Portrayed By: Zayroen
World: {$world}
Status: active
Age: 35
Codename: none
Team: none
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Nemesis: {$nemesis}


He was young when he got caught up in the gang life. His skills were amazingly suited for the gang and they swiftly beguiled the youth with promises of a better life for him and his ailing mother. of course the gang life is never easy and when their garage was busted for boosting and stripping cars, everything turned into a giant mess. Despite diving to the side to try and take the bullet meant for his boss, the skinny youth was just that. Skinny. The bullet went right through his shoulder, taking out his boss and landing him in the hospital and then jail. The sentence was less for him, given he had been recruited as a minor but it was long enough that he was pushing past thirty by the time he got out.


Luka is a very stern man, he does not really have the patience for fools and tends to prefer his machines then interacting with anyone else. Many think it is a language barrier, given his heavy accent it is an easy assumption as to why he does not speak much but really, he just does not want to bother with people and uses it to avoid it all. Despite coming across as harsh and angry, Luka tends to have a bit of a soft spot.


No one you would know

Events Thus Far

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An affinity for machines. A great affinity. He can sense metal and work it, following things down to it's core and knowing exactly where a weak spot is or where something needs to be replaced. Coupled with his previous work on automobiles, there is not a machine he cannot fix and he earns his living as a private mechanic, living in his own house with a rather massive garage. More of a garage with a few rooms attached.

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