Nicolai Issani
Portrayed By: Unknown
World: {$world}
Status: Amell Academy Student/Bounty Hunter/Prostitute
Age: 16
Codename: Nico/The Black Lotus
Team: None
Relationship(s): {$relationships}
Nemesis: {$nemesis}


Nicolai Issani is the only son of Syn Issani, also known as the Red Lotus of Sangria. The Red Lotus was a bounty hunter, she was almost insanely talented and no one really knew much about her other than that. She changed names and professions regularly until Nico was born. Nico's father was a policeman and when Syn married the man it seemed she would finally settle down to a normal life.

It didn't last becuase when Nicolai was five his father was killed by a supervillain and Red Lotus came out of hiding hell bent on revenge. She taught her son the trade and for eleven years they hunted down criminals and villains turning them in and collecting bounties. It was also discovered that Nico wasn't completely normal either. He developed rather strong Pyschic abilities as he grew. He could sense and slightly alter a persons exsisting emotions as well as use a rather advanced form of Telekinesis. He didn't like using his power though so he kept it mostly hidden using the less destructive powers to get information and subdue targets.

When he was sixteen his mother disappeared. Nico hunted and hunted but couldn't find her nor a hint of what happened. Thinking her dead he went undercover taking a job as a prostitute to cover his secret identity and have a bit of fun on the side. Nico was very sucessful in both his professions. His talent for subtly manipulating emotions along with his youthful look and handsome appearance made him very good at getting wealthier clients and it also helped him capture his targets. He prefered to seduce and subdue them before bringing them in. By day he went to school like everyone else but by night he worked as either a prostitute or a bounty hunter. Since he was underage but close to the age of majority he was allowed to live by himself thanks to some fast talking on his part. He was accepted into Amell Academy on a scholarship just recently as has relocated to the area of the school hoping to make a name for himself in both his day life and his night lives.



To Come…

Events Thus Far

To Come…


  • Emotion Manipulation
  • Advanced Telekinesis


  • Seduction
  • Persuasion
  • Dancing
  • Acrobatics
  • Quick Reflexes
  • Knife Fighting
  • Knife Throwing
  • Using Guns
  • Stealth
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