2015-07-23: If you like Piña Coladas...


Banze, Hawkye, Rin-ne, and Evan

Summary: Everyone drinks piña coladas and is weird, not in that order.

Date: July 23, 2015

Location: The Trick or Treak, Queens Cove, Sangria

Rating: PG

The Trick or Treat — Queens Cove — Sangria

Trick or Treat, the place to be in Queens Cove! And tonight it's doing its usual brisk Thursday night business, though of course it's less packed than it will be tomorrow or the next day. Still, there are plenty around enjoying the dance floor and the rest of the things to do, and since it's Thursday, there's a movie playing in the mini-cinema. Earlier a band played on the stage, but by this time they've finished. And so tonight finds Banze relaxing at the bar, looking more invigorated than anything as he sips some sort of tropical drink. Maybe a pina colada, judging by the color and accents. He's dressed this time in his 'sexy devil' outfit, which is mainly black sequined shorts with a heart over the butt, black suspenders, and a headband with horns.

And then suddenly Rin-ne steps into the club, fully dressed in his… well maid outfit. He just came from the coffee, shop. He had closed it for the night as he wanted to go and hang out with others.. He looked around for a moment, and then he eyes Banze, quirking a brow as he sees his outfi, smirking, "Am I supposed to purify you to?" he snickers.

Hawkye opens the door with gusto and strides in, singing to himself something about balls and sinks. He hops over to the bar, eager to chat with his friend Banze and equally as eager to have one of his infallibly amazing cocktails. "Hey bro! How's it going?" He catches Rin out of the corner of his eye and waves to him too. "Hi Rin! How's the spirit business?"

Banze is about to answer Rin-ne's question, getting a cocky sort of grin as he raises his eyebrows. It's like he's got something really clever as a comeback, but then Hawkye practically bounces in and he's just laughing, waving his free hand to Rin-ne and Hawkye both. "Hey buds! Come over, take a seat, let me get you something to whet your whistle and cool you off!"

Rin-ne was waiting to hear what Banze had to say to him, but he looks up and sees Hawkye coming in, "Ehh uhh so so…" he says with a blink. He then looks back towards Banze, "Could I get just a water?" he asks.

Evan arrives, looking round, and when he spots the others he offers a grin and a wave. He heads for the group, calling out, "Hi! Glad to see you guys again. I wanted to make sure you were all okay… and I was just coming to see Banze, but here you all are! That really makes it all easier." He looks hopeful. "Do you have any of that fruit punch you made last time?"

Hawkye nods and turns his attention back to Banze. "And I'd like whatever your cocktail of the day is." He places his laptop in front of him and boots it up. "You guys doing all right, by the way? You both seemed like you were still a bit on the mend last time I saw you." He turns around at the sound of Evan's voice and grins broadly. "Hey buddy! Come on up and have a seat, drinks on me. That goes for you too, Rin. Feel free to get something more than water if you like."

"Sure thing." Banze winks at Rin-ne and takes another sip through the crazy straw in his pina colada, stepping behind the bar and glancing over to Hawkye, waiting for him to decide if he wants something specific or just wants Banze to make something exciting and new. When Evan steps up, he brightens up even more. "Evan! It's good to see you…oh, uh, we don't have any tonight, but we *do* have a really great bloody mary. Or I could make you a daiquiri. They're fruity and cool and refreshing." He looks to Hawkye as the man speaks up. "Right, got it! Today's one of these babies." Setting his own large glass down on the bar before him, he starts to blend a new one for Hawkye while Evan thinks about his options. "I'm doing okay! Sorry about the other day…" His cheeks redden just a bit. "Just wasn't really uh, prepared to see that."

Rin-ne looks towards Banze, watching him for a moment, and then he looks up and over towards Hawkye, "Are.. are you sure?" he asks. He then looks towards Evan, blushing a bit as well as he was the one that came and checked up on him, "Sorry..it was my fault.." he says, "I am alright though… " he tells everyone, "Its apart of me… my.. heritage.. " He points out. Hawkye should know what his heritage is by now.

"Bloody Mary?" Evan asks, wrinkling his nose, and then shakes his head. "I'll try the daquiri, I think. Fruity sounds good, thanks." He smiles, then, and relaxes onto a stool. "Thanks for the invitation," he tells Hawkye. "I'm still getting used to the idea that I can be social without Colt… I miss him, but I'm starting to feel at ease around the rest of you, too. It's odd… like having a second pack, almost." He turns to offer Rin a warm smile. "Hey, trust me—I'm not judging anyone for his heritage!"

Hawkye shakes his head. "Nah, man. Don't blame yourself. It's not something you can help. Just try to be aware of it so you don't accidentally show people who maybe aren't aware of your heritage. You don't want the wrong kind of attention, know what I mean? But yeah, man, drinks are on me tonight. I'm sure Colt'd insist if he were here, but this time I get to be generous." He gives a cheerful smile, indicating that he enjoys the chance to be philanthropic. "I'm really glad to hear that, Evan. Trust me when I say I know what you mean. As I said yesterday, my 'pack' isn't anywhere near here, so I'm adopting you guys. A family's never too big for more people, I say. And yeah…I'd say we all have a bit of an unusual heritage. Here's to being unusual!"

"Or you could have one of what Hawk's having! Pina colada! It's got coconut, pineapple…it's pretty tasty." Banze flashes his grin, looking up as he keeps working on the one he's making for Hawkye. There's a blender and fresh fruits involved. He's making it the right way. All the rest of the conversation just makes him chuckle, and he garnishes the first pina colada and slides out the big hurricane glass with crazy straw, umbrella, wedge of pineapple, everything for Hawkye. "Here you go! And Evan…" A little bit that he made extra is poured into a tall shot glass and slid in front of Evan. "Try it. If you like it, I'll make you one."

Rin-ne says, "Heh I will have to umm make this up to you all.. maybe I could slay some spirits or something in return.." he says with a sweatdrop looking at Hawkye. He looks towards Banze, bowing his head, "I'd like a water and…. something fruity as well." he say towards Banze, thinking about it. It sounded kind of good. He nods towards Even, and then looks to Hawkye, "I have to not try and do that… " he lets out a sigh as he sat down upon a stool."

"Then," Evan decides, "I'll have what Hawkye's having. I want to drink to unusual friendships between unusual people!" He grins widely again, picking up the shot, and clinks glasses before downing it. His eyes light up, and he concludes, "Yes! Definitely I'll have one of those!" Glancing back to Hawkye, he says, "Maybe sometime we should compare notes on… what exactly being unusual means to us." Rin's comment, though, makes him wince. "Slay spirits? I'd… rather you didn't. My pack, um… we believe in cooperating with spirits and respecting them. If they're corrupt, then you try to appease them so they move on. Fighting spirits isn't wise for us. We depend upon them too much."

Hawkye nods to Evan. "That's on the agenda. I want to sit down and talk with you and Colt and bring you up to speed on things. If you want to share too, that's awesome. Ah!" he says, as his drink is finished. He tastes it, and his face practically shines. "Oh MAN this is good. Pineapple-coconut is one of my absolute favorites. Thanks, man!" He makes sure not to ignore the quiet Rin-ne and responds, "Don't worry about it. It would be silly to demand any sort of repayment from you. But hey, if you have any tips on any nests of evil that could use the masterful application of martial force, feel free to let me know. Gotta keep from being bored somehow!"

Banze makes a kind of sour face at Rin-ne's offer. "Don't uh, don't kill things on my behalf." But he's all smiles again shortly thereafter, and he seems to be supported by Evan's comment. Waving a hand, he goes back to his work and, within a short time, has two more of the pina coladas, this time delivered up to Evan and Rin-ne, before he then follows it up with a chilled bottle of water for the latter. "Here you go! Glad you like it! Pina colada's the best thing for a muggy summer night!"

Rin-ne sweatdrops slightly looking at Evan, "I was only kind of teasing about the slaying part… Hawkye can explain, he knows more about me then anyone else I know.." he says pauseing for a moment, "Its actually part of my job as a…" he whispers, "..Shinigami…. to bring spirits and ghosts to peace…"he tells Evan, trying to correct him, "I tend to purify the evil ones.."
He looks towards Banze, as he takes teh drink, starting to sip it with hits straw, "Hmm, this is good.." the red head tells Banze.

"Well," Evan says to Rin with a smile, "'Bring to peace' and 'purify' sounds much better to me than 'slay.' So, cool!" He accepts his drink, then, and happily takes a sip. "That's SO good," he declares, "Thanks, Banze!" Then, looking back to Hawkye, he nods. "Well, I think it would be good for all of us to understand one another."

"Absoultely," Hawkye agrees. "I look forward to it. There are a few things I already talked with Colt about that I need to bring you up to speed on, but then we can have a three-way." He somehow manages to keep a solid poker face as he takes a sip of his drink.

Banze winks to the others cheerfully, looking very pleased at the praising of his skills. He picks up his glass to resume, stepping out from behind the bar. Good thing he wasn't trying to drink anything at that moment. "Hawkye! You've gotta stop doing that!"

Rin-ne nods towards Evan, "I do what I have to do…" he says with a nod of his head, looking around from person to person, taking a one last sip. His eyes widen as he senses something evily present around here. Suddenly his magical wand.. yes a wand appears out of a vortex…. yes he was still wearing the maids outfit.. and so.. he was like a magical girl shinigami thing. And now he was off!

Evan pauses, blinking at Hawkye, and says, "Oh. I didn't realize our relationship was taking that turn." He glances Hawkye up and down and says uncertainly, "Please… don't take this the wrong way, but I don't get that… feeling from you. Like, on a chemical level. I'm not sure what Colt said to you, but you don't have to—" but then he stops, peering at Banze. After a moment, he smiles tentatively. "Oh. You're teasing, aren't you? Sorry, I'm… still getting used to you. You're good at the deadpan thing."

Charlie walks in the door, looking around with interest at the decor. He leaves his cardigan at the coat check, wearing a pale blue button down underneath it and some navy slacks. To anyone who was in the coffee shop the other day, he looks much more his lively self; the headache must have passed.

Hawkye can't help but grin at Banze's remark and nods at Evan. "Yeah, sorry. It was too good to pass up. You don't have to worry, though…speaking of biology, I don't find any males attractive on that level. But yeah, we should definitely have a three-way. Call. Talk. Three-way conversation. A meeting wherein there are three participants." He turns his head to the door and smiles at the newcomer. "Hey Charlie! Pull up a seat and order something! Drink are on me tonight," he smiles.

Banze sips from the crazy straw in his pina colada, right at the bar, where Hawkye and Evan have assembled. He takes note of Rin-ne's departure, although with a little concern. But fortunately he determines that it's not such a vulgar use of seemingly miraculous things that it initially seemed. "Oh! Yeah, speaking of three-ways." His smile broadens, and he raises his free hand to wave at Charlie and wave him over. "Yeah, what he said! You like pina coladas?"

Evan shakes his head at Hawkye, noting, "That's a really weird joke then. But… well, if it helps, I don't think of you that way. I'm glad to have you as a friend, but… not in the intimate sense. That would seem… weird." Then, sipping hi drink again, he smiles. "That's so good." As Charlie approaches, he blinks over at Banze a bit and asks, "Wait, what three-way?" And of course he gives a friendly wave as Charlie draws near.

"Now hold on, didn't you buy the drinks yesterday as well? This is in danger of becoming something of a habit!" he observes cheerfully to Hawkye, and grins to Banze, "One of my very favorites, as it happens."

Hawkye clasps his hands over his heart dramatically. "Say it ain't so, Joe! I thought everyone found me attractive! Everyone EXCEPT the ladies, of course." he shakes his head in mock distress. Shortly afterwards he raises his head again and grins at Charlie. "I did! Except for the ones already paid for, so it doesn't totally count. But hey, I don't mind it becoming a habit, honestly. If either Colt or myself is around, you can probably expect the tab to be picked up," he laughs.

"Oh good!" Banze once again rests his glass on the bar, stepping behind it back to the blender, and there he combines a number of fresh ingredients. It's a short time later, once Charlie has had the time to get to the bar and start chatting with Evan and Hawkye, that he presents the glass, filled with pina colada, with a crazy straw, umbrella, and chunk of pineapple. "Here you go! Extra special for you."

Charlie looks puzzled. "On an academic salary? ..I may have to ask you what sort of employment path you followed, I think!" he beams at Banze, and picks off the pineapple to eat it immediately. "Speaking of habits, you seem to have one for knowing just what I have in mind..! Some mysterious proprietor's secret, perchance?"

Rolling his eyes at Hawkye, Evan says, "I didn't say you were unattractive! I'm saying that, for me, what I find sexually desirable is MUTUAL attraction. There's no chemistry otherwise, and that doesn't do anything for me. Besides, that table of college girls keeps pointing at you and giggling." He finishes off his drink with a contented sigh and sets it down. "Thanks, Banze. That was delicious!"

Hawkye smirks. "Based on your own reactions, I'm willing to guess there's any number of reasons why people might point and laugh at me. But yeah, I have to agree with you there. Mutual attraction and consent are my fetishes." He finishes his own drink and leans back in his seat. "Man that's refreshing. Thanks, Banze." He finally realizes there's someone he hasn't answered in all the commotion and turns to Charlie. "Ah…let's just say I have other propects. I just happened to be the right man at the right place at the right time for the security gig."

Banze takes up his glass to clink it to each of the other drinks he's served. "Just a happy coincidence!" He answers Charlie, taking a sip through his straw. Then when Evan announces he's done with his drink, the expression turns to surprise. "You…drank all that awfully fast. Uh. I hope you're not gonna be sick." Then Hawkye finishes his! "Those were huge drinks, guys!!" Leaning heavily back against the bar, he just shakes his head and gingerly sips his own, taking his time. "Just…don't get up for a little while. Let it digest."

"A man of multiple means, then? Fair enough!" Charlie raises his glass in salute to Hawkye, and clinks it when Banze is making his rounds. "I assure you, I've every intention of savoring mine, I don't intend to rush a good night out." and he takes a slow sip of his own drink with all signs of enjoyment. "A very happy coincidence indeed."

Evan blushes a little. "Sorry, Banze. I was thirsty, and alcohol doesn't really affect me very much. Plus, it tasted really good!" A bit sheepishly, he adds, "Could I have a glass of water?" Then, looking to Hawkye, he says, "Well, yeah. Anyway, I'm glad we understand each other on the subject." Charlie's words, though, make him blush all over again, feeling guilty for drinking his beverage too fast.

Hawkye laughs. "The fact that we've finished just means we can enjoy another one. Banze, another round if you please. No rush." Though in a good humor, Hawkye does not demonstrate any sign of being inebriated. "Yeah, Charlie. I mostly took the academy gig because they needed someone for security, and I'm…well. To say I'm qualified would be an understatement, not to brag too much. Let's just say anyone attempting to visit harm on the staff or students will really wish they hadn't." He lounges in his chair comfortably before turning to Evan. "Yeah, man. You're just gonna have to get used to my sense of humor, I guess. I can't NOT joke around. I'll never deliberately say anything hurtful, though. Please just let me know if I say something you genuinely don't like."

Banze leans over the bar, setting his drink down and patting Evan's shoulder gently. With the other hand, stretching and showing off the heart-shaped sequined bottom of his devil costume shorts very well, he draws a bottle of water from the cooler and straightens up, handing it over to Evan with a smile. "There! Just take it easy though. Don't want you to get surprised by getting up. Lotta alcohol in a pina colada." He waves the order, though this time it's motioned to the bartender behind the bar already. Banze lifts his glass to the man, then to his assembled friends. "Right, another round! This time though…sloooowly. I worry about you boys. I'll bet Charlie'd end up dancing on the bar if he drank as fast as you!"

Charlie takes pause, turning to Evan and grinning wide. "Oh, no need to fret, now! Each at their own pace, after all!" and he clinks whatever glass Evan has, water, drink or even empty. He takes another drink, listening curiously to Hawkye's words. "How did you hear of the position?" he wonders.

Charlie laughs though at Banze's words, protesting, "Oh ye of little faith? I can handle my liquor better than that..! Though I won't say you're incorrect in your assumption just the same, if only because I hardly need to be drunk to enjoy a good dance, wherever it happens to present itself."

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