2015-07-05: Family Pains

Family Pains (rp log)


Colt Bradford, Randy, Darian, Evan Tate, and Scamp

Summary: A Sunday afternoon at Graveswood Manor.

Date: July 5, 2015

Location: Queens Cove, Sangria

Rating: PG-13 for Suggestive Language

Graveswood Manor Parlor

Through an arched doorway from the atrium and down three steps is a massive parlor, with high, vaulted ceilings and containing comfortable couches in the middle, interspersed with small tables, all of which surround a magnificent oriental rug. At the far end of the room and up another three steps, there is a grand piano on one side, balancing an entertainment center that -is- the far wall. The piano is always kept sparkling and frequently holds candelabras. The entertainment center on the other side has glass doors to show off the wealth of equipment inside, all state-of-the-art.

At the northeastern corner of the upper level is a magnificent marble fireplace, large enough for a grown man to stand within. Fine artworks decorate the fabric-covered walls, and small pieces of statuary are placed to their best advantage. Amid the paintings are several sculpted racks holding various weaponry, including rifles and shotguns of various makes and models. Most are true antiques, though a few appear to be in perfect firing condition. Offsetting this modern martial motif are a number of shields, swords, and fencing foils, which hang on the walls almost like pieces of artwork.

Colt Bradford is dressed in just a pair of loose partial arts pants and an oversized tee, looking like he only just dragged himself out of bed an hour or so ago. His hair isn't perfect! Still, he's awake and alert, perched on the backrest of one of the leather couches as he plays Batman: Arkham Knight on the enormous plasma screen that dominates one wall. The armored Batmobile is surrouded by enemy drones, and Colt is leaning one way, then the other, moving his body in the same way the Batmobile is sliding back and forth to avoid being caught in the crosshairs. Unfortunately, he gets blasted a lot, and flames lick the Batmobile's surface as the warning sound whines.

Randy has likely been up for hours, from the look of him. He's got his phone out, but he's not holding it like he was texting, but waving it around almost like some kind of sensor. He stops just inside the door, as he spots Colt. Tapping his phone screen with his thumb, he pockets it and steps over to watch Colt play.

And the Batmobile explodes in a fireball, as the bad guy radios the Arkham Knight that Target Alpha is down! Colt gives a little pout as the kill screen shows the Joker taunting him, but doesn't seem overly upset. "Oh, hey Randy! You wanna play? I keep betting my butt kicked when I try to upload the virus to those giant landmine things, or whatever they are. Hey, is your room okay? You've got a view of the pool on that side of the house, but I'm sure we could totally find you another room if you wanted to see something else."

Randy shakes his head, "No thanks, I haven't played this one yet, I'd have to start from the start. Looks awesome, though." He does move to sit down, but shakes his head again, "The room is awesome. Way better than the motel room, thanks."

Colt Bradford flashes a rather happy grin, hitting pause when the game finally restarts. "Well, this place used to be a hotel, back in the olden days. I still get lost sometimes though, and I don't even venture up to the third floor, 'cuz then I'd really get lost. Oh hey, what sorta console do you want in your room? I think Scamp has a Wii-U, but you can have whatever you want." There was already a large plasma screen on Randy's wall, of course, and it looks like the parlor has all three major game consoles, though the one Colt had been playing on is a PS4. "Oh, and the tailor will be here tomorrow afternoon to measure you and Darian, so don't make any plans, okay?"

Randy grins, pulling out his phone again, "That's why I was making a map. Easiest way to find my way around. My dad's house was this big, took most of my life to explore the whole thing. But here, I'll know my way around." His eyes widen, "A free console? Really? Um… PS 4, please."

Colt Bradford cocks his head to one side, looking curiously at Randy. "Of course, it's free. You don't think I'd, like, charge you to play video games, do you? Oh hey, your dad's got a big house? How come you're not…I mean, it's none of my business and all, but why're you all alone in Queens Cove, if your dad has a nice, big house somewhere? Do you need help trying to contact him? 'Cuz we can totally do that, dude."

Randy glances down to his hands, and says, "It's a long story. And half of it would sound crazy, even to someone who deals with werewolves all the time. But my dad is dead, and my mom works for the people who killed him. And they are left behind by my friends, not their fault. But that's why I'm on my own."

Colt Bradford's eyes go wide, then he slides down from the backrest to sit behind Randy, wrapping arms around him in a warm hug without preamble. "I'm so sorry, Randy," he says softly, his voice sounding sincere. "I can't imagine how I'd feel if my dad was dead and my mom…Wait, what?" He pulls back, brows drawn together. "Your mom works for…But she wasn't one of the people who…uh, did it, was she?"

Randy shakes his head emphatically, "No way." He pauses, and then adds, "From the records we found, I think they made her watch. Some kind of loyalty test. But she wasn't part of it. Still, she works for them."

Colt Bradford shudders a bit, then leans in to give Randy another hug. "Listen, I can't promise nothing bad will ever happen, but I'd gonna do everything I can to keep you safe. And if you need help finding your friends, I'm totally all in. But until then, you've got a place to stay here, okay? For as long as you want. You're family now." He grins, eyes lighting up. "The little brother I never had! Well, I do have a little brother, but he's older'n you, so I guess that makes you the littler brother I never had."

Randy returns the hug this time, nodding, "Thanks." Then he sits back, and says, "If I can't find my friends, it could be dangerous. The people who killed my dad, they want to get me. It'll probably take a while, but if I stay here they will find me. They want something in my genetics that they didn't know about before they killed my dad. And if they come, they see things like werewolves and… I don't even know what you are, but anyway, they see things like that as reality deviants that need to be destroyed."

Colt Bradford shudders a bit, his expression turning grim. "To be honest, I bet most werewolves don't even know what I truly am. I was born wolfblooded though, like you. Except like me, you're more than that, aren't you? You don't hafta tell me, 'cuz I'm way cool with you keeping your secrets until you get to know be better and stuff. All that matters to me is, you're family. And if there's one thing you should know about me, it's that family is more important than anything else. Even my career!" He blinks a few times, as though that thought is only just now sinking in. "So whoever these fascists are, we'll protect you from them. I may not look like much, but I'm pretty good in a fight, when I need to be, and I've got some pretty awesome magic powers of my own." This causes him to grin impishly, eyes lighting up.

Randy nods a little, had the question of whether he's more than Wolf blood. He smiles, though, at the reassurance and leans forward to give Colt another quick hug. "Thanks." He leans back, "I can be of help too, with your stuff. I mean, if there's trouble, I could help. I can help secure this house, too, make it so nobody can spy on you, stuff like that."

Colt Bradford grins again, eyes lighting. "You're really good with, like, technology and stuff, aren't you? I mean, you made that cool sonic screwdriver from scratch, which is pretty awesome. And those 3D glasses that can see spirits…too cool, dude. How'd you even think of something like that? Most people don't even believe spirits and ghosts exist, let alone think up ways to see them. You're, like, way resourceful. You shouldn't have to worry about this place though, I've already set up tons of wards and stuff. Only friendly spirits can get in, so no spies. Well, the house anyway. Haven't had time to do a lot of warding to the rest of the island. It's bigger than it looks on a map!"

Randy nods, with a grin, "My dad taught me. Well, he taught me they exist, and he taught me a lot of science, but I figured out how to look for myself." Then, he nods, "But I you warded against mystical scrying, spacetime portals, and teleportation? Also, what about satellites? Infrared cameras? Laser microphones? Drones?"

Colt Bradford blinks his eyes several times, growing wider with each blink. "Whoa, I never really thought about satellites and laser microphones and drones. Or mystical scrying, which I know is a thing. And spacetime portals, man…Never even occurred to me. The people who're looking for you, they can do all this stuff? 'Cuz if so, we totally hafta get busy setting up safeguards! I just bought this place, don't want it turned into some sorta warzone. I've seen the sort of damage werewolves can do when they go to war, and it's not pretty."

Randy nods again, "Yeah, they can do all of that. But I can stop it. I'll just have to put up some devices around the property, I can make them blend right in. Then you'll be secure, against anybody trying to spy on you. Whether they're bad guys or just reporters." This last he adds with a grin.

Colt Bradford's eyes brighten as he grins then. "Oh man, that would be so awesome! Just get Jordan a list of anything you need. Electronics or whatever. And let me know if I can help! I can ward your equipment and stuff against spirits, so they can't interfere with…stuff and junk. Might even be able to coax a few spirits into helping you out. I don't like, ya know, enslaving them, the way some people do, but convincing them to help is a different matter, right?"

Randy nods to that, emphatically, "Yeah, and enslaving spirits is just wrong. Enslaving anybody is wrong, no matter what they are. So, yeah, if they want to help, awesome. I see spirits, but I don't know how to work with them, really. So I'll need help with that."

Colt Bradford's eyes dart back and forth, as if making sure there isn't a reporter hiding behind the piano, as he leans closer to whisper, "Letcha in on a little secret — I'm part spirit myself. It's a long story, and I'm not sure how my werewolf friends will react when they find out, so keep that under your hat, okay? But it means I can do stuff like talk to spirits, negotiate with them, even visit the spirit world sometimes. It's way dangerous though, so I don't do that a whole lot. Werewolves are much more suited for stomping around in the Shadow, ya know? But anyway, if you can see spirits, that's a big start. Not many of them speak English though, so you might hafta build, like, a translator droid or something. Or just have me along to translate."

Randy smiles, "I won't tell anybody, promise." Then, he nods again, "Yeah, having you there as a translator would probably be the best thing."

Colt and Randy are both sitting on one of the leather couches in the parlor, which faces the enormous plasma screen that dominates one wall. The screen shows a paused video game, Batman: Arkham Knight, but neither appear to be paying much attention to it as they chat. "Aw, and I was hoping you'd be able to whip up a See-Threepio or something. But I guess you'd hafta know the language first to program him, wouldn't you? Plus I doubt I could talk Daniels into recording the voice, even if I could figure out how to explain the project to him without revealing any big secrets. Oh well. I'd much rather have an Artoo-Detoo anyway."

Silent footsteps lead Darian into the parlor. The red head has been exploring his new surroundings with wide eyes. He has never been in such a fine place before. He seems to have just woken up his long hair is brushed but he is shirtless and in his hybrid form, mostly human but with a pair of fluffy red wolf ears and a matching tail. That tail swishes back and forth as he peers curiously into the room eyes lighting up when he spots the grand piano. He takes a few steps and pauses when he hears Colt talking to someone. Moving where he can be seen he blushes a bit. "Sorry if I'm interrupting…I was just exploring."

Randy smiles, "I'm actually working on R2 unit. It won't be R2-D2, but same class." He looks up, then, as he hears the new voice. He waves as he sees Darian, not too surprised at the hybrid form, "Hey. This place is huge, isn't it?"

Colt Bradford's eyes light up at Randy's words, and he's about to jump in with some excited babbling, when he hears Darian. Looking that way with a grin, he says, "Hey, dude! It's cool, come on in and grab a seat. Haven't really had much chance to talk to you yet, but I really wanna. I mean, if you're gonna be living here, we should all know each other a bit, right? So you already know I'm Colt Bradford, and you know Randy has wolf blood, and we both know you're a werewolf, so that's all cool. Lessee, what else do you need to know?" His eyes dart between the two teenagers for a few moments, then he bites his lip. "Guess we should get the elephant in the room outta the way first, huh? I'm sure you both figured it out by now, but I'm gay. Just not out of the closet, at least as far as most of the world is concerned. It's a career thing, not really a personal choice. I'm not ashamed or anything. But you know how networks and sponsors can be, not to mention a whole buttload of studio executives."

Darian smiles shyly at Randy and Colt and when invited he will take a seat on thier couch his furry crimson red tail shifting to curl around beside his leg. Darian listens to Colt and and looks at Randy curiously when its mentioned he has wolfblood. "Really? Thats cool. Its really nice to meet other werewolves and wolfbloods." Colt draws his attention back and Darian blinks and nods. "I understand that…I think. I'm gay myself and rather honest about it. I mean its not like anyone notices me much anyway…well…until now." Darian blushes and lowers his head as he realizes just how many people have noticed him lately.

Randy nods to Darian, grinning, "Yeah, I just found out. My dad had friends in the local pack where I grew up, so I guess I should've figured out, but I didn't know." He looks back to Colt and grins, "I think most of the Internet knows. Like with George Takei before he came out. But that's cool, I promise I won't mention it to anybody."

Colt Bradford, Randy, and Darian are all sitting on one of the big leather couches, chatting casually, while on the enormous plasma screen, Batman: Arkham Knight is paused. Colt grins at Darian. "Well, I knew you guys would be cool, but figured I should at least say it out loud. And with you dating Scamp and all, it was pretty easy to guess you're at least bi." He pauses though, brain catching up to the conversation, as he turns to Randy. "Wait, everyone on the internet knows? It's those slash stories, isn't it? The ones with Apollo and Harry Potter getting it on with Dean and Sam Winchester. Which I would totally not mind being part of, by the way!"

Darian offers Randy a warm smile now. "I've known for a while now. My mom was a werewolf too and she taught me to control my powers. I'm not sure about my father but I think he was one too." Darian looks back to Colt now and blushes nodding. "I really like Scamp." He admits quietly his gaze drifting around the room as talk turns to internet fanfiction which he isn't too familiar with yet.

Randy blinks at the mention of that very specific fanfic, "I don't think that's it. People just seem to know. Some people can just sense it, I think. Gaydar or whatever. Once there is enough, people just accept it." He looks back to Darian, and says, grinning, "Yeah, he really seems to like you too."

Colt Bradford ohs softly, nodding a few times. "Well, I guess it's not hurting my career, so it's okay." He shrugs a bit, turning again to Darian. "Oh yeah, big time. Or wait, I probably shouldn't say anything. I don't want to embarrass him. Or you, for that matter. Just, like, you've totally got my blessing and stuff. Not that you need it or anything. I just think you guys make a cute couple, is all. If you need money to go to the movies or dinner or whatever, just lemme know." He hesitates a few moments, glancing toward Randy, then back to Darian. "We don't hafta have The Talk, do we? 'Cuz I got The Talk from my dad, and it was way humiliating. 'Course, he kept going on about girly parts, and I already pretty much knew I was into guys. Plus you'll probably learn a lot more on the internet than anything I could tell you, right?"

Darian blushes a bit as they confirm what he had hoped about Scamp. His smile is bright now but then Darian's eyes widen in horror at the mention of the Talk. "No! I mean..um..my mom gave me the talk…about both genders and she mentioned…several other things about it too. Way too much information coming from my mother." He blushes furiously and shifts on the couch his red furry ears twitching slightly as he ducks his head.

And that's when Evan arrives, dressed in what looks very much like a borrowed pair of jeans and button-down shirt, worn open at the front. "Hey, guys," he says brightly, entering the room with an energetic step. "Wow, the beds here sure are soft, huh? How's everyone doing today?"

Randy, too, shakes his head at the prospect of a 'Talk', "I had mine from a witch. She actually turned me into a girl for a while, so I would understand things from both sides. I stayed a girl for a few months, was actually kind of interesting. But I'm glad it's over." He looks up, then, to Evan and waves. "They sure are. So much better than the motel I was staying in."

Colt Bradford brightens yet again when he sees Evan, a slight flush coming to his cheeks, and the observant would notice his pupils widen as well. "Hey, dude! Glad you liked it. Uh, the bed I mean. Not…Well, glad you liked it. We were just swapping secrets, if you'd like to join us." Then his eyes bug wide when he looks at Randy again. "Wait, you got turned into a girl? Like, for real, or you were just living as one for a few months? 'Cuz I don't think I could do either one. I mean, I could dress like a girl for a role or something, but…How did that even happen?"

Darian smiles warmly up at Evan as he enters the room. "Hi Evan." The mention of the beds have him nodding eagerly. "The beds here are softer than anything I've ever slept on. I didn't want to get up." He blushes a bit and looks to Randy blinking. His eyes show surprise but Colt voices his surprise first and so the redhead stays quiet for now, just listening.

Grinning hugely, Evan laughs and says, "Glad you're settling in okay, Darian. And yeah, I seriously overslept!" He moves to sit down on the arm of the couch, beside Colt, and reaches to hug him warmly. "But then I got up and got to use the shower, which… wow! That was really awesome, too." He blinks a bit at Randy, letting out a low whistle. "That sounds really intense."

Randy looks to Colt, "Like I said, she was a witch. Not those fairground fakes, or even a dabbler, but a full, real witch. And yeah, I was a girl. Not just dressing like one, but I was one. Right down to my chromosomes. It was really interesting. Even if I had to pretend to be my own sister at school, in some kind of custody exchange. Just to explain it." He nods quickly to Evan and says, "It was, yeah!"

Colt Bradford stares at Randy in wonder for a few moments, at least until Evan is hugging him. Then his ears redden, though that's about as much of a blush as he can seem to muster, as he grins and returns the hug affectionately. "Well, I'm glad you all like the beds. Not that I can take any credit for 'em, they just…I dunno, appeared one day while I was at the studio, along with all the other furniture. You'll hafta thank Tomas, my decorator. And I'm glad you're a boy again, Randy, but also glad you enjoyed the experience. I still don't think I could do it. Like, I'd go to pee and forget to sit down or something." A quick shudder runs up his spine, and he turns to Darian to put him on the spot. "So what big secret do you wanna share with us, dude? This is like Truth or Dare, but without the alcohol. Or, ya know, the dares."

"Big secret?" Evan asks, looking puzzled. "I… don't really know if I have any secrets." He reaches up to scratch his head a bit, then shrugs slightly. "Maybe if you just, um, asked me a question or something?" He glances over to Randy again and smiles some, "Anyway, it sounds like you handled all that pretty well. I think I'd be pretty confused by that."

Randy nods to Evan, "Oh yeah, it was confusing. But it's not like she just sprang it on me, she gave me the choice. It was an experiment. And I learned a lot," he says, with emphasis on the last word.

Colt Bradford's eyes bug again at Randy. "Wait, you did it by choice? Whoa. You're way braver than me. I couldn't even tell my parents I was gay until I was sixteen. And I still haven't told my Nanna, and she's been dead for ten years. I think she knows though, 'cuz she always seems to know everything." He shrugs, leaning a bit against Evan. "So you were never a girl, were you? Did you ever date one? 'Cuz I have, and talk about awkward! The studio and our agents set us up, ya know. They like doing that sorta thing, especially with teenagers. If the public sees us all dressed up nice, going to a restaurant or a premiere or whatever, then we're not running around doing drugs and wrecking cars, right?"

Evan blinks in surprise at Randy, saying, "Whoa," softly, then nodding with an air of respect for that choice. And then he's blinking at Colt, trying to sort all that out, before he finally just answers, "Uh, no—to both. I've never really been interested in girls like that." And then they're off on another discussion of Colt's professional life, which just draws an amused smile from Evan. "Well, at least none of us is boring?" he ventures.

Randy nods, giving a sheepish shrug as he's called brave, "I don't know, didn't seem that way at the time." He shrugs again, and then turns to listen to Evan's answer to the question. Grinning, he nods to the last statement.

Colt Bradford chuckles a little, nodding. "Yeah, I don't think any of us are ever gonna get bored with each other. Which is a good thing, right? I mean, nobody likes being bored." He peers at Evan again, cocking one brow. "You really don't have any secrets? Like, no evil twin bent on world domination, or an ex with a weather control machine maybe?" He giggles a bit, tossing a wink Randy's way.

Brow furrowing a bit, Evan says, "Well, to me, secrets are things I wouldn't want people to know, and… well, since you know about the pack, I don't have any reason to keep secrets from you. So, why would I?" He smiles a little, "I mean, I guess I have some mysteries? Like, my mom left me with my grandfather when I was little, and then she took off. I haven't seen her since." He shrugs a little, still seeming fairly upbeat despite this revelation.

Randy looks to Evan curiously at that, and asks, "Do you want to find her? If she's as low-tech as you theres probably not much chance, but I could try. I mean, when I went looking I found out some bad things about my mom, but I'm still glad I found out."

Colt Bradford lets out a small gasp, and then he's suddenly hugging himself close to Evan. "I'm so sorry," he says, sounding sincere. "I can't imagine not knowing where my mother is. Or my dad or my brother or my step-mom or…well, anybody in my family." He finally releases the hug, sitting back and looking at Randy again. "I guess I never realized how lucky I am to still have both my folks. I'd be way devestated if I ever lost anybody."

Blinking a little at the reactions, though of course returning the hug, Evan says, "Oh, it's okay. I mean, I barely even remember her or anything, and the pack is my family now. I'm… honestly not looking for her. If she wanted to be in my life, she would be. Obviously, she's got other stuff going on." He doesn't sound bitter or resentful, as though he's come to terms with the situation.

Randy nods again, sitting back a little as he says, "Yeah, family doesn't have to be blood. What matters is the people, that you can trust them."

Colt Bradford nods, though he still seems saddened by what Evan as revealed. And Randy earlier, for that matter. And then he suddenly frowns, his brows pulling together, as he looks at Randy. "I just thought of something. Do I hafta do anything, like, legally to let you guys live here? I mean, Scamp's an orphan, Darian is…I'm not sure, maybe a runaway? And you, you were separated from your friends while travelling. You're all minors though, and I don't wanna do anything that's gonna get you all in trouble with the authorities." He glances at Evan. "Does your pack have any sorta plan for what do with with lost or wayward wolves or kinfolk?"

"Yeah," Evan says, nodding. "We have someone in Port-Au-Feu who handles all the legal stuff. We could get him to take care of it, if you want." He looks to Randy as well. "Do you need, like, a new identity and stuff, or do you just need to be adopted? If Colt's willing to put a little money behind it, then I'm pretty sure we can get whatever you need done, well… done." He reaches over to give Colt's hand a gentle squeeze to show that things are fine.

Randy blinks as Colt brings up a legal matter, "Oh, there might be a problem…" Then, he nods quickly to Evan, "Yeah, I'll need a whole new identity. There's no records of me existing. You know someone who could do that?"

Colt Bradford suddenly brightens, as this is one of the few areas he feels most able to be useful. "Oh, money's no problem!" he says cheerfully. "Jordan keeps a slush fund for me to draw on whenever I need money. Wait, how'd you get your whole record wiped? Do you mean just computer records, or is everything about you disappeared?"

Smiling a bit lopsidedly at Colt, Evan says, "Maybe he never had any?" He slides an arm around Colt's waist, hugging him gently, and says, "It's nice of you to offer to pay for it. I'll call and get him to set it all up." Because even werewolf packs who live in villages without electricity sometimes need someone who can handle legal matters, after all.

Randy nods quickly, again, to what Evan says. "No record of be ever existed. I mean, I had some fake papers so I could attend school when I lived with Gwen, that's the witch I mentioned, but they didn't look very hard. My dad was as antigovernment as you can get." And there's obviously more he's not saying. Yet.

Colt Bradford ohs, nodding then to Randy. "Well, then we'll get you set up with all kindsa records and stuff. You're sixteen or so, right? 'Cuz you'll definitely want official records when you start learning how to drive and get a license and all." He gives Evan a grin, leaning against him again, clearly happy with the arm around his waist. "Money's the one thing you can always count on me for. I mean, there's other stuff to, of course. But money I've got way more than plenty of. George Lucas discovered the real secret to financial success in this business: merchandising."

Shaking his head a little, Evan says, "I don't think your money is the 'one thing' we'll be counting on you for, Colt. You're more than just a rich celebrity." He also smiles at Randy, nodding, as if trying to reassure him that everything's fine, even if he's not ready to talk about everything yet.

Randy nods quickly and says, "I'm sixteen. I might not look it, I think I lost all those months as a girl when I got changed back, but I am." Then he grins as Colt mentions merchandising. "'Where the real money from the movie is made,'" he quotes, laughing. He smiles back to Evan too, nodding.

Colt Bradford's ears redden a bit again, and he gives a sheepish sort of grin. "Well, I do have a few other talents," he admits, giving a shrug of one shoulder. "And you totally look sixteen to me, Randy. Hmm, that means we'll hafta enroll you in school, when summer's over. You, Scamp, and Darian. I don't even know what the schools here are like, but Jordan will look into it. He's really good at stuff like that." He leans closer to Evan, looking up at him. "You went to school around here, right? Which one is the best, do you think?" He seems to assume a town this small has multiple schools to choose from.

Colt and Randy are both sitting on the couch, with Evan perched on the couch's arm, his arm around Colt's waist, as the three chat casually.

"Actually," Evan admits, "I left here and went to school… somewhere else. It's kind of a long story." He gives a sheepish smile, but then he adds, "We do have a school in town that I can suggest, though. I'll find out where it is and stuff, and I'll make sure to get them all enrolled for the fall." He chuckles a bit at Randy's admission, nodding some. "I guess that does make sense."

Randy hops to his feet then and says, "Awesome! Well, I'm gonna go run up and make a list of the parts I need for those devices we talked about. Wanna get them up as soon as possible. Especially with werewolves around, don't wanna let any paparazzi with a drone catch a photo of someone shifting."

Colt Bradford nodnods to Randy, eyes lighting. "Awesome, dude. Just give the list to Jordan, and he'll get everything you need. And not just for those devices, anything else you need or even just want, stick it on the list. This is your home now, for as long as you want." He grins and leans even more into Evan's side. "You went away to school? I'm kinda jealous, 'cuz I did most of my school in a little closet they laughingly called a classroom at a TV studio. And when I went to the real school, it was just awful." He shrugs it off though, grinning still. "Wow, I feel like a grown up, being all responsible and stuff. I hope I don't mess those guys up too bad."

Evan grins at Randy, nodding to him, and says, "Good luck, man. And I'll let you know how stuff goes with the papers and all." Then, once Randy has gone on about his business, Evan turns his attention back to Colt, snuggling him close. "Aw, they'll be fine. You won't mess 'em up. You're doing a good thing, looking out for them." He pauses, lifting Colt's shoulders slightly so he can look him in the eyes. "Besides, you're all connected to the pack now, more or less. So I'll be here to help watch out for all of you."

Scamp rides in on his roller blades, shirtless and without pads, though his shorts are specially padded around the knees. HE also roller blades right into the house and arrives just in time to see randy's cute but walking upstairs then he swerves, coming to a stop and flopping down on the couch his blades kicked up on the arm that evan's isn't sitting on and his head resting in Colt's lap with a cute little yawn.

Colt Bradford slides an arm around Evan's shoulders, grinning as he leans in for a quick kiss. "Hope that's not all you'll be around for. I dunno if it's totally obvious or not, but I've never actually—" But before he can finish that thought, Scamp rolls in and flops on the couch, and Colt finds himself with a lapful of blond hair. Giggling a little, he brushes some of that hair from Scamp's forehead. "Finally decided to wake up, huh? Your boyfriend was down earlier, but wandered off to find something to eat. Did you guys have fun last night?"

Evan goes from grinning at Colt to blinking in surprise at Scamp, sprawling like that with his 'blades up in the air. He watches Colt's response, and then he quietly clears his throat. "Um, I don't mean to step past my place, but… should you really be riding those in the house? And didn't Colt say you were supposed to wear pads on your elbows?" His tone is reproachful but not harsh, the same one he'd use on younger packmates who've been misbehaving, and his expression has gone fairly serious, but it still conveys a quiet warmth.

Scamp hasn't actually been told to wear pads yet.. or well if he had he was probably staring into Darian's eyes and had probably just nodded to whatever was said. He was dripping sweat and says, "Been out skating a couple hours. And uh yeah had a great time I I mean um." HE blushes and his eyes start to glaze over then he looks at the big wolf and says, "Uh the floors are are wooded and I'm careful! And um … what are pads?" he had notives some weird things in the skating gear that Colt had bought him, but he'd never actually used pad before for that matter neither had most of the skaters he skated with, well either that or he's having a major airhead moment," Mean while his eve present body guard could be seen sitting outside supposedly reading a magazine but she was angles so she had a perfect view of her charge.

Colt Bradford gently pets Scamp's hair, while leaning comfortably against Evan, giving him a grin and whispering, "Wow, it's sexy when you do that." What 'that' might be isn't exactly clear, but Colt is already turning his eyes to Scamp. "It's okay to have fun with your boyfriend," he says, no hint of teasing in his voice. "All I ask is that you guys be, like, respectful of each other's feelings and boundaries and stuff, okay? Don't just plow all over each other. Stop and listen, make sure you're both enjoying yourselves and all that. And as for pads, you totally should be wearing them. I know your bones heal faster and stuff, but that's no excuse for not taking precautions. Everything you need should be up in your room, and Jenny can help you make sure it all fits and stuff." He doesn't venture an opinion on skating indoors, however, more a kid himself than a true adult.

Evan nods slowly, and he casts Colt a curious look at that comment, but instead of dropping it right off, he says in a firm but polite tone, "You still shouldn't be skating in the house. It's not respectful to Colt, since it's his home, but it's also not respectful of the people who have to clean the place and take care of it. So, please remember to take your skates off before you come inside, okay?" Of course, he's a werewolf. Respecting territory is kind of a big deal for him.

Scamp bristles a bit and doesn't know much about pack or wolves in general, but he does know one thing, Colt hadn't told him not to and colts the only one he might listen to. He shrugs and gets up, then instead of taking off the skates he purposely heads in another direction, which its rather obvious he has no reason to go there as he heads toward the ball room which there really isn't anything to do that way other than him being rebellious .

Colt Bradford shivers suddenly, his face flushing, and he looks at Evan with dreamy eyes. "Oh my God, that was sexy," he whispers, another shiver running up his spine. And then Scamp is up and skating away, in clear defiance of Evan, and Colt can't help but frown. "Hey! Scamp, get your butt back here. If you fall down and break both your legs, don't come running to me!" He blinks a few times, looking around. "Ma? How'd you throw your voice all the way from California?"

Evan's bow knits a bit, peering at Colt, and he whispers back, "Wait, what was sexy?" He clearly doesn't even quite realize what impact he must be having. He seems troubled also by Scamp's disrespect, but before he can bring himself to say anything, Colt is speaking up. This makes Evan relax a little and smile some, though he can't help but chuckle softly as Colt references sounding like his mother. Raising his hands some, Evan begins rubbing Colt's shoulders gently, offering silent support.

Scamp might ignore Evan, but Colt’s voice has him skittering to a stop before he can even leave the room. Almost instantly he's headed back and whiile he does do one more spin than nessacary to stop he sits down in front of Colt and his voice has a very different tone and his body laungage is different, "Yeah … Er Yes? " He blinks again, "Um I'm not gonan break a bone or anything I've been skating since before I could shift… and I've never broken anything and since I've started shifting i haven't even scraped a knee… Not even when I rolledbladed down a water slide into a pool once." Then he shuffles a bit and says, "You never told me not to skate inside.. You said you used ta and only stopped cause you broke a vase or something… I haven't broken anything yet."

"You are," Colt whispers, leaning up to kiss Evan's lips briefly, but tenderly. Then he turns to regard Scamp, his expression not unkind. "Look, I know what it's like to be a kid. I was one once too, ya know. So I get the whole rebellion thing. I totally almost got a tattoo when I was your age, and my butt still stings a little when I think about the spanking I got." He frowns for a moment, his train of thought temporarily derailing. "Oh right. Okay, you're right, I never specifically said you couldn't skate in the house, but I toldja that story for a reason. The vase I broke was totally priceless and stuff, and breaking it was all my own fault. Like, it belonged in a museum, and now it's just trash. I know you'd feel way bad if you accidentally broke something priceless, right? Especially if what you broke was your own neck. So new rule, okay? No skating inside the house…except in the gym, which you can skate around the jogging track in, like, winter and stuff. But otherwise, just outside. And you're gonna wear pads and a helmet and all that too, right?" He pauses, looking back at Evan, then returning his attention to Scamp. "And finally, you need to respect Evan. He's not just a werewolf, he's also older'n you. Respect your elders, that's a big law and stuff. He's been way patient with you and Darian both, so I think you guys should start showing him that you appreciate that, don't you?"

Evan really works Colt's shoulders, giving him a firm but gentle massage to support standing up for his house rules in that way. His smile remains gentle as he nods toward Scamp, and he murmurs a soft, "Thank you" for being offered such respect. "I'm sorry to call you out on it, pup," he says quietly, "but respect is very important. And you'll definitely need to know how to show respect when I introduce you all to the pack alpha, my grandfather."

Scamp looks down shuffling a bit, his collar still cool against his weating chest, and there was a bit of a pout on his lips but he takes off the skates with a typically teen mope, and bites his lip, "I won't skate inside… " He looks at Evan too pouty and not happy, "Sorry." His ears are down and tail is not wagging at all for once, Which started the conversation as the fluffy bounce tail of a husky and now looks like his tyipical golden retrieve tail. "I I just… i thought I was special… then you meet evan… and he basically lives here then Randy moves in, " He completely skips over his boyfriend moving in too, cause you know that doesn't upset him, "Then Evan starts making rules, and he's not my master not family…." He looks really insecure, though he is really really cute when he pouts… If either Evan or Colt has any instinct or intuition they can probably tell that he's terrified of loosing the only family he's had cause he was there less than a day before Colt 'replaced' him in his eyes. though his ears perk a tiny bit, "Why would I be presented to the pack? I'm not a wolf… well sometimes… but I'm mostly just a mutt."

Colt Bradford reaches out to take hold of Scamp and pull him onto his lap, wrapping arms around him and holding him close. "You're not in trouble, and you're not being punished. And you're sure not being replaced or anything. You're my Scamp!" He presses a kiss to the kid's cheek, smiling. "And this house is way big enough for you and me and Randy and Darian and Evan, if he wants to live here…." He shivers again, the muscles in his shoulders tensing for a moment, then relaxing again under Evan's massage. "But no matter who lives here, you're always gonna be special, Scamp. Never doubt that, okay? I've got so much I wanna teach you still, and we're gonna have so much fun together. But we can both have fun with Randy and Darian, too. Think of 'em like your brothers, your own little pack. Your -family-. I toldja how important family is, right? It's the most importantest thing ever." He lets out a soft sigh, head rolling to one side as Evan finds a particularly tight knot to start working out. "Oh man, that feels good. You really are totally sexy, dude. Scamp, don't you think Evan is sexy?"

Evan laughs softly, still working diligently on Colt's shoulders, especially that stubborn knot, and nods along slowly with Colt's words. "I'm not trying to make rules for you," he says quietly. "But I'm starting to care a lot about Colt, and about you. That means I can't just keep quiet if I think you're making a mistake or disrespecting each other. And yeah, I think you should meet the pack. Because I want Colt to be part of the pack, and you're part of his family now. If he joins the pack, he'll be part of my family. That means you, too."

Scamp is a little crimson and now in Colt's lap and blushing, not that colt and Evan both weren't hot, but even mention darian's name makes him go into that cute dazed look and pop a boner. He bit his lip and nuds nuzzling colt then vert hesitantly leaning up sniffing Evan's hand and gives it a shy lil lick. "I I'm sorry just never had family… don't wanna loose it… But Um Even if Darian's my brother… we can still date right?" His ears were perked as were his pants.

Colt Bradford whimpers a little, though whether due to Evan's strong hands on his shoulders or the words he says isn't really clear. Maybe it's both. "I'd really like that," he says softly, looking back with another grin. "A lot." The he looks back to Scamp, frowning a touch as his eyes go distant for a long moment. "I'll be honest, my brother's way hot. I mean, he's my brother, right? Same dad, and his mom was a supermodel, so you know he's gonna be good looking. And I guess I probably thought about making out with him once or twice, but not, like, seriously. He's just…Brat, ya know? But none of that really applies to you and Darian or Randy, Scamp. 'Cuz you're not, like, blood related and raised from birth brothers. You're more like pack brothers, which is different. So it's totally cool if you wanna make out with them, so long as they, like, consent and stuff. And I know Darian is way into you, so there ya go, right?"

"Packmates are all like brothers," Evan says simply, still smiling in that quiet way. "But they also sometimes love each other, and… well, I'm sure that whatever you and Darian are doing is just fine, as long as you do like Colt said and respect each other." He moves one hand, reaching over to gently scritch at Scamp's ears, and says, "I promise, pup, I don't want to ever do anything to mess up your family, okay? If anything, I want to make your family better and keep you all happy. But if you all become part of my pack, then that means you'll be my responsibility. I… hope that's okay with all of you." As he says this last part, though, he's looking more at Colt than Scamp.

Scamp makes happy puppy noises, at the scritching, though his mind is so totally on Darian, and if he hadn't seen Darian sunbathing on their blacony and sleeping he would so be up there and… He shrugs and nuzzles into both older males and says, "I I'll try to be good… but do i really gadda wear pads, "I could wipe out on purpose and show ya I won't get hurt… " HE bites his lip, "I tried wearing them when you got them for me Jenny insisted and well… They mess up my balance and they don't help." He was still all pouty, but would be a good boy if people insisted.
Colt Bradford shivers again, looking up at Evan with awe and adoration. Luna's tears, he's already so smitten with the wolf! "That would be awesome," he whispers with yet another shiver. "My uncle told me again and again that the safest place for kinfolk like me is with a pack that cares for me and stuff. 'Course, he also said I'd never be truly happy until a werewolf claimed me as his mate, so…." He gives another sheepish grin, then looks at Scamp. "Well, I dunno…I'd still feel better if I knew you were totally safe, but…I guess, with your super-healing, and if you're extra careful, I guess you don't hafta wear the pads…at home. But if we go to, like, a public skate park, you'll hafta wear 'em, or else the child welfare people will be all over my ass for endangering you and junk. Deal?"

For a moment, as Evan gazes at Colt, there's a shimmer of gold across those intense green eyes of his. "Well," he says in a carefully soft voice, "That's something we'll need to work out before you meet my grandfather. Because, well… I may have told Grandad that I had met a potential mate." He gets an odd little smile as he explains, "He told me to bring my mate when I came back, so… I think he might be a step or two ahead of us." His gaze drifts back to Scamp, and he keeps scritching. "And that's the other thing. Scamp, are you going to be okay if… Colt and I are… together? Because if he's my mate, that means… I'll be very directly responsible for you and your 'brothers,' too." And that's when he stands, moving to crouch in front of the couch so he can look up at both of them. "If I ask Colt to be my mate, I want to be sure that it won't hurt his new family."

Scamp just blushes and bites his lip so he doesn't say something hateful, "I uh its okay … ju just so many changes." The puppy looks confused and hugs both adults, "I um.. Uh … rules and masters and maters and brothers and boyfriends… I I'm gonna go to my room an think okay?"

Colt Bradford gasps as he looks wide-eyed at Evan, who's moved into his line of sight. "You really think so?" he asks, voice barely above a whisper. He shivers one more then, then suddenly hugs Scamp close. "Are you gonna be okay, kiddo? I know a lot of changes have happened in the last few days, but you know I love you, right? Nothing's ever gonna change that." He kisses Scamp's lips very tenderly, his eyes showing great affection. "Even if I get claimed as Evan's mate and accepted by his pack, you're always gonna be my special little brother, right?"

After Scamp has, well, scampered off to presumably absorb all that information, Evan settles onto the couch beside Colt again, and holds him close. "I hope you don't mind my saying all that," he says in a quiet, reflective tone. "But I want to be up front about things and where they're headed, and… I feel a connection with you. Sometimes, werewolves… I think we bond more quickly than humans. Sometimes, we just… know." He lightly strokes Colt's cheek. "I just don't wanna scare you off by moving too fast. And I don't want to mess up the family you're building by trying to push my way into it too soon."

Colt Bradford watches Scamp scampering off, concern in his eyes. But then Evan is holding him and stroking his cheek, and Colt just sort of melts. It's similar to Scamp's reaction when Darian is nearby. "I really hafta tell you something," he whispers, almost afraid to give voice to his confession. "I've never actually dated a guy before. I've fooled around with guys, sure. A lot of guys, actually. And I've had a friend or two with benefits, but never an actual boyfriend. Like, fall head over heels in love and start picking out china patterns boyfriend. But I've never met anybody like you before either. You're the first werewolf I've ever gotten, ya know, intimate with. And it's doing stuff to my insides, stuff I can't really explain. Like, I see you, and I get all butterflies in my tummy. And when you're not around, I think about you. Is that how love feels? Seriously, I dunno. I just know I want to be with you, and I hope all this isn't scaring you off."

"I don't think you could scare me off if you wanted to," Evan says, not without a trace of mild concern. "You've drawn me in, made me want you. Part of me wants to carry you off, right now, and present you to my pack as my mate." He bites his lip, drawing a slow breath. "But I'm trying to do this right. You're not just some wolf. We're human, not lupine… at least, more human than not. And you're not just a prize for me to drag home and show off." He strokes Colt's hair, sighs, and smiles fondly. "But I hope you're not insulted if I kind of feel that way about you anyway."

Colt Bradford moans softly, eyes rolling back in his head for just a moment as he shivers. "Oh my God, do you have any idea how sexy that sounds?" Instinctively, he tips his head back, exposing both his throat and his belly in a sign of submission. "You're a wolf, so maybe it doesn't feel the same way to you, but every time you get all dominant and possessive, I get a chill that starts right between my shoulders, zaps down my spine, and settles at the base of my balls." He takes a few long breaths to calm himself…but ends up breathing in Evan's musky scent, which just turns him on more. "But you're right, let's take things slow, okay? Get to know each other, keep having fun together, explore our, like, boundaries and stuff. Make sure we're both right for each other before we make any big decisions. 'Cuz I swear by Luna's light, if you wanted to claim me right now, I'd be totally powerless to say anything but yes." It's not that he's forgotten the rest of the little family he's been assembling almost by accident, however, as he glances toward the doorway Scamp disappeared through. He bites his lower lip, not able to meet Evan's eyes now. "Um. You should know, I probably can't be monogamous. My heart wants to, but the rest of my body can't seem to help itself. Is that gonna be a deal breaker?"

Evan laughs, the sound bright and musical, and he leans into give Colt a reassuring kiss. He lets it smolder between them, slow and lingering, and when they finally part, he smiles again at Colt. When Evan smiles, it seems to show the most in his eyes, as though all of his heart were trying to shine out of them at once. "I don't expect you to be," he explains. "And I might not be, either. Sometimes sex is part of order and dominance in the pack, sometimes part of comfort and acceptance. I can't swear off using it for that. Or for lust. But I can say that if you become my mate, you'll be the only one who shares my whole heart."

Colt Bradford just melts at Evan's words, going all gooey inside and laying himself against the wolf's chest with a happy sigh. "You're just too awesome," he whispers. "And I know the rest of the boys are gonna come to love you, too. Teenage boys need an authority figure who isn't, like, all stern and growly alla time. And you're not, you're way patient and loving. And I know you're way good in bed, so you can help me teach them how to give a proper blowjob and stuff, 'cuz that's a skill every boy needs to learn. I remember the first time I tried, Jarrod Butler howled like mad about me dragging my teeth and stuff."

Evan's laughter is gentle and good-humored, and this time nearly silent, but he can't help it—not with THAT mental image. Cuddling Colt close, he sighs softly. "I hope they don't resent me. I know they need an authority figure." Smiling crookedly, he adds, "In fact, I kind of suspect that you might, too. I just want to make sure that I'm a positive influence and not just throwing everyone off. Especially since this is all so new for them right now."

Scamp walks in without a word an in typical housepet behavior, just curls up on whoever is easiest to curl up on, and closes his eyes.

Colt Bradford is nearly in Evan's lap himself, so Scamp likely ends up curled atop Colt, who grins and begins petting his hair. "We were just talking about how it's gonna take time for us to get used to all the changes that've been happening. This is new to all of us, ya know. I've never had a boyfriend or a mate or other boys looking up to me or depending on me, so I hafta get used to it, too. Building trust takes time, but I know it'll be worth it in the end. We're all gonna be a big, happy family. Won't that be great, Scamp?" He leans against Evan with another contented sigh, running fingers through Scamp's hair.

Evan reaches around Colt to gently scritch Scamp's ears again, and he cuddles them both close. "I hope you don't mind me becoming a part of your new family, too, pup," he says in a gentle tone. "I know it might sound odd, but you're the one who brought us all together, Scamp. You're why I ever even came to that club. You're why I met Colt. I hope you know that makes you special, special to all of us. And I promise I'll do everything I can to protect the family you've brought together."

Scamp blushes a bit and bites his lip, then says shyly looking at Colt then down then up to Evan, "I uh…. Just wanna know IF Evan is still My master… or if both are… I know both are big brothers…" He mumbles it under his breath knowing that both have good enough hearing to hear him. HE goes allow the petting from both, and as is usualy has his ears and tail out, he's learned he shifts far less on accident if he has them out.

Colt Bradford bites at his lower lip a few times, glancing between Evan and Scamp. "Well, um…That's a fair question. I mean, I did put the collar on you, and you said you wanted to be my doggie, which I totally love, 'cuz I never had one of my own before. But Evan outranks all of us in werewolf society, being a full werewolf and all. And if we're a family within the larger pack, he's the head of the family. So…I guess what it comes down to is that I'm your master, and he's my master, so I guess he's both our master." He looks to Evan, wrinkling his nose. "Did I get any of that right?"

Laughing a little, Evan says, "I guess so, if you want to think of it that way. But Scamp, if you feel better about it: I'd be more like your big brother in the pack. Colt's your 'master' in the… pet kind of way. You're wearing his collar and all that. So, I'm not going to try to come between you two, okay? If anything, I want to just bring us all closer together."

Scamp fingers his collar cutely and bites his lip, "I I just well I wanna be Colt's… I know you can get him ta tell me to do stuff… But pet stuff I wanan be him… or atleast if you both tell me… I wanna listen to him first…. " HE then looks up and slowly leans up and gives Evan a kiss… then looks down and trembles, "I I wasn't gonna say anything… but Darian asked if he could be Colt's pet too… So So maybe he could be Evans?" HE looked curiously and was trembling after all if Evan was dominant over his boyfriend and his master in a way he'd have more control over him than anyone else.

Colt Bradford smiles when Scamp kisses Evan, and even more at Evan's words. But what Scamp says last causes Colt's eyes to bug wide. "Wait, Darian wants to be…a pet?" He blinks a few times, glancing at Evan. "I didn't think werewolves did that. Do they do that?" He hugs Scamp a little closer, giving him a soft kiss. "This is way more complicated than I ever dreamed. I just thought Prince Charming Werewolf would ride up one day on his motorcycle and sweep me off my feet. Never thought I'd have pets and little brothers to think about. It's like an instant family overnight." He pets Scamp some more, suddenly grinning. "But we still hafta teach you and your boyfriend how to give each other head. Maybe we should start simpler, like with handjobs or whatever."

Evan exhales sharply, blowing the breath out through his lips. "That poor kid must have some real issues," he murmurs to Colt. A bit louder, he says, "Werewolves don't normally do that kind of thing, but… maybe I'll talk to him about it. There's probably a way to work it out so that he can keep the respect of the pack but still find a way to be comfortable with the relationship he wants. I know that if I become alpha, I'd be happy to have him as one of my betas." He chuckles again at Colt's suggestion of "teaching." "Is it that hard to figure out?" he wonders, reflecting that the exploration seemed to be half the fun.

Scamp shrugs a bit and blushes, "Be gentle please". There was pure paic on the teen's face he didn't want to risk loosing his new boyfriend, he might or might not be a werewolf, but he dfinately has teh love at first sight thing going on, and so does Darian atleast to all appearances. He bites his lip yet again, "And Um I think we can figure things out outselves… " HE looks down, "Uh I I don't mind um um playing with you or him doing it… but uh I I really want us playng each other to be just us… For nows?" HE says in that cute trembling voice so embarrassed that for a moment he's wihtout ear or tail again.

Colt Bradford chuckles then, leaning in to kiss Scamp softly on the lips. "Of course, you and Darian should play alone together. That's what boyfriends do. And you don't -have- to mess around with me or Evan or both, if you don't wanna. I just thought you wanted me to teach you and stuff. It's okay if you wanna learn by experimenting with each other. Like Evan said, it's pretty easy to figure out. Boys have been figuring it out with each other ever since there the very first boys ever. It's what boys do, after all." He leans back against Evan again, nuzzling against his chest. "You're gonna be an awesome alpha, ya know. You're way patient and affectionate, and if I end up being your mate, I'm gonna totally beg you to do me every night. Two or three times a night."

Evan gives another of his gentle, fond laughs, and he pulls both of the others close. "Right now, I'm just going to focus on being an awesome… whatever you guys need me to be." And on that note he falls silent, content for now just to hold his new little family close. Figuring out exactly how he fits into it can come later… and it will.

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