where's the gas masks? We hafta call the Haz-Mat team!"

Banze finally does start to stir a bit, both with Charlie going down and Evan engaging his healing abilities. His eyes open wide and he slowly looks around, only barely moving his head. "What happened? Are we okay? Are we under attack?" There's a tension that shoots over his body, as if he's ready to just launch himself from the premises if necessary.

Hawkye looks over at the unconscious Charlie. "Oh, what NOW?" he walks over and places his fingers on the young man's neck, feeling for a pulse. "Colt, there's no hazardous biological agents in the area." He taps the DTD to signal that he'd know. "Can you please let people know not to panic? I'm sure your charm will win them over." he looks over as Banze wakes up. "Hey, handsome. Good morning and don't panic. You just passed out. We'll have some OJ for you in a sec. I'm currently checking out your young companion - who really looks familiar - to see what hit him."

Colt Bradford backs toward the counter, shaking his head. "No way, I know what this is. I played a sailor killed by a biological weapon in an episode of NCIS two years ago. There's totally something in the air that Deety can't detect. Everyone hold your breath!" He sucks in a deep lungful of air, because that's the smartest thing one can do if hazardous agents are suspected in the air, right?

"COLT!" Evan suddenly barks, his voice edged with a guttural, not quite human undertone that carries the distinct ring of order and command. This is the voice of someone who expects compliance, and is likely to get it. His expression earnest and firm, Evan continues, "There is no poison. He's just fainted. Now calm down, and use your presence to help make everyone stronger—not weaker." He turns to smile warmly at Banze, giving his shoulder a squeeze, before moving to kneel beside Charlie to check him over as well.

Banze seems instantly put at ease by Hawkye and can't help but chuckle. "Okay. Uh…sorry. I um." He clears his throat and looks around, then over to Colt as there's…drama. More drama. Weird drama, but drama nonetheless. He raises a brow. "Uh. Is he okay? Did something happen?" Then Evan barks out, and Banze's eyes widen again. He looks around, settling his gaze on Hawkye. Because he's comforted by Hawkye. And maybe once Banze is more okay, he can get to using his own aura to calm everyone else down.

Hawkye glances over at Evan. "Oh. Good. Someone who hasn't lost their wits. Could you check on Rin, please? I haven't seen him for a while and want to know if he's all right. I'd go myself, but I'm examining this young man."

Hawkye pats Banze on the back. "We'll be okay. You just caused a bit of a fright. I've a feeling your friend is going to be all right too. His pulse has quickened, but there's nothing too dangerous going on with his system."

Charlie groans, bringing a hand clumsily up to his head. He blinks with a pained wince.. only to stare when it fully registers that he's on the floor with Hawkye peering at him. "Oh..me too then?" he asks faintly? "I hope we can all just agree to forget that. Right? Good.."

Evan's barked command causes Colt to suddenly empty his lungs in a quick rush, and he blinks at his own reaction. "Uh. Right. Yeah, um. Everything's fine, folks. Nothing to see here." He backs up a few more steps, giving the others plenty of room, as he looks around. Fortunately, there's no one else in the coffee shop at the moment, so at least there isn't a mad, panicked rush for the exits. Even more fortunate, there are no reporters about to capture the story. Thank goodness for small New England towns, right?

The dressed up maid like Rin-ne was hiding in the employee bathroom in the back, trying very hard to clean himself up from the blood. He couldn't help it. Thats what happens when he is in those types of situations. If anyone is near him, you'd hear the water, as well as a bit of whimpering crying type noise. He just hurt his friends..

There's a soft knock on the door, and then it opens. Evan leans in slightly, looking concerned. "Rin? Rin, are you okay? I'm sorry everyone freaked out… they can all be a bit excitable." He steps into the washroom, approaching slowly so as not to seem threatening. "I just wanted to make sure you're all right."

Hawkye helps Charlie to his feet and has him sit down before finally sitting down himself. "Crisis averted," he says with a wry grin. "Well, since we're all here anyway, why not let's share a table? I'll be right back." Hawkye stands up and goes over to retrieve his laptop. He nods in satisfaction at the screen before closing it and returning to his friends. "I hope Rin's okay too. You guys sure have a flair for the dramatic," he laughs.

"I, uh…totally wasn't ready for that." Banze runs a hand through his hair as he sits up, pushing back his arms to support himself. He's a little wobbly, and that alone is enough to keep him in the chair. "Mmmhnnngh. Wow. Uh. I've never seen that happen before. Is he okay? I mean…I mean, that was…y'know…bloody tears?"

"It's not normal," Colt says softly, stepping forward. "I still think we should call 911 for him. He could be seriously ill or something, and the sooner he gets medical attention, the better."

Rin-ne looks into the mirror as he hears the door opening to the washroom. His cheeks are a bright red. He sighs as he throws away a paper towel, his face cleaned from any blood, "I'm alright… one shouldn't worry about me.." he says, "Its all apart of my heritage… " he says, "But thank you for coming and checking on me.. How's the others?" he asks.

Hawkye sighs and looks at Banze and nods slightly and then looks at Colt. "Bro. You're gonna have to trust me on this, okay? I know Rin, and he's fine. He's got reasons to not have people prodding at him. You wouldn't want to be exposed to the press, right? Well, he's got his own privacy to worry about. Believe me when I say I will make sure he gets medical attention if he needs it. Okay?"

Charlie grimaces as Hawkye tugs him upright, rubbing his head with a smile, as he settles into a chair as well. "Sorry, migrane. Awful timing I know, but it happens on.." he blinks at Banze, looking a little nonplussed. "On occasion. But yes, calling a doctor's the sensible thing to—" he starts to agree, when Hawkye speaks. He blinks. Exposed to the press? "…Is that a common concern in this area?" he slowly asks Hawkye.

Fortunately there's that same soothing quality to Banze that reasserts itself, so perhaps at least that can lend Charlie some slight comfort. "Sorry. Are you okay? I just, uh…haven't seen that kind of thing before. I wasn't ready for it." He leans a little closer. "So, uh. Yeah. Where were we? I believe we were talking ab—wait, where'd the cake pops go?"

Colt Bradford suddenly pales, glancing toward the front of the shop and out the windows. His security detail is on alert out there, walking around, watching people. But still no press, thank Luna! Taking a deep breath, Colt retrieves his coffee from the counter, then sits at the table. "If you say he's okay, that's good enough for me." He looks toward the back of the store then, wondering what became of Rin-ne and Evan.

Hawkye shrugs at Charlie. "There are a lotta ghosts in a town like this. Uh, so to speak. But what I mean is, people have a right to privacy. I'm sure you appreciate that." He nods at Colt. "Thanks." he runs his hands through his hair. "I really owe you a talk one of these says." He opens up his laptop again. The words "UPLINK ESTABLISHED" are briefly visible before he closes the window and brings up a media player and begins to play a musical piece to reflect his slightly dark sense of humor.

Charlie smiles wanly, and nods to the sink behind the counter where he abandoned his drink and the cake pops both. "I was a little preoccupied, I'm afraid." he finds himself nodding to Hawkye.. "Yes, of course.." though he still seems more than a little curious.

Evan reaches out to hug Rin, gently and reassuringly, and then says, "Let's go explain that to them, okay? I think they were surprised, but it's not your fault." He smiles, saying, "Let's go back out to them, okay?"

Charlie presses Hawkye, "You're quite certain though, that Rin's not in any danger..?"

Rin-ne gasps as he felt Evan reaching out to hug him. His cheeks brighten as he does so. He then nods his head, "Yes.. they are all probably worried about us because I just stormed out…" he says, "Arigato Tate-kun…" yes last name.. because he doesn't know Evan that well to call him by his first name yet. And then he slips out of the wash room, moving back behind the counter, starting to clean up the mess that happened, using a wet wash cloth, "Gomen ne..minna-san.."

Hawkye shrugs. "Philosophically, I can't be certain of anything. More practically, it is incredibly unlikely there is anything wrong with him other than an emotional shock. He's…kinda sensitive when it comes to money matters. But we won't help him by worrying. I have a feeling he's gonna need to know we're okay, so just make sure he knows there's no harm done, yeah?"

"Ah ha!" Banze seems more satisfied that he knows where they are, even if he's not scrambling to pick them up. He's pretty sure he needs a little more time to fully bounce back from what happened. When Rin and Evan come out, he's quick to wave a hand and offer a smile, even if it is a slightly tentative one. "Welcome back! Uh…Hawkye, did you say there was some orange juice or something?"

When Evan returns, he gives everyone a polite "nothing to see here" nod and then goes to find Colt, reaching out to hug him firmly. After a moment, he says, "I'm sorry for using that tone with you—it was how I'd speak to a lower-ranking beta who wasn't doing as he was meant to. Or, maybe, a pup who was misbehaving. I just needed to make sure people didn't panic. I hope I didn't hurt your feelings."

Charlie 's eyebrows raise as he murmurs, "Is that what it was..?" the blood was alarming, but after Rin's disappearing act the other day, Charlie's prepared to accept for now that crying blood when upset isn't imperiling to him.. "Nan demo nai.." he assures with a warm smile when Rin reappears.

..And then there's the easy going club owner.. Charlie finds himself blinking at Banze again in only slightly restrained fascination.

Colt Bradford blinks several times at Hawkye. "Wait. Are you saying all this happened because I bought a LEGO Death Star on Amazon this morning?" He glances toward Rin-ne and Evan as they emerge from the back, raising one eyebrow. "I am so not mentioning how much I spent on the car." And then Evan is hugging him, and Colt is all grins once more. "Hurt my feelings? Dude, you totally gave me a semi. You gotta use that voice on me at home tonight." He gives his brows a quick waggle, eyes alight.

Hawkye laughs. "Yeah, sec." he stands up again and vaults over the counter to get some OJ. He runs into Rin in the process, almost literally. "Oh, hey! Welcome back," he says cheerfully. Sorry, I'm just gonna grab some juice for Banze. I'll pay for everything when we're done here." His tone seems to suggest an all-encompassing 'everything.' "You're okay, I hope? And hey, don't beat yourself up, all right? Your friends are resilient." With that, he vaults the counter again and plops the juice in front of Banze. "Enjoy!" He grins at Evan and claps him on the back. "Thanks, bro. I appreciate your help. Makes me feel like I can count on you to have my back."

"Ahhh yeeees. Thanks, bro!" Banze takes the orange juice — unintentionally echoing Hawkye at almost the same time — and sips at it much more gingerly than he had his earlier drink. Slowly but surely, he's getting his strength back. "So tell me more about yourself, Charlie…are you new to Queens Cove?"

Evan just laughs at Colt and gives him another squeeze, kissing his cheek, and declares, "Perv." But he sounds happy enough. Then, releasing Colt, he turns to smile at Hawkye. "I'm glad you took charge. I'm used to a… I guess you'd call it a chain of command… and this didn't feel like my place to take the lead, but I was glad for the organization." He pats Colt's side a little and says gently, "I don't think all of our friends here are very good at that kind of discipline."

Charlie still seems to be moving a little gingerly, sitting up a bit straighter in his chair and turning to face Banze a bit better. He laughs, "You do bounce back quickly, don't you..?" he asks, though he doesn't ignore the question. He sets his messenger bag on the table, leaving the drink and cake pops on the counter for a bit more. "And I'm a student actually at Amell— well. Student teaching as well. Nothing so glamorous as owning an entire club of one's own I'm afraid, but I can't say I'd trade it." he smiles, and it's clear he's entirely happy at the prospect of remaining immersed in academia indefinately.

Hawkye laughs. "I know what you mean, Evan. Only difference is, I'm used to being at the top of that chain." His expression shows good humor, but also gives every indication that he's serious. "I'm, ah, the Alpha of my pack, so to speak. I'm used to people doing what I ask them to. I hardly ever have to make anything an 'official order.'" His eyes soften a bit. "None of my people are here right now…" his eyes light up again, "…so I've decided you guys are family." His eyes shoot over to Charlie as he mentions "Amell." Hawkye mouths the words "I knew it."

Colt Bradford's ears redden again, and he gives a rather sheepish grin as he looks around the table. "Oh um. Hey! Guess who's gonna be on Law & Order: SVU next season. That's right, me! I get to play the lead suspect in a gay bashing."

Rin-ne looks up and over towards Charlie, blinking a few times as he could understand what he was saying, "Honkidesu ka?" he asks Charlie curiously. He then blinks, as he suddenly spins around as he is almost run into by Hawkye,"Gah!" he calls out blinking at all the questions, "Hai…" he then looks down a bit, and over towards Banze and the others, "Watashi wa sukoshi mae ni nani ga okotta ka ni tsuite moshiwake arimasen.. Watashi wa anata no subete wa daijobudearu koto o negatte imasu…"

"An intellectual! Yeah, it's always great to keep learning. All the time, new experiences, new knowledge! Like, uh, our experience here." Banze makes a sort of gesture in the direction of where they were standing before they stopped standing so abruptly, eyes alight. "But it's summer, right, so you can take a little time away…it's a nice little town here. Not much happens, but that's a good thing. It means the most exciting place in town is my club on the evenings!"

Charlie laughs a little sheepishly to Rin-Ne. "Ah— Ie. Boku wa daijobudesu." he pauses and allows, "Sukoshi zutsu.." his attention is quickly pulled back by Banze as he laughs. "There's summer courses too, if you take them— but I was hoping to get away for a little break, truth be told. I'm not from around here, so pretty much everything is new right now."

Smiling at Hawkye again, Evan says, "My grandad's the alpha in my, uh, family. Someday, I'm expected to take his place." He shakes his head a bit. "I'm… still getting used to that idea. But I know what you mean about… people obeying. But that's at… home. Here, no one has any reason to listen to me." Then, as people begin mentioning Amell, he turns to Colt. "I'm sure you'll do a good job, but why are they all mentioning the name of that actor from the show with the urban bow hunter?" He glances at Rin, hearing his words, and just smiles a little.

Rin-ne sweatdrops a little, "I said I am sorry as well as asking you all if you are alright.." he says with a bit of a sigh as he leans upon the counter now, "About the blood… it happens… with money.. its a part of my heritage.."

Colt Bradford shrugs a bit, glancing between the others. "Beats me. Awesome show though, doncha think? I'd totally do a guest spot on it. Or Flash, that would be so awesome! But Monumental has me under strict contract not to appear in any other superhero franchise until they decide if they're gonna do movies or not." He shrugs again, then sips his coffee.

"Man, that's got to suck to have a heritage that makes you…uh, do that." Banze makes a kind of horrified, kind of sympathetic face. "But uh, we're all past that now!" He cheerfully notes, smiling back to Charlie as he finishes off his orange juice. "So you should come hang out tonight. Where are you staying? There's a few really nice places downtown, near here. A bed and breakfast or two a little farther out."

Charlie wonders curiously to Rin, "It's genetic..?" and smiles to Banze. "It's all sorted, yes." he agrees. "And I wasn't actually planning to stop here, I was just stopping for coffee." he still looks somewhat worn though, and admits, "Though the idea's starting to take on a new attraction. Where would you recommend?"
Hawkye nods at Evan. "I'm sure you'll be a fine leader if today is any indication. Sometimes it's enough to simply keep your head in a crisis and sound certain of yourself." He grins. "Ahh man. I really need to be able to sit down and talk to you guys at some point."

Evan pats Colt's side again, supportive even if he doesn't understand the complexities of Hollywood. "I'm sure you'll be awesome in any superhero role, Colt," he says brightly. Then, to Hawkye, "Well, thanks! I try my best. And you seem really cool. I'd love to talk more and get to know you. We can always use more friends!"

Rin-ne looks towards Banze and Charlie, nodding his head. He wants to tell them, but he can't! "Uhh actualy half my haritage to be exact.. " he tells them as he shimmies out of the maid outfit. He was just wearing his track suit pants and his shortsleeve blue t-shirt underneith.

Colt Bradford beams at Evan's praise, then suddenly catches just a tiny bit of the other conversation. "What heritage?" he asks, grinning. "Ya know, not many people know this, but I'm totally Jewish. On my mom's side. Nanna Sylvia wanted me to be more, ya know, involved and stuff, but it wasn't until after she died that Mom got very interested herself. Now we celebrate all the holidays and stuff, which is totally awesome."

"There's a place just like a block from here, probably the biggest hotel in the town. There are a couple more down the street…then a few streets over, that way," Banze gestures illustratively, "some bed and breakfast places, inn places…you should totally take a few days, see the sights, hang out…it's a great place to stop! Or to stay." As he did.

"I may just." Charlie says, glancing to Rin and Hawkye. "After all, there must be something interesting here— it's drawn others from campus, clearly." He nods to Rin//

Charlie says, "Perhaps we could talk about it later?" he says— after all, it's clear Rin's had a trying enough day so far.. and Charlie still has something of a headache besides."

"Hey thanks," Hawkye smiles at Evan. "That's how I look at it too. My family's never too big for more people. And, frankly, I feel like I own you guys some explanations. If you're gonna take me in, you deserve to know more about me." He leans back and smiles, closing his eyes. But suddenly they snap open as he groans. "I never actually got a drink for myself!"

Laughing lightly, Evan says, "I think you'll be fun to have around! And we can hang out any time. I love making friends." He leans over to kiss the side of Colt's head, then, and asks, "So, do I need to learn about being Jewish, too? I hope they don't have anything against… wolves."

"I'd offer to let you crash at my place, but the club isn't exactly the kind of quiet and peaceful place you might need to get rid of a headache. Do you have any kind of medicine you take for it?" Banze glances over to Hawkye and the others, giving a little wave to Rin-ne as he bustles off to do his thing.

Colt Bradford's ears redden slightly at the kiss, though he grins brightly. "Nah, we're not Orthodox or anything. And as far as I can tell, the wolf on Mom's side comes from Nanna Sylvia's side of the family, so it's all kosher and stuff." He glances around, then leans in to steal a quick peck on Evan's cheek. "So Hawk! Are you getting all settled in at the manor? Room okay and junk? 'Cuz if there's another room you'd rather have, just say the word. Except mine, of course, 'cuz I totally love the view from my balcony. And the sunken jacuzzi in the bathroom. So not trading that."

Charlie answers, "Aspirin, generally. But you live at your club, then? How do -you- ever manage to sleep?" he wonders. turns curiously. "..You're staying here now?" he wonders of Hawkye. He also wonders at the wolf references, but lets them be for now. He is however coming to the conclusion that the school, and apparently this area too, is pretty much chock full of strange things. ……Excellent.

Hawkye nods at Evan before laughing at Colt's remarks. "My room's fantastic, Colt. I've got my electronics hooked up and the bed is super-comfortable, so what more could I ask for? Oh, and the view is gorgeous and the sea breeze is nice. Yup, I think 'more than what I deserve' is the phrase I'd use." He grins at Charlie. "So hey! I guess I did meet you before after all, but I'll introduce myself again just in case. Name's Hawkye Narasumas."

Evan has fallen quiet since Colt's joking remark, apparently having nothing to say, but he looks distant and thoughtful.

"Since I run the club, I'm always awake when it's open. So I sleep when it's not." Banze gets to his feet slowly and carefully. Once he's sure he can trust himself not to fall over again, he takes his empty glass to the bar and returns with the cake pops and his earlier drink. Settling back down, he holds out the pops to Charlie with a smile. "It's not aspirin, but cake always helps a little, right? You never did answer whether you're chocolate or vanilla." He's paying attention to the other conversation too, but he doesn't want to interrupt any of what's being discussed since most of it doesn't really involve him. There's a little smile offered to Evan, but he figures the man's occupied with his own thoughts at the moment.

Colt Bradford suddenly turns his attention to Charlie for the first time, beaming him a sunshine grin. "Hi! I don't think we've met yet. I'm Colt Bradford, but you totally already knew that. Are you feeling better after the sarin gas attack, which was totally not sarin gas?"

Charlie gets up from his chair to shake Hawkye's hand as well, smiling. "A pleasure to meet you, Sir. Charlie Alexander, chief assister with the literature department." he proclaims. "I must admit, I didn't expect anyone would be living this far from campus." he collects his own drink when he sees what Banze is up to— he'd wanted it cooled off, and it's got to be quite cool by now! He retakes his seat as well, chuckling. "Thank you. ..And I was going to say, it depends entirely on my mood; I enjoy both." after a moment he adds, "Though I've already got chocolate in my drink, so." he takes a sip from it, raising his eyebrows.

Hawkye gives a short laugh. "Yeah, this is a ways away from campus, all right. I didn't think I'd be seeing anyone from there over here." Hawkye stands up and stratches. "I think I'm gonna go get some hot chocolate. Be right back." He wanders over to the counter and waits to place an order.

Colt Bradford leans closer to Evan, whispering, "It sounds like they know each other from a college or something. Prolly the U of M in Orono."

"Vanilla gets a bad rap. People think it's dull, but that's only if it's handled wrong." Banze holds out the vanilla cake pop to Charlie. "Here, I'll take the chocolate one." With a wink, he unwraps it and then gives it a lick. "Mm. Mm!" For that moment, he's distracted from his formerly full focus of flirting with Charlie. It seems cake has a great power!

Colt's words shake Evan out of his reverie, and he blinks a bit at his boyfriend. "Hm?" he murmurs, "College?" He glances over at the others, clearly not having been paying attention. "Sorry, I… was thinking. What's going on?"

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