New User Guide

How to MUX!

Since I know a few of you have expressed interest in roleplaying on the MUX I help run, I composed a guide for you! I hope to see you on Flights ‘n Tights. Real-time roleplaying with persistent characters and locations is great fun!

First Steps


Download MUSHclient at


Download Atlantis at

MUSHclient (for Windows) and Atlantis (for Mac) are what's known as a client. This is a program specifically tailored for use with the MU* family of games. MU*s are text-based roleplaying games that are usually free to play.

Specific Types of MU*s

MUX – Multi-User Xperience – Typically free-form roleplaying experience, one of the most accessible codebases around.

MUSH – Multi-User Shared Home/Hallucination – Essentially similar to MUXes.

MUD – Multi-User Dungeon – Stat-oriented game that can include AI enemies/monsters, levels, experience points, and more.

MOO – MUD, Object-Oriented – Perhaps the most diverse and unpredictable of the MU* family, MOOs often boast an array of coded commands and toys and can be similar to any other codebase or wildly different.

MUCK – Multi-User Construction Kit – Typically closer to MUSHes and MUXes, the MUCK is yet another codebase with different commands. MUCKs tend to share many fundamentals with MUSHes and MUXes however, chiefest of which is the tendency to avoid strict stats or experience points.

Setting Up


MUSHclient opens with some dismissable dialog boxes.

Since this is your first world, here’s what to do:

  • Go to Connection|Quick Connect.
  • World Name is Flights 'n Tights.

TCP/IP Address is and Port Number is 2109.

  • Click OK and you will be connected.
  • Type the following as directed: connect guest

You will connect as a Guest character and be able to interact with people connected to the MUX.

  • Once you do get a character, you can enter that information into the appropriate fields by going to Game|Configure|All Configuration or pressing Alt+Enter.
  • Click on Connecting to enter your character name and password. When you’re done, click the Save button to save your world setup. This will enable you to connect easily next time by simply loading your saved world file.


Atlantis opens to the Address Book. This is a collection of games you have connected to and characters you have connected to in those games.

Since this is your first original addition, here’s what to do:

  • Click the + button below the listings.
  • World Name is Flights 'n Tights.

Hostname is and Port is 2109.

  • You don’t have a character yet, so just click Connect.
  • Type the following as directed: connect guest

You will connect as a Guest character and be able to interact with people connected to the MUX.

  • Once you do get a character, click Open Address Book from the Address Book icon. Click once on the MUX’s name and, below the listings, click Char +. Enter the information into the Character/Login as and Password fields.
  • After this is entered, in future you can just run Atlantis, click the Address Book icon, and select the character you would like to play.


You must login as a guest character on your first connection and have your first character created for you by a staff member. Read the welcome screen to see that you have to type connect guest to log in as a guest character.

Please read the Starting Room once you’ve connected. It will tell you the essentials of interacting on a MUX, which is what Flights ‘n Tights is.

Here are the essential commands, separated by what you type|what happens.

say Hi! | You say, "Hi!" (You can use " just the same way, like "Hi!)

pose flexes his muscles.|(Your character’s name) flexes his muscles. (You can use : just the same way, like : flexes his muscles.)

p Superman=Hi!|You page Superman with, "Hi!"

pub Hi!|(on Public channel) (Your character’s name) says, "Hi!"

@emit It was a dark and stormy night.|It was a dark and stormy night.

WHO will return a list of characters online and some other details.

You can go to any open room by typing the exit alias between the < > signs. For example, if you see <DP> - Daily Planet in a room, you can type DP and press enter, and your character will go in that direction, into the Daily Planet.

L or look will allow you to look at the description of the place you are in. If you want to look at a person, type l followed by their name. For example, if you wanted to look at Superman, you would type l Superman.

QUIT (in all caps) allows you to disconnect from the game.

The commands you will use the most of will be say, pose, @emit, and p. They’re easy to learn, so once you learn them, you should have no problem playing on a MUX!

Once you’ve accepted the terms of the MUX, you’ll be taken to the OOC Lounge. OOC means Out of Character. IC means In-Character.

When you have completed setup and your character is approved, go through the IC exit in the lounge to initialize your character. Once you have done that, you can type +ooc to return to the OOC Lounge, and then when you’re ready, you can type +ic to return to the last place you were on the IC grid. The IC grid is the world of persistent locations and worlds in which you can roleplay.

Setting Up

Once you’ve decided who you want to be and received a login, you’ll need to set your character up!

Login, accept the terms again, and then head to the Setup Room. This series of rooms will instruct you on exactly how to set your character up.

Of course, if you have any questions, just page one of the helpful people online!

Requirements for Approval

World must be set.

Description must be set.

All Info fields must be set, even if the setting is “none” or “nothing”.

Background must be set.

Note: never lock a background section.

Once you have these things set, you can ask a staff member for approval! This means that you are approved to play on the persistent grid of locations built for your roleplaying enjoyment.

Even before approval, you can still play in the RP Rooms located just off the OOC Lounge! Once you have a character, you can also “test-drive” potential new characters you may be interested in by using the @emit command to emit them in an RP Room! This is helpful to see how much you really might enjoy playing a character.

When your character is approved for grid play, that’s it! You are ready to play on the grid that has been built for your enjoyment!

Whenever you’re ready for an alt, or alternate character—another character you can play – just talk to a staff member! You can create another connection file for them and have both characters connected at once, if you want to!

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